There is a famous saying: If you want to be restless for a day, treat your guests; if you want to be restless for a year, buy a house; if you want to be restless for a lifetime, get married. The tossing index of the guest is the smallest, and it has many intersections with other tossing methods, thus forming a huge network of connections. You can invite me, I invite you, and everyone enjoys it.
  In addition to eating, the table where the host and the host invite to join together is also a show place to show off. If someone buys a new house, spends a lot of effort to design and decorate, and buy furniture at a high price, if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity of a treat, invite relatives, friends and colleagues to the new house to have a look. It’s like walking at night. Economists have long discovered that whether people are happy has nothing to do with the amount of wealth they have, but whether they have more wealth than others. If you can experience happiness from the envy of others, the toss of entertaining is almost negligible.
  In addition, the traditional concept believes that if a man and a woman get married only to obtain a certificate and not to hold a banquet, it is not a marriage in the true sense. In addition to shortness of breath when facing friends in the neighborhood, the couple will give birth to a child as if they are holding an illegitimate child. Stanford University female scholar Jenny Odell mentioned in her book “How to Do Nothing” that people living in a modern society that advocates communication will be regarded as losers and lunatics, and even lead to moral corruption if they act only according to their own will. Of the wind. Therefore, in order to avoid being talked about behind the scenes, most newcomers choose to prepare “jiuchi meat forest” to inform the world.
  When Maslow talked about the level of happiness, he ranked the happiness of being with friends and recognized by others in the third level. In other words, there are also applicable scopes and objects for a treat, which reveals the boundaries of a person’s perception.