Creeping on the ground will see the details

  Hidesaburo Keyyama, the president of Japan’s second-largest car boutique and maintenance company, faced many difficulties when he founded King Hat Co., Ltd. The most troublesome thing for him was that the company couldn’t hire people. When it was finally time to hire people, the mobility of employees was great, and because of their low quality, the attitude of employees to customers was very rude.
  In the beginning, Jianshan tried to change the status quo with words or words, but the result was unsatisfactory. Think about it and think about it, and Jianshan has taken a different approach-changing the mindset of employees by creating a clean working environment.
  On the second day, Jianshan cleaned all the public spaces of the company alone, including thoroughly cleaning the company’s toilets and parking lots, washing the company’s cars, and washing guests’ cars.
  Later, he felt that the toilet was the most important place for everyone to resist, so he spent more time cleaning the toilet. Of course, Jianshan not only cleans the company, but also cleans the area around the company. When visiting upstream and downstream manufacturers, if he sees that the toilet is not clean, he will even reach into the toilet to pick up cigarette butts.
  As the leader of a company, many people are puzzled to do such things.
  When Jianshan cleaned the toilet, the employees pretended not to see it, so it was convenient to stand in front of the urinal. When he was wiping the stairs, the employees also stepped directly in front of him, and then said to outsiders: “Our boss only cleans the toilet.” This made Jianshan very embarrassed, very frustrated, and contradictory.
  In fact, Jianshan himself doesn’t like cleaning the toilet at all, but he stubbornly believes that people working in an unclean environment will definitely be affected; while the environment is clean, people’s mood will be peaceful and full of future hope.
  In this way, Jianshan has been working for 10 years.
  Finally, one day 10 years later, when Jianshan was washing the car in the parking lot, an employee quietly joined in, and the two silently cleaned. In a few days, another employee will be added; in a few days, another… What makes Jianshan most happy is that since employees consciously joined, the company’s atmosphere has begun to change, and the quality of interaction and coordination between employees has Significant improvement: Everyone has become attentive, thoughtful, and enthusiastic, and everyone can take the initiative to help each other no matter whether it is a business or a private matter.
  As cleaning work pays more attention to small areas and small details, company employees’ awareness of standards and self-requirements have increased, and work errors and product defects have been reduced.
  Huangmao himself has done market research, and the customer is most impressed by the fact that “the staff of Huangmao are kind and considerate”. Because of this, the average contribution of current Huanghat employees to revenue has exceeded that of Japan’s largest auto boutique and maintenance company by 12%.
  Kenyama Hidesaburo said frankly: “It took me 10 years to crawl on the ground before I saw the details and moved the employees to join. Then it took another 10 years to attract upstream and downstream manufacturers to visit. Asked to study cleaning. That’s right, when I bend over to wash the toilet, I also wash people’s hearts.”