Bird missing


  Not as a last resort, my mother won’t come to the city. Because she is as allergic to car exhaust as to bird feathers, and, in her words, she will never sleep in the city unless she is dead.
  But the father who was obsessed with that bird was different. Whenever I was on a business trip and needed him to help me take care of the bird, he would not hesitate to even arrive overnight. My neighbor told me that my father took care of the bird more attentively than a woman took care of the baby. He cut the meat into puree and sent it to the bird’s mouth little by little with a toothpick. At night, my father used a fan to drive away mosquitoes. The birdcage was as clean as new, the water in the cup was free of impurities, and the bird’s feathers were washed as bright as paint. My father always told me with joy, how many times the birds sang, said a few words, and even the feces changed… I noticed my father’s fascination with birds. He was reluctant to leave the county seat and go home. He was with the bird all day, and even started to jealous that I approached the bird. I noticed my father’s quirks. In fact, the father in his later years has already combined all the problems of men in the world: alcoholism, gambling, laziness, not taking a bath for several months, and arrogance to his wife. What’s more, his father wants to divorce his mother, and he wants to marry a Guizhou woman whimsically. The mother had already been intolerable to the infamous father. If it hadn’t been for the feeling that they were all over the past, they would have driven him out of the house.
  However, the miracle happened unintentionally. Every time my father came home from me, my mother would be delighted to find that he seemed to have forgotten the existence of wine and the way to the casino, and occasionally mentioned my bird in front of others: “What a wonderful bird. , Like my other son.”
  If I need a bird to save my father, there is no reason why I can’t bear to cut love. Before my mother could speak, I invited my father to the county seat and asked him to take the birds back to the country. If my father got the treasure, he ran back to the country with the bird for fear that I would regret it. For half a year after this, he never quarreled with his mother again, did not go anywhere, and stayed with the birds all day.
  However, one morning, my mother burst into the city furiously and knocked open my door. “Your dad has disappeared completely, and may never come back.” Mother said depressed.
  How could it be missing? I realized the seriousness of the situation and hurried back to my hometown with my mother. The first thing the folks said to me was: “Your dad has become a starling and flew with a group of birds.”

  The first thing my father did after he brought the bird back from me was to travel through mountains and rivers to retrieve the best flowers and trees, and weave a birdcage much larger than the original one. In the mother’s words, it was not a bird cage, but a pig cage, big enough to hold a pig. Later, he made a bigger birdcage, got into it himself, and slept with the birds. When he got up in the morning, his face was full of bird droppings. His mother couldn’t bear the stench of bird droppings and the pain caused by bird feather allergy, and completely separated from him. Except for two meals a day, she didn’t care about his affairs.
  Father was not content to let the bird stay in the cage. He released the bird from the cage and found that the bird was spiritual, followed him without trying to escape. Finally, he took the bird to the ground and drying field and even the wider field. The birds followed him docilely. As long as he blew a whistle or made a gesture, it would come to him and stop on his shoulder. Or on the head. It also kept saying “hello” to passersby. Passers-by usually flattered a few words, and the father said triumphantly: “What a good bird, like my other son.”
  Compared with the birdcage, the bird of course prefers the mountains and forests and is less and less willing to go home. His father indulged him, let him spend more and more time in the forest, and even spent the night with him in the mountains.
  Once, a father who had not returned home for a few days came back from the mountain in despair, went into the kitchen and ate leftovers overnight, his whole body exuding an unclear smell. After eating, he threw down the tableware and chopsticks, and he ran to the forest. From a distance, he was like a savage.
  His mother said angrily to his back, “Forget it if you die in the forest, never come back!”
  Since then, my father has gone home less and less. Someone had seen him in the forest, and he was lying on the tree. The bird and a group of birds were chatting on the canopy, and it was lively like a birthday party. My mother also went to the mountains and forests to find his father. Others told her that if you go to the place with the most birds, you will definitely find him. In the first few times, my mother could really find his father. He was on the tree, the bird was by his side, and the mother yelled. He just refused to come down or talk to his mother.
  Later, my father and the birds moved farther and farther away from home, and had to climb several mountains to see him once in a while. The mother was so tired of it, she vowed not to look for her father in the forest. At the beginning, I thought my father would go home, so I didn’t care about complaining to my mother again and again.
  It wasn’t until this time that I had no news of my father for more than a month, that I was really anxious.

  I took out a sum of money, and begged my fellow villagers who are strong and familiar with the terrain to help me find my father.
  My mother and I ran in the direction where my father was most likely to hide. After years of closing the mountains for reforestation, the trees and weeds in the mountains have become extremely luxuriant, making it easy to find a way out, and there are as many birds as leaves. I was familiar with these mountains and forests, but now they have become strangely strange. I stand under each tree, look up, observe the movement of the trees, and call my father loudly, but every time I shout, I can only start a group of birds. .
  In the unfamiliar mountain forest, I cannot understand my father. How to live in a forest that stretches for hundreds of miles? What to eat Where do you sleep? What should I do if I am sick? This is also a question of the mother’s worries and doubts.
  But I may have more answers than my mother.
  My father used to be a hunter with excellent marksmanship, and he took a hunting dog around in the mountains all day. If it weren’t for the wild boar that almost killed him and his mother had left the forest completely as one of the conditions for marrying him, he would not give his second uncle a shotgun and follow his mother every day in the spring and autumn harvests.
  In more than 40 years, the only time my father picked up his shotgun again was because of me. Affected by him, I was very obsessed with birds when I was young, and I often searched for my favorite birds in the mountains and forests all day long. So my studies were almost deserted, and my father was very angry about it, because he was not my biological father and he did not dare to touch my hair. In order to get me back to class, my father decided to kill all the birds. He had shot a bird at that time in his life, and he could see that he didn’t like it at all, so he was distracted. His extremely bright left eye was blind at that time. The gun betrayed him, a piece of iron sand changed the direction of advancement, and went directly into his left eye after leaving the barrel.
  Facing the tragic reality, we all compromised. When I returned to class, my father returned the shotgun to my second uncle. In the thirty years since then, my father never went into the mountains and forests, and never touched a bird’s feather, but became obsessed with wine and gambling. Later, the Guizhou woman lived endlessly with his mother like an enemy. day. When we are together, we carefully avoid words related to birds.

  The bird suddenly broke into my life one afternoon three years ago. I was on a business trip in the border town of Dongxing. I accidentally saw a farmer from Vietnam carrying a birdcage with a starling in the cage. The farmer said that this is a Vietnamese variety, and China does not have this kind of starling. This is indeed the case. That starling is stronger than I have ever seen, and has a plump coat. The key is that the starling is not sad in the cage, it is jumping around at me, seems to have a lot to say to me. I bought it back and listened to it sing—it’s not singing, but talking. It should be in Vietnamese. I don’t understand, but I know it’s telling me about the mountains, the sky, and the free life. And sweet love. I became attached to this bird. If it were a woman, I would marry it without hesitation. But this bird is more important to his father, so important that he disappears. Of course, I also regret that if I were a little firmer, that starling would still stay in the county town and live a carefree life.
  But the father disappeared with the bird.

  Like the police searching for criminals, we didn’t miss any clues along the way. From morning to afternoon, and even the next day, some gratifying news came one after another. Some people say that they found banana peels thrown away by their father in Meihualingao. Some said they found buttons on their father’s clothes on the top of the pin. Some said they stepped on their father’s stool in the loquat ditch. Some said they saw an unkempt person in there. Roasted mice on the rocks surrounding Longshan… These evidences may prove that my father is still alive, but I don’t know where he is now.
  I rushed to Xianglipo. Because I heard that a cow dealer there had met someone like my father more than half a month ago. Xianglipo belongs to a remote mountain village under the jurisdiction of another town. There is only a sky road like a ladder leading to the outside of the mountain. The father told the cow dealer: “My other son flew away with a flock of birds to the west, and disappeared. Leave me
  alone . I’m going to find it.” According to the cow dealer’s description, I knew that man must be his father. .
  I know that my father will never come back again. He no longer belongs to our world, he already belongs to the forest.
  In the following week, there were fewer and fewer traces and news about his father. About half a month later, one day, I suddenly received a call from Beihai. The phone said that an Orion had caught a savage in the mountains… I drove to the North Sea overnight, but the Orion said that he had let the savage go because the savage could talk, and he said he was looking for another son, his The son flew west with a flock of birds and disappeared, leaving him alone. Orion pointed behind his back: “He just ran west, like flying.” Going
  further west, you are in Vietnam.
  Orion said, he has the same accent as you, if you have such a father, it should be him.
  Orion also asked me: “Do you still have a brother?”
  Yes, I have a brother who is ten years older than me. He died in Lang Son, Vietnam 30 years ago. Although he was posthumously awarded the third class. The bones are still there until now.