Autumn was approaching when palatine István went on a tour of Hungary

A tremendous enthusiasm erupted in the country, and the rapture was common from the palaces to the huts. It was considered a national holiday by everyone here, tomorrow and tomorrow, but also in the whole country with reverence.

Zalamegye held an extraordinarily large general assembly to discuss how to receive it in the most dignified, popular and cordial way. He may have been bored with the many lights and sparkles in the other counties so far, but on the other hand he wanted to express the democratic spirit of the county, he decided that the audience of Zalamegye would appear in black discourse at the reception and ceremonies. It also saves many from overcrowding or tension. In any case, Zalamegyé does not aim to express its reverent respect by external light, but by ancient virtues and true Hungarian openness.-151-

I wanted to return to the capital from these ceremonies, but Pál Csúzy and my new friends did not let me go at any cost, but were elected to the palatine escort delegation. Of course, my host Pali was in it too, so I didn’t have to take care of my teeth at all.

Pali’s sweet father, the old Pál Csúzy, an aristocrat enshrined in all his tastes, was terribly upset by the county’s decision, and when we arrived in Becsehely he scolded his son with me as if we had destroyed the buttercup costumes with fire and iron. The next day, in the wide corridor, he wore out two rows or six gold-plated and gold-plated costumes, and walked up and down between them. He sees me on the ground floor, calls upstairs, and sneers,

– Do you know why that decision was made? for the whole of Zalamegye does not have so much disguise. Poverty is not a sin, but to cover it up by taking those on high shelves with you is ugly! And was my son Pali there at this decision?

– Biz was there.

“Perhaps he spoke for him?” or did he initiate it?

“Even if he hadn’t suggested it, he must have met his views.”

– I know, you’ve ruined it completely. His head boils from the fingers; if I had not lived, he would have been willing to give the castle as a hospital, and he would go to live in the Mantis’ house. Locust was his landlord.

– I might get out of it.

– Shameful times! he tapped fiercely several times-152- up and down between the gold and gemstone garment, then exclaimed: Did not our ancestors wear such?

– You don’t have to follow your ancestors in everything. Then laws were passed to subjugate the peoples, and now all aspirations are directed to the very opposite.

– This is the struggle of the poor against the rich.

I sighed nicely because the old gentleman’s face ran with blood, and now he opened the eyes with which he had squinted forever. “It will be good, I think, to dodge, otherwise you will forget in your aristocratic pain to respect the right of the guest, and he will say such rudeness to the liberal party that I, as the tiniest member, would not be able to keep quiet.”

I complained to Pali about my encounter with the old lord.

Pali laughed hard. “Look, he said, I’ll reconcile soon.”

Pali lived in the ground floor department of the castle, the old ur on the first floor. Pali sent his butler to the dignified lord if he doesn’t order us a little playing cards? It will even reconcile you with your enemy, but only if you win. In such cases he is hospitable and generous. If I want to ask for money from him, I invite someone, we sit down to play cards with him, he wins twenty or twenty-five forints, and then he is in such a good mood that I can ask for a trust for five or six thousand forints, he does not refuse.

The butler came down with the message that His Majesty welcomed him.

Meanwhile, Star Laczi also threw himself.

– Then accumulate error-error, lose, I will make up for the loss.-153-

We lost, we blamed each other’s mistakes, and this brought the old gentleman in such a bright mood that he started to apply his most special wines, because if there was an opportunity and worthy company, he loved to make glasses.

He reconciled perfectly with us, but not with the county.

He could not be persuaded to take part in the delegation at any cost. He also made available to his son his foursome, but he himself stayed away during all the ceremonies.

He was a peculiar old ur. Lunch was held with him on the first floor. The restaurant had a narrow, long table set; on one side he sat in the middle, on the right Teresa a housewife and his girlfriend. His guests booked on a page that was rare. He sat opposite his son’s guests, most of whom were numerous. Old ur loved to argue between meals, but he had to be right, otherwise peace would be disturbed, but maybe lunch too.

His son-in-law, György Ghika, once asks me:

“Have you seen the old gentleman angry?”

– Yes, last time because of the disguise.

– That’s nothing. Wait, I’m angry today.

– Don’t do it, it could hurt you.

“No, they lost ten blades to him tomorrow, and then peace is holy again.”

The old ur does play cards in the evening. We went upstairs.

We played for a long time when old ur pagat says ultimatum.

“I’m against it,” says Ghika.

– What? asks the old ur.-154-

– The ultimatum.

– Really? and by this time he had squinted so much that he had closed one eye all the way.

– I’m not kidding.

The old ur hurried to one of his cards, to another, and put it back. His hands trembled with excitement. He finally played out.

Ghika did intercept the pagata.

There was a silence for a moment.

At the same time, the old ur jumps up, goes to the window, pulls it up angrily, and shouts:

– Hey, belatins! shut up immediately, take your lord home. Then, turning to us, he continued: I would not tolerate such a weed card, a fake player at my house for an hour. Beware of these Cossacks, he has already made my daughter miserable, now he wants to destroy me. Hide and don’t see me here anymore.

Ghika listened to it all with a calm smile, and when the old ur paused in his outbursts a little, he hurried to tell him.

– I still captured the pagata.

– It’s not true, you stole it. At this moment, leave the house, start on foot, we will send your car after you, you didn’t get it on the road either.

He said all this with the outbreak of the greatest rage. I’ve never seen so much poison in an old man.

We left there and went down to Pali’s suite to have fun. Ghika, of course, didn’t think of going home.

The next night we went up again to the old lord to play cards, greeting Ghika as if nothing had happened between them. We let him win, and with good cheer-155-increased. Suddenly, then, Ghika realizes that she already has to travel home; the old ur best reprimanded.

Well, that’s how I fulfilled my assumption that I was going to work a lot in the village. But I didn’t regret it, I got to know a lot of waist people, I made a lot of good friends and I had so much fun that, nicely arranged, it would be enough for the whole year. Mostly, which I later benefited from, I practiced myself well in riding.

The delegation from Zala appeared in the neighboring county to greet Palatine István. He was terribly struck by the other delegations, and among the many buttercups, the gold-plated violin, white, red, and blue velvet outfits, the plain black outfits were struck. It was a beautiful but also a serious sight. It was as if I had only seen Matthias’ black army in front of me. Most of it would have gone there.

When István appeared among them, it seemed to be good for him, at least I imagined. And why not? if your eyes get tired of looking into the bright rays of the sun, you will no doubt find it mild if you get in a little shade.

The appearance of the archduke was electric; the majestic figure who exalted above all; captivating features and an open gaze with that Hungarian big mustache, he beat the hearts, and that he gave birth to a general movement showed the most favorable effect. The arousal of his masculine deep and sympathetic voice, his speech, beautiful in expressions and rich in ideas, aroused such enthusiasm that only Maria Theresa’s historical “Blood and Life” could be similar to what it was. Then he lined up, shook hands in Hungarian, and had a friendly conversation.

Balaton-Füred has been depopulated for weeks today -156-it was filled in every corner, with flags, carpets and flowers on its buildings; rippled in the festive costumes of the people. On the promenade, girls dressed in white, assorted beauty, held flower-flowers; the well was transformed into a flower church; the lake Balaton below reflected the clear sky of autumn, and as long as the eye could see, it could enjoy the clear blue of the sky, both up and down. Füred already had a charming structure from nature, and in its present splendor it was a piece that was torn from heaven.

Everyone was charmed.

The abbey lunch can be said to be princely; his eclectic meals, drinks, and greetings tuned not only the escort but also the celebrated archduke himself to cheer. He contributed to the cheerful noise of the folk festival from the area in front of the reception hall.

At dusk we boarded a boat, amidst the roar of taraczkas, accompanied by the cries of salvation from the people.

The steamer Kisfaludy was never so decorated, and it probably won’t be like this occasion, but not only the steamer, but the harbor and the whole coast provided a fairy-tale view.

Palatine István marched to the deservedly furnished shiproom to rest. The members of the delegation, smoking cigars on board, allowed free spirits to flow freely. At the same time, Archduke Stephen appears in the midst of the consolation. All cigars and noisy sounds disappeared.

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