Ancient tea tree

 ”What clue?” Wu Xiu and Xiaodi asked in unison.
  ”It’s a clue about the old man Dong in the nursing home. Old man Dong is not rich, but he is frugal and gives all the money saved to a woman. I have seen that woman. Her appearance is reminiscent of an ancient tea tree…”
  ”Is it a waste collector?” Wu Xiu and Xiaodi asked in unison.
  ”No, she has nothing to do with waste recycling. She is a cleaner in a department store. She suffers from rheumatic heart disease. She also goes to work for three days to fish and two days to hang out on the net. Recently, it seems that her job cannot be kept. She, it belongs to Old Man Dong. Close friend, old man Dong has vision.”
  ”Why do you say Grandpa Dong has vision?” Wu Xiu asked.
  ”The cleaner has the style of an ancient tea tree.” The boss said with envy.
  ”Can you describe it in detail?”
  ”No.” The
  boss simply refused and went back behind the counter. He was obviously a little angry.
  Wu Xiu felt embarrassed when he sat there, alas, who told him to talk nonsense? He stood up and planned to leave with Xiaodi. At this moment, the waiter ran over.
  ”Mr. Wu, Mr. Di, I’m here to tell two people: you must come often. You two make the shop flourish, and also light up my dark heart…” He couldn’t go on. I am ashamed that I can only say such cliches.
  Wu Xiu raised his eyebrows in surprise, and suddenly asked the waiter mischievously:
  ”Young man, do you think my friend and I look like ancient tea trees?” The
  waiter lowered his voice and said,
  ”It’s true…” The
  three of them Smile at each other. Wu Xiu felt that the boss had heard their conversation, but he sat at the counter blankly. Wu Xiu and Xiaodi walked into the street and saw the waiter waving at them.
  ”Why is this young man so excited?” Wu Xiu asked.
  ”Every time we see him, he gets excited. Wu Xiu, I have a feeling that the people in Rongcheng are all caring about my and your career now, and they themselves are also throwing into it.” Xiaodi said.
  ”This is really a weird thing.
  Have n’t they been entertaining themselves on those paths all the time?” “It may be that your deviant thoughts have changed their habits, and the background of their dreams has also changed.” After
  they broke up , Wu Xiu was not in a hurry to go home. The new situation that the cafe owner said was very attractive to him, and he came to the door of the department store unknowingly.
  There are very few customers in department stores. Of course, cleaners are not in the company now. Wu Xiu walked into a circle and came out again. He ran into someone as soon as he stepped out of the automatic door.
  ”Oh, sorry,” he said.
  ”Isn’t this Xiao Wu? Xiao Wu, you kid!” Grandpa Dong yelled.
  ”Hello, Grandpa Dong!” Wu Xiu said as he looked in the eyes of the old man, but he didn’t see the ancient tea tree at all.
  Grandpa Dong is wearing old clothes and his beard has not been trimmed, so he doesn’t look demeaned at all.
  ”Grandpa Dong, are you looking for Aunt Gu Chashu?” Wu Xiu asked courageously.
  ”How did you know, little devil? Ha, you seem to know everything! Then, go to her with me. She is not an aunt, but a grandma.” Grandpa Dong lowered his voice and moved closer to Wu Xiu and said, “She is My old friend is seventy-six years old and older than me.”
  Grandpa Dong took Wu Xiu back to the department store, went down a small staircase next to the main entrance, and then went up again to a narrow corridor at the end of the corridor. There is a door. Grandpa Dong knocked on the door, and the door opened immediately.
  ”Let’s sit in the corridor and talk, it’s too dark inside,” the white-haired grandmother said, laying down two small wooden stools in the corridor.
  She turned around again and took a small stool for herself to sit on. Wu Xiu noticed that her face was fair, without a trace of wrinkles. She looks a lot like the old woman in the recycling station. She was sitting on a small stool, very straight, not like a patient at all.
  ”The reason she didn’t let you in is because there are ancient tea trees in the house.” Grandpa Dong said in Wu Xiu’s ear.
  The old grandmother seemed to have a hard ear, and did not hear him. He happily made a face at Wu Xiu.
  ”As soon as I came here, she was the only one in my eyes, so people said I took her into my eyes. Xiao Wu, you have seen her now, I will ask you a question: Is she an ancient tea tree? “” Grandpa Dong said loudly.
  The grandmother obviously heard what Grandpa Dong said this time, because there was a kind smile on her face.
  ”I think she is exactly.” Wu Xiu said involuntarily.
  ”Oh my God, you and I want to go together!” Grandpa Dong clapped his hands, “In the long winter night in Rongcheng, brave people like you and Xiaodi will meet her.”
  ”Xiaodi? Grandpa Dong, you know me. Friend Xiaodi?” Wu Xiu was taken aback.
  ”No, I don’t know. But I know his activities in the city.” As
  soon as Grandpa Dong’s voice fell, a beautiful hoopoe flew into the corridor and landed on the shoulder of the grandmother.
  After two or three seconds, another one flew, and landed on the other shoulder of the grandmother.
  The old woman looked left and right, looking at each other.
  ”Look, Xiao Wu, am I right?” Grandpa Dong looked proud.
  After bidding farewell to the two old men, Wu Xiu’s heart was ups and downs. He walked on the sidewalk by the side of the road and jumped up again, as if he was flying in the clouds. He didn’t find the ancient tea tree, but the ancient tea tree has taken root in his heart, so clear and realistic.