Ancient tea tree

  Wu Xiu bid farewell to Grandpa Dong in frustration. When he walked outside the gate, he saw Grandpa Xia chasing him out.
  ”Does Grandpa Dong have eye disease?” Wu Xiu asked Grandpa Xia.
  ”I see, he has a heart disease, he is afraid of revealing his thoughts.” Grandpa Xia said, “I just saw that you, a young man, is very unusual. Would you like to go to a place with me?
  ” Where?”
  ”A residence where birds and flowers are fragrant all year round, not far from here.”
  Grandpa Xia took Wu Xiu to the racetrack, and there was a stable not far from there. They walked in and saw the stables empty. Grandpa Xia said that all the horse races have gone for a stroll. He also said that he knew they were not there at this time, and he came to smell them. He muttered, “The stables, the stables, if I could live next door to you!”
  Wu Xiu smelled the scent of horse manure and fodder. He felt the initial frustration wiped out, and he was thinking.
  ”Is it possible for the ancient tea tree to be in the eyes of a horse?” he asked Grandpa Xia.
  ”I haven’t studied this kind of thing. It should be possible. But I’m going back now, it’s more than the time to take medicine.”
  After Grandpa Xia left, Wu Xiu wanted to wait for the horses to come back. However, a staff member of the racecourse came over. He told Wu Xiu that he had to leave immediately because outsiders could not enter here casually.
  Wu Xiu ran into Xiaodi on the way home. He excitedly said to Xiaodi that there were clues about the matter, but the difficulties were still great. He asked Xiaodi, have you been to the nursing home and racetrack recently? Xiaodi shook his head and denied.
  ”Brother Wu Xiu, it seems that our strategy of’do the opposite’ has worked.” Xiaodi said solemnly.
  ”So Xiaodi, have you got any harvest?”
  ”No. But it’s strange, the more unharvested, the clearer the image of the ancient tea tree in my mind. Just now, behind the waste recycling station next to the garbage dump, I I did see the tree god, for about three seconds, and then disappeared.”
  Wu Xiu muttered: “Junkyard? My God!” Then he was silent. Why didn’t he think of the garbageyard? He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t.
  After Wu Xiu returned home, he was still thinking about what Xiaodi saw. When he was looking for some indirect evidence, his friend “saw it” with his eyes, and it was in a place he had never expected. Maybe he should change his approach? How can I use my eyes to see things I have never seen before? He sighed in his heart: “Xiaodi, Xiaodi, you are really a discerning person. I am far from you! I never associate the garbage dump with the tree god…” The
  next day, Wu After work off, I went to the garbage dump. The garbage dump is under the Hou Ling Mountain, on the edge of the city. Looking over the green-painted iron fence, you can see mountains of trash. There was no one in the court, but Wu Xiu suddenly saw a figure walking quickly along the fence, and then walked away. Wu Xiu’s heart was pounding, because that person was very similar to Grandpa Dong in the nursing home. Wu Xiu walked around the garbage dump and found nothing, so he came out. He remembered the waste recycling station Xiaodi had mentioned, so he went looking for it.
  The waste recycling station is an earthen house with no signs outside. An elderly woman was dozing off on a bamboo chair outside the house. When Wu Xiu approached, the old woman spoke. This surprised Wu Xiu, because she didn’t open her eyes, nor looked at Wu Xiu. She said:
  ”I just dreamed of this person when he came. It’s really timely.”
  ”Hello, old mother, did you see an old man just now?” Wu Xiu asked her politely.
  ”Are you talking about ancient tea trees? That guy always wanders around here. But now he’s going back.” The
  old woman sat up, her face glowing and there were no wrinkles on her face.
  ”Is the old man a relative of your family?”
  ”No. I think it might be a like-minded person.” Wu Xiu said hesitantly.
  ”This makes sense.” She nodded, “I have been guarding this place for more than 20 years, and he has been running here for 20 years. I forgot this person’s name, so I simply called him the ancient tea tree.
  ” Is the ancient tea tree near here?”
  ”You tell me, it’s in my earthen house.”
  ”Can I go in and have a look?” Wu Xiu probed the probe into the door of the black hole.
  ”No. Stop making such an idea, you won’t see it even if you go in.” The
  old woman’s face showed a vicious expression, and she suddenly became impatient with Wu Xiu.
  ”Young man, what on earth do you come here for? I have been here for more than 20 years, and no young man has ever come here. If you are here for investigation, you will die.”
  ”No. Me .” I want to…I want to join you…there are many people and powerful.” Wu Xiu said nonsense when he was anxious.
  ”Really?” She sneered and said, “This is just a matter of taboo.”
  Wu Xiu felt that it was time for him to leave here. He has no reason to stay forcibly.
  He walked for a while, then looked back, he wanted to see if a big tree would rise behind the earthen house. of course not. Even the old woman was gone, she went back to the dark room. Wu Xiu even thought that she was lying outside the house just to wait for him and Grandpa Dong to pass by, there was also a small dike, maybe there was someone else. What kind of patience is needed. More likely, this is not patience, but a kind of happiness she invented, just like his and Xiaodi’s recent plans. Her method is to stand by and wait for the rabbit, Xiaodi and his method are to resurrect the soul. Whose method is more effective? So far, the efficiency of their work has not really been seen, but some residents of Rongcheng who have the same ideas as them have been found. However, this is a great relief after all. When dreaming in the long years to come, they will definitely meet these aspiring people, Wu Xiu believes. Thinking of this, Wu Xiu’s low mood cheered up again.
  As soon as Wu Xiu got home, the old telephone on the desk rang.
  ”I’m Lao Xia, Grandpa Xia. Grandpa Dong gave me your phone number. I went to the stable again, ah, those racehorses! I want to tell you that all those racehorses have their eyes… what’s there… Of course it’s the kind of thing we’ve talked about, the kind that Grandpa Dong sees. Do you understand? That’s great, I’m so happy that I don’t need to take medicine anymore.”
  Grandpa Xia’s words made Wu Xiusheng a lot of sighs. He thought, what kind of passionate life does this grandpa lead! What will his dream look like? It certainly won’t be the same dream of the Rongcheng people’s spider web trail. Wu Xiu decided to visit these two grandpas more in the future, and they will reveal some exciting information to him. Wu Xiu looked at the sky outside the window. There was a black cloud drifting by, and the wind blew it out a long straight tail… “Hey, you!” He shouted to the cloud.
  Wu Xiu and Xiao Di met again at that cafe. The boss personally brought them fragrant and authentic Starbucks.
  ”The two are the hope of our Rongcheng people.” He said with emotion, “I have a clue…”