Ancient tea tree

  There is a beautiful legend about the ancient tea tree on Hou Ling Mountain. The story is that the ancient tea trees belong to a special group of people who live in the cave. They carefully take care of the ancient tea trees from generation to generation, so the tea leaves on the trees belong to them. The ancient tea tree is different from the general tea tree. It is tall and big and requires a long ladder to pick tea leaves. The ancient tea tree is the tree god of the people in the cave. Its tea leaves bring them vigorous energy and strong fertility, which makes the blood relationship of this group of people who escaped from the war and continues to this day. Another characteristic of ancient tea trees is that they are not afraid of drought. In the year of the severe drought, most of the tea trees died, and the old tea trees were still flourishing. So some people speculate that this tree is rooted next to an underground spiritual spring, which will never dry up. The legend about the ancient tea tree has been passed down from generation to generation in the small town, but no one has seen the true face of the tree, let alone the people in the cave.
  The people of Rongcheng are blessed. Although they have never seen an ancient tea tree, the legendary tree god gave them all kinds of dreams. There are some cobweb-like trails in those dreams, and although dreamers go around on those trails, although they can’t find an exit, there is always a light shining on their dark hearts. Because of this light, no one cares about finding an exit, they just want to entertain in the spider web. The unexpected turn; the endless turning back; the indistinct direction; the fear in the dreamer’s heart; the despair that is suddenly blocked… are all talks after the dreamer wakes up. They are full of respect and yearning for the ancient tea trees in Hou Ling Mountain.
  In the early years, there was an activity to find ancient tea trees. A team of five or six people searched in the mountains. There have been many such searches, without exception. The clues in the dream can’t help them either. The search ended early, and no one tried again. Now, the main communication between people and the ancient tea tree is through its dreams. This kind of thing is very difficult to understand; why do ancient tea trees entrust their dreams to the people of Rongcheng under the mountain? Could it be that those spiderweb dreams are not as people talk about, just for entertainment, but some deep meaning is hidden in them? Is there a mystery? Years later, after finally waking up from the fascinating game in the dream, some individual suddenly felt uneasy. Those were two college students who returned to work in Rongcheng after graduation. One day, the two of them were talking about their night dreams together.
  ”I turned five times clockwise, and five times counterclockwise, but I didn’t return to the place where the big red bougainvillea was. From my memory, every lap is the original path. Road.” Xiaodi said.
  ”My situation in my dream is similar to yours, but I can’t remember the details. It seems that there are mangoes and papaya everywhere, and those fruits are dangling in front of my eyes. I just walked on a new road and thought I had never walked. Yes, take a closer look, there are mango trees next to the road. Alas, do we end up living, Xiaodi? I’m only twenty-five years old.” Wu Xiu said.
  These two are the dreamers of the new generation. They are not as optimistic as the older generation, but often have a premonition of imminent disaster, even if they do not completely trust the tree god. They agreed in the cafe to continue to observe in the future dreams. When they were talking, Wu Xiu noticed an eavesdropper who was hiding under the counter and was a waiter. Wu Xiu finds it funny, what’s the secret? Haven’t everyone been dreamed of by the ancient tea tree? Thinking deeply, I was a little surprised: Could it be that the dreams of him and Xiaodi were different from everyone’s dreams, and they ran into a certain rule of Rongcheng?
  ”When I walked on the small road, my heart was dark.” Wu Xiu said loudly on purpose.
  Xiaodi nodded frequently after hearing this, indicating that he did the same. He also said loudly like Wu Xiu:
  ”We are going to break the curse!”
  The waiter under the counter grinned and he benefited from the conversation between the two students. He was younger than college students, but suddenly he felt that he was an adult.
  There was another eavesdropper sitting at the counter, and that was the boss. The boss was reading the newspaper and covered his face with the newspaper. The cafe owner was full of emotion, remembering the gray dreams that lasted for decades, the pigeons in the dreams and the giant eagles in the distant sky, he suddenly realized: This is death. He put down the newspaper to show his face, but the students had already left.
  ”They will see ancient tea trees.” The boss said to the waiter.
  College student Wu Xiu is determined to change the thinking of his predecessors and do the opposite. For the people of Rongcheng, Wu Xiu’s plan is shocking. It is reported that Wu Xiu intends to find ancient tea trees in Rongcheng. His thinking is: Since the ancient tea tree cannot be found on Houling Mountain, but the ancient tea tree is still unremittingly offering dreams to everyone in Rongcheng, then it is very likely that the ancient tea tree is in the small city, and the situation is critical and the prospects are dim. The college student Xiaodi supported his friend’s plan. They agreed to find the ancient tea tree separately, and if they couldn’t find it, they kept looking. What can the people of Rongcheng say besides admiring their unusual determination? After all, everyone has been young, but not everyone can bet their life’s fate on one thing at the age of twenty-five. What’s more! No one can help with this kind of thing, and the clues in the dream have long proven useless. So when the two young people are busy in the small town, the citizens can only watch and discuss in private. Many people have begun to reflect on themselves. They worry that a tree will be suddenly discovered hidden in those corners that they are familiar with, and they themselves have been blind to this for decades. Others begin to reason, until the brain can’t stop turning around like a windmill. More people just simply watch, they feel that the game in their dreams is not so satisfying, but they still have to play. This kind of arbitrarily looking for clues is still too young and energetic, and they think it will not have a good result. Of course, if the two young people make progress, they are also willing to help. But they believe that there is little possibility of progress. Especially the practice of leaving the mountain and coming to the city to find another way to find the tree god is simply incredible. But they will not be stupid enough to persuade young people.
  The first place Wu Xiu went to was the nursing home, because a childhood playmate of Wu Xiu told him that there was a grandfather Dong in the nursing home, and the ancient tea tree really appeared in his right eye. Maybe another person would not believe such nonsense. But Wu Xiu is not an ordinary young man, how should I say, he is very thoughtful. So he went to see the grandfather winter while on vacation. On the way to the nursing home, he always imagined what the old tea tree would look like in the eyes of the old man.
  Wu Xiu walked into the double room of the nursing home. The old man next to Grandpa Dong was surnamed Xia, who was also a lonely old man.
  ”Hello, Grandpa Dong! I am Xiao Wu, a volunteer. Let me see what help you need.”
  Grandpa Dong was meditating with his eyes closed. He shook his head to the left and right, and said, “Nothing is needed.”
  Wu Xiu handed a jade grab for scratching to his hand, let him hold it, and said,
  ”Look at it. This thing is very easy to use.”
  Grandpa Dong put the jade grasping child on the bed, still did not open his eyes, said:
  ”Thank you, boy.”
  Wu Xiu sat awkwardly on the side, wanting to wait for Grandpa to open his eyes.
  He waited and waited, Grandpa Dong didn’t even open his eyes. Grandpa Xia, who was sitting on that bed, was overwhelmed and said quietly to Wu Xiu:
  ”He, he won’t open his eyes all day, and he won’t open his eyes when he sleeps. Don’t wait.”