After the tired endeavors of the wanderer

At dusk, when he rests, he looks contemplatively at the setting sun, and reflects on the impressions he has made on the souls of landscapes, events, and adversities. Then he closes his eyes to fall asleep.

I’m a tired wanderer too, my day is already going down and I won’t close my eyes for long to fall asleep – forever. I, too, reflect on the impressions that all sorts of events and adversities have engulfed in my life. I want to take fragments of these. I do not write history, diaries or memoirs; i just intend to paint simply recollections. Great writers, histories, state relations, high public affairs, had acquired stories and memoirs, but one barely remembered everyday life, youth, and the lower strata, even though there is no general without an army; without tiny screws there is no great machinery; without enthusiastic public opinion, great ideas do not triumph.

The historians and the authors of the memoirs painted the lofty figures faithfully and artistically, highlighting all the glorious moments, but their images are still incomplete, because they did not care about the background coloring, from which the main figures only protrude better, nor coloring the element .-2-

The youth of the mult generation deserves to be reserved for a newspaper where the recent great times are concerned.

We grew up in a noise and became men in the storm.

I think in shock that from the time when, as students of humanities in Szeged, we started to deal with slightly higher things, we became interested in literature, when Albert Pálffy showed a gentleman on the street who saw Vörösmarty, and to whom I would like to pay my respects. just because he saw Vörösmarty, I say, from that time, I hardly know two or three more of my co-workers at that time in life today. Much, very much, the storm, the battlefield, the exile, the bit, the babbling, the persecution, and the age seemed a terrible harvest.

There was no county hall in Szeged, and thus no general assembly, so we knew nothing more about politics than that Gábor Klauzál was a famous speaker, but we never heard that Kárász was the deputy; the latter only from the idea that an adoma circulated about him, you were in a rather unfriendly relationship with Archbishop Forgách, it happened that they walked together on the Tiszaparte, admiring the work of the fishermen. Pulling out the net of one of the fishermen, he picked up the flickering fish. Forgách — probably out of temper to hurt his walking companion — remarked to the fish: ejnye, beh vile crucian! (a sex of the fish of the Tisza) And Kárász immediately retorted: it could be baked with any dib-dáb shavings. This made him famous in front of us, and he had a very large corner house in the main square.

I don’t know if there was something in the air or just -3-it was caused by the restlessness of our blood, but it is so certain that we did not fit in our skin, and then we became a hussar en masse – some stayed there – and as soon as the school board complained, we went to the army to ask for our certificates, because in Pest, Kassa or N. -We want to continue our studies in Oradea. Here the world is narrow for us; we don’t see big people, we don’t hear big things and we can’t take part in big demonstrations. We heard and read that in Pest or N.-Várad, this and that, such and such a worship ceremony was organized by the student youth, and we had no one to celebrate, we could only have captured Karás so that they could be honored for the sake of Forgách, but never was in Szeged.

Chief Reverend Gruber had more wit than we did, and he also thought about what we left out. He asked: do the gentlemen have money to travel? We looked at each other, and everyone could read that answer: I don’t have one. So stay calm and diligently attend the lectures.

It is a peculiar condition when one enters the ranks of youth from childhood; movements of the back, views of the back (in most cases), but in his movements there is strength, and in his views there is conviction, therefore no one can deal with it, nor can he deal with himself. We were in this transitional period, but we could not give enough expression to our emotions, but our breasts swelled with lofty desires, our blood was blazing for patriotic ideas, although at that time it consisted of a determined turn of eyes and a handful of fists. came from the heart, he showed-4- the consequence, because in the days of the disaster I saw my teammates from Szeged all where only the freaks and cowards were missing.

Our desires finally got wings, and we avoided Szeged, here and there as a law student; me, although I wanted to be in Pest, my circumstances took me to N.-Várad. I never regretted it.

It was here that the world began to open before my eyes; the awareness that I am now a lawyer gave me a certain self-esteem, elevation; I considered it to be a tribute to my peers, if only because a handful of it flowed over me. We held Vig and noisy dating evenings. We formed the readers’ association, where we read very little, but we spoke even more, not our own speeches, but Miklós Wesselényi , another Ferencze Deák , then Bezerédy , etc. they recited what aroused such enthusiasm as if only the great patriots themselves had spoken. We wanted to argue sometimes, it was impossible, we all belonged to a liberal party – then liberalism meant a little differently than it does today.

At that time, budding among lawyers was, so to speak, done with steam power, which sometimes gave rise to ridiculous situations. For example, I would like to mention one: Neupauer was appointed to Oradea as a teacher of domestic law. No one among us knew him, no one had seen him yet. Nándor Rózsa, a sophomore lawyer, arrived from Arad, having fun with several old and new colleagues in the evening, and went to a lecture the next day. At the gates of the academy, he sees an elegant young man walking up and down, steps in, and asks, ‘Lawyer?’ “Yes,” he replies with a smile. ‘I’m a sophomore,’ Rose continued. “Me too.” -5-,Where are you from?’ “About the cash register.” “Ah! exclaimed Rózsa, I had a great time with a pottery yesterday. ‘ “No?” “Yes, with Tamás Marschalkó. Very vigilant czimbora. ‘ “I know we live together.” ‘Then I hope you’re like that too, and we’re going to have a lot of fun together?’ »More than you think. They’re ringing for a lecture, let’s come in. ” The teacher isn’t here yet, let’s talk. ‘ “I know for sure he’s here.” ‘So let’s go. Please, you are the guest, go ahead. ‘ That’s what happened, and Rose was immediately convinced that her friend was a very funny young man because she wasn’t sitting on the bench, but in the teacher’s chair. His laughter soon waned, and his face began to stretch long as he heard the serious and fluent speech of the young man sitting in the teacher’s chair. He jumped over to his neighbor, “Is that it?” Yes, Neupauer, the newly appointed home law teacher. After the performance, Rose went to apologize for the mistake. He wasn’t wrong i am a sincere friend of youth and please be my friends too. We all experienced that this was not an empty way of speaking from him, except for Tamás Marschalkó, who had care with Neupauer’s brother-in-law and kept him a little stricter than my friend Tamás liked. Surely it was worth it, now after forty years we can confess.

The lawyer had already begun to take stock in social life, and the main picture was in a place like N.-Várad, where many youths were needed, either at parties or during demonstrations. With a heartbeat, the lawyer hurried to the evenings of such upscale houses as b. Gerliczy, Klobusitzky, Ferdinyék, etc., not before the floating eyes that he would have fun, not the charm of the dance, the wit of the ladies, or the selected evening (which has all the appeal for young people) inspired all the guests,-6-but the thought that there would be more county excellence there, and he felt happy, who, having come so close, could utter his speeches, and in his warmth he could immediately communicate it to his friends. The news that Ödön Beöthy or Ödön Toperczer would be there for tonight was enough to set us all in motion, and whoever had an invitation went half-dead so that the county green table could be with this or that champion, but none of us demanded their notice.

There were county sights from the younger generation that also came in contact with us and stood intimately with the excellence we admired. We regarded them as the priests of our political creed, because the mediator between the faithful and the priest in heaven, they were such mediators between and among the great men of the opposition, so much so that if one can remember to say: Ödön Beöthy wants to tear down the walls of the cathedral , we would have gone to him to knock him down. They gave instructions for watching the demonstrations; they ordered when and to whom to give a torchlight procession; they gave a signal at the general assembly that no one should be heard, and he could not even hear it, not even the Vienna secret police themselves.

These leading men of lawyers, having taken this role out of pure conviction and best intentions, also showed in later lives that they lived for the principles they died for the principles to which we were so tirelessly enthusiastic. Sándor Erdődy, one of the largest owners of the county, a beautiful young man blessed with a flourishing health and a statue-like stature, one of the disorderly champions of the opposition, died in his flower as a result of an unfortunate shot. The others struggled with complete consistency throughout-7-the great struggle for transformation, which they were zealous about. György Komáromy , the lord of the idle little kingdom, is a knight in every way; a generous donor to public affairs, a leader and commander in county elections, he conquered everywhere not only with his abundant money but also with his lovableness. It was idolized by the common people, the youth was passionate about it, and when a level company failed in N.-Várad, what often happened at that time was caused by György Komáromy without a word. When he cut N.-Várad on his five-tooth, the city started to move, the youth was on its feet, and the actors immediately staged a show. He was envoy to the National Parliaments of 1843 and 47, representing in 48, but only for a short time because he became a patriot and remained so until the fateful day. SzacsvayGeorge; a serious young man, revered by all, richly blessed with scientific viability, whose words have been listened to with true mercy by lawyers. He was not entangled in amusements, demonstrations, and excited against no one; he spoke of building things, taught him, and worked to arouse interest in patriotic ideas in his youth. We looked at him with a whole different eye than the other commanders. If he appeared among us, the silent mood was immediately constrained, the loud conversation gained a moderate hue, and everyone waited, sighed for Szacsvay to speak, and if he had spoken, we would have been silent indefinitely. Spirit, patriotism, poetry flowed from his lips. In 1849 he was one of the pearls and clerks of the House of Representatives, along with GoroveWith István. They worked equally, their merits and their sins were equal, but how whimsical fate! the same power that executed Szacsvay for his parliamentary activity, István Gorove to ministerial position-8-raised. It was as if we had a premonition that this famous young man was ending such a mournful ending, and we had no idea to rejoice in him. Miklós Thurzó had a completely different effect on our mood , its appearance was electrified. He was a nice fibrous bachelor; she covered her carefully groomed beard. From his skull, across his forehead, through his eyelashes, to his face, there was a narrow scald, a trace of a huge sword-cutting he had gained for political reasons. This cut made him popular with us from the very first moment, and even if he hadn’t been so friendly, cordial, hospitable and ready to have fun, if we hadn’t looked at the palatine Dalian offspring, the trace of this sword-cutting was enough to build our confidence. win our devotion. As an excellent soldier, he fought throughout the War of Independence.

There were even more who liked to deal with lawyers. Apart from old Gideon , Neupauer, and Borbola, these were our teachers; and while there we obligedly listened to international, ecclesiastical, Roman and domestic law, here we were educated in political rights.

His Majesty Mihály Fogarassy did not look at this with good eyes, and he also read a decree that forbade us from participating in the county assembly hall and all political demonstrations. This only increased our zeal and stimulated our mood, and if it was a county assembly, we listened to Beöthy, Toperczer and Antal Somogyi, not Borbola and Neupauer, even with the attention that we almost repeated the speeches we heard in the morning at our evening gathering.

How long with body and soul we longed for it -9-after the company of the listed individuals, proves the case of Tamás Marschalkó, who, as I mentioned, was in care with his brother-in-law, teacher Neupauer, and to make the supervision even stricter, it was only possible to get out of Tamás’s room through his brother-in-law. There was another kind of political amusement. As a result of the director’s ban, Neupauer tried to keep Marshchalk from there, leaving the sun out of home in no color. Marschalkó rumbled like a lion in an iron cage. At dusk a servant of a lake appears under his window, Marschalkó hands out his hat, cloak and evening attire, then walks through his brother’s room in a light house suit, uncovered head, jumps out of the room on the street, picks up his cloak, hat, walks to the servant, and j , leaving all the worries, even the consequences of this step, behind,

The time has finally come for us to come up with open facts. Releasing from the captivity of László Lovassy in Kuffstein, we wanted to honor this martyr. We also arranged for him a torchlight procession that N.-Várad had barely seen before. We set off from the great square of New Town and marched with serious solemnity to Italy, where we covered the courtyard of the casino and the street with burning cloth. This was my first political appearance, and I took that torch as proudly as if its smoke were now swirling to Vienna to stifle all sources of tyranny there. A brown, faint and broken young man stepped out of the casino building, accompanied by several others. Szacsvay gave a touching speech, László Lovassy began to answer in a voice veiled by feeling and weakness, but he could not finish his speech. -10-introduced because his strength left an end image and he was only led back into the room. This scene affected us so much that if we had fallen somewhere in the neighborhood, we would have been able to embark on an immediate siege. In this way, however, only with bitter outbursts, threats to the future, and thunderous rhetoric in the Great Hall of the Green Tree, we gave expression to our indignation. Poor László Lovassy , he went crazy not long. He became a terrible victim of the Viennese arbitrariness; for years he was carried away with heavy captivity, his spirit killed, his body destroyed, so that in his eyes death was only a blessing. And why? for he was a forerunner of the press and freedom of speech. Seeing such a mournful victim of arbitrariness, the hatred of the system and government formulated in our bosom, which, in the light of our later experience, has always taken root stronger and stronger.

As if who knew what factors we would have in county life, we all put on the Beőthy badge, and we didn’t have a clash with the noble brothers of the Hodosy badge, but we never made the shorter one, which had at least as many salutary consequences as the Hodosy badge.

Wanting to block this flow, Mihály Fogarassy , director of canons, reached all sorts of strict regulations, but it was just oil for the fire.

On one occasion the officer arm gave a bright amusement; he summoned the director and made twelve tickets available to the lawyers. The headmaster gathered the twelve young men of the most pious, pious. The organizers took notice of this and invited a lot of lawyers at their discretion, including me. In the evening, brightly lit, from noise and music-11-the director ur also arrived in the elapsed room, twelve hives followed immediately, like a priestly candidate, silently, looking at him, he almost liked to give a wax candle to each of them. The rather broad face of the headmaster, dressed in canonical full disfig, suddenly reached long as he saw us, his unofficial, vigan amused. And the small team he introduced breathed a sigh of relief because without us, he found himself so alien.

I was chatting with one of the celebrated women as the headmaster approached us. How many polite words do you address the woman, and then turning to me, she asked, What is this? it was the Beőthy badge. He knows the whole county, I replied with a smile. It doesn’t matter to you, least of all in this place. Put it down immediately. I felt very ashamed of this attack, and I liked it as if I had read a small thing out of her eyes. I definitely refused obedience. Get out of here immediately, the high priest ordered. This is too much! all the blood escaped into my face, and barely restraining my temper, I replied: Then when I am a guest of your greatness and show a door, I will recognize my duty to leave. I’ll just have more fun now.

This hassle walked around the room at lightning speed, Miklós Thurzó first hurried to shake hands with me, then my buddies came in line with their wishes of luck. A general who wins a battle cannot be as proud of his victory as I was. The beautiful wrist, who had been in front of the scene, also shook hands. I also regretted whatever the consequences, but here the triumph was mine.

They were summoned to a teacher’s meeting on the third day. Roppant-12- my guilt was pronounced, and I was sentenced to three days’ closure.

But this was not the end of the matter. It was not long after the county assembly. There was great turmoil and excitement among the lawyers about the widespread rumor that Fogarassy would be attacked for his trial. We all poured into the hall of the county hall. The meeting took place, suddenly Antal Somogyi stood up, stroked his long, blond beard a few times, and among the very cheers of his youth, he read Fogarassy’s head as to why he wanted to raise servants and should not be educated.

In this field and in this manner, we began to embed ourselves in politics. Thus came the first source, which, among other things, grew into a large river. Here we have breathed into our souls the sublime ideals of liberty, of which each of us, in comparison with his talent, has remained an unshakable warrior.

After completing his legal career, we found it difficult to get away from N.-Várad, taking with us the most beautiful memories of hospitality and friendship. We are scattered, and everyone has taken to his city or county the seed from the fruit of which arbitrariness and subjugation of nations will be taken.

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