A man in a suitcase and the beginning of the last dance

So, the little Bully-Dass came with a rattlesnake in his mouth. – Bert tried to take a reptile from it to trample it to death. But the dog did not give, but shook the beast in his teeth and did not look wounded at all. And Bert really had more to think about right now.

He carefully followed Morgan, who in turn followed
Full-Handed Fred. He did not hear that they had struck together.
But as he passed through a couple of three rooms, he saw a miraculous vision
and arrested a dog that was about to rush out.
Full-handed Fred stood in front of an American, Iron-backed travel coffin – and the coffin showed a human head, which presumably included a corpse that Bert did not see, however. – Full-handed Fred had a revolver in his hand, with which he aimed his head and suddenly hit the lid.

All of this had to happen dizzyingly fast. – But even more strange was that it had been so silent.

There was no sign of Mr Morgan.

Was it really him who had been re-captured by All-Handed-Fred so extraordinarily quickly? But why hadn’t Morgan shot in that case? After all, he had been armed and, after all, he had been in a more favorable position to follow a man who had no idea.

This was very enigmatic. – But if the man in the travel coffin was Morgan, then at least it was known where to look for him and so far he couldn’t confuse anything.

After hitting the lid, Full-Handed Fred looked around and found himself confident in front of the turret held by his hand! At the very least, if you say he was amazed. The fact that the revolver operator was a man who had rushed down the elevator opening and was fetched in vain made the matter even more strange.

Full-handed Fred just stared, and instead of guns, he had awe-inspiring bags in both hands that probably contained gold coins. He had taken the bags off the floor the moment he turned – perhaps intending to escape alone with them.

The other half of his face was quite blue from the blow given by Handsome Harry and otherwise he was a vivid image of fear, amazement, cunning and rage. But most of all, he looked like a man who doesn’t know what to do.

In a swift motion, Bert had closed the door behind him. He didn’t want the noise to be heard. Suddenly he put his hand on the little dog’s head and said:

– Bully! Watch out!

Doggi went a little closer to Full-Handed Fred – opened his mouth and let the snake slide to the floor. – A furious rattle raised his beast’s head and prepared to attack, but, oddly enough, not to tease his dog, but to attack Full-Handed Fred. Thus, Bert had accomplished more than he had intended.

“Yes, you can choose now,” he said firmly. – Either I hear a skull or a deadly snake bite. But for now, put those bags out of your hands.

A full-handed Fred, who saw only a dangerous reptile and had many times had the opportunity to see the fatal effect of its bite – hurried to obey the command, glad to have his hands free.

But this joy became short-lived, Arizona Bert approached menacingly and said:

– Open the lid of that coffin. Full-handed Fred hesitated. He had every reason to do so.

– Open the lid! repeated Bert. By the way… Bully!

Bully let out a threatening growl and pushed a rattlesnake with his paw, so that it was only a few inches away from the criminal, who was as excited as he was going to take the jump at any moment.

– Open the lid! ordered Bert a third time. If you procrastinate, you will be attacked by both a dog and a snake.

It seemed. The lock was opened and the lid was raised. At the same echo shot.

However, exactly what Bert had wanted to avoid in every way happened. For the second time, Gerald Morgan had done the stupidity. For he was indeed the one who appeared in his hand with a smoky revolver, whose bullet, though, had only hit the ceiling.

Immediately there was a disturbing movement above the roof and now one could expect an attack at any time. Apparently to rush it, Full-handed Fred let out a loud cry, but suddenly fell silent as the doggie rushed towards his face with such force that Full-handed Fred — just as Mr. Morgan got out of the coffin — stumbled and fell into the coffin backwards so that only his legs were visible.

Arizona Bert had the blink of an eye to wave his legs in the coffin, and the lid slammed shut again. It was screwed into a double lock.

– Here! Bert retorted Mr. Morgan and hastened to settle melted to the other side of the door with reference to Mr. Morgan settle to the other. – You have to be smart now.

Quick steps were heard, the door flew open, and the other leader of the game team, Gaspard, descended to the ground from a shotgun from Bert. He had to sit right in front of the snake and couldn’t help but stare at it.

– No time to lose! Come on! shouted Bert and rushed out and shouted into the hall:

– Here, Bob! Keep an eye on the door and don’t even get out your soul! I think the point is clear.

Big Bob didn’t have to be ordered twice. With his giant body, he covered a closed door. But at the same time there were more and more loud female voices coming from above:

– Shoot the man who gets in the way – We have to get through, paid what he paid.

Now was the last dance really started.