Angry eyes

  In 2006, while reporting on the World Cup football match, a few colleagues and I went to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, for the sake of Argentine football and Maradona.
  We bought a map of the cloth market, but were surprised to find that there were a number of blanks of different sizes and shapes on the map. This is not a typographical error. The blanks are located in the slums of the city, large and small, because the internal conditions of these slums are complicated and the surveying department cannot conduct on-site inspections, so they simply left blanks on the map. . When I first heard this reason, I suddenly felt that those blank spaces were like angry eyes, spraying anger, staring at the world.
  The blanks on the map exist alive in the real world. Maradona was born and raised in such a place, fell in love with football in such a place, and eventually escaped here because of football. However, if a person has escaped, can the spirit, soul, and genes escape?
  The locals told us that if you want to go to Maradona’s former residence in a slum, you must go through the police station. If you don’t pay a tip, the police will not agree. This is an open secret. We gave the police US$200 in exchange for two policemen wearing guns to accompany us by car, leading us to Maradona’s former residence. The Maradona family has moved away for many years, but the house looks good because the exterior walls have just been painted blue, which is quite abrupt compared to the dilapidated and low surrounding houses. Maradona was born here in 1960.
  The following stories are well-known, but I prefer to observe the surrounding situation. The children were not surprised when they saw us. They would reach out and ask for gifts or food from us. It seemed that they were no strangers to foreign reporters.
  The current owner of Maradona’s house did not allow us to enter the inner room for filming because it was also a fee-based item. The police said that reporters or fans from all over the world would come here every year, which has become a stable channel for new homeowners to earn a certain income. Naturally, they will not miss any opportunity to make money.
  Compared with the Brazilian slums we visited later, the slums in Argentina are relatively peaceful, because without the invitation and protection of the underworld, wanting to enter the slums in Brazil with the police is basically wishful thinking. It is said that apart from the absence of planes and tanks, there are all kinds of light and heavy weapons. In 2014, in order to be able to successfully host the World Cup, the Brazilian government deliberately negotiated with the underworld, only in exchange for more than a month of short peace.
  The slums in South America are not in absolute poverty, and electricity and water may even be free. But here is crowded with people who cannot enter mainstream life. They can only engage in the lowest-end jobs, and of course there will be a large number of vagrants. They wandered all day, making troubles, selling drugs, taking drugs, fighting, and forming gangs to strengthen their power.
  If children in slums do not want to fall into this kind of life, it is a viable choice to play football. But it takes God to enjoy a meal to be famous, and Maradona is one of God’s favorites. His talent is unparalleled, and his personality is sometimes more noticeable than his talent.
  I am a supporter of German football, and Maradona has always been the number one enemy of German football. In the 1986 World Cup final, he led the team to defeat the Federal Republic of Germany. In the 1990 World Cup, his Argentina team met again with the Federal Republic of Germany in the final match. Therefore, I have always criticized the old horse’s unruly personality, and I always feel that the generation of the king has too many flaws in personality and morality.
  But on the afternoon of my visit to his former residence, I stood on the side of the road, looked around, and suddenly found an irrefutable reason for understanding Maradona. A person cannot decide his birth environment, nor can he choose his native family. From the first day he came into this world, he struggled here, resisted here, complied here, and persisted here. What is even commendable is that Maradona, who became famous, and Maradona who has the world’s first worth, did not change himself because of his huge wealth. For example, he packaged himself as a well-behaved celebrity, and then he felt at ease. Enjoy worship from this world. He continues his character and his own values, no matter whether it is distorted or contradictory in the eyes of others. In this reality, the “King of the Ball” has finished his hasty 60 years. Today, when we are ready to seriously evaluate his life, among the vocabulary we can choose, “the king of the ball” is undoubtedly; “tragedy” is not accurate enough; “truth” is the most appropriate definition.

  In the history of world literature, the French drama writer Molière has an outstanding reputation. However, he was more of an actor during his lifetime, often playing the “harlequin” that was mocked in his script. His original name was Jean Baptiste Poclain, and Molière was just his stage name. Acting was a profession that was disdainful for many people.
  Molière had a passion for drama and performance all his life. In order to engage in what he loved, he gave up his original title of “King’s Attendant” and the career his father wanted him to inherit-doing business or being a lawyer. Due to debts, he had been displaced for more than ten years. Overwork caused him to suffer from lung disease. Molière, who was a screenwriter, director and actor, finally died on the stage he loved at the age of 51. Because of the suppression of the church, Molière’s funeral was held after a dusk, deserted.
  ”He is a lone person, his comedy is close to tragedy, the play is so clever, no one has the courage to imitate him.” German writer Goethe said.
  After the establishment of the French Academy, Boileau, a well-known poet and literary critic, was selected as an academician. He once advised Molière not to be an actor, so that he might be elected an academician. Molière declined. Rumor has it that after Molière’s death, Louis XIV asked Boileau, who had achieved great literary success during his reign? Boileau replied: “Your Majesty, it is Molière.”
  Today, it is easy to find a stone statue of Molière in the hall of the French Academy. The white stone base is engraved with the following sentence: His honor is nothing , Our glory lacks him.