You are hesitating and addicted, not aware of the gap with others

  Distance is not there at the beginning, but in addition to three meals a day, eight hours of work, while drinking coffee, sleeping, playing games, and playing mobile phones, it happens unknowingly.
  Family background, experience, education, opportunity, choice, vision and pattern, these tangible and intangible things are all factors that influence the distance between people.
  The starting point is not the same, and there is a step by step without paying attention to overtaking in the corners. The gap is inevitable; the starting point is the same, and the gap starts from accidental, bit by bit accumulation.
  You must remember that in elementary school, students’ academic performance and living standards were almost the same, and in middle school they were all so-so. After going to college, especially after work, I suddenly discovered that classmates did not fate, fellow villagers did not fate, colleagues did not fate, fate The sluice has been quietly opened. From then on, some people brave the wind and waves, some people drift up and down.
  I have to admit that you only see others’ ease of grabbing with ease, and you don’t see his back from sleepless nights. The gaps have invisible processes, but the results are obvious to all.
  The gap is close, and there is an emotional basis for the bottom line. Two people can also recall the past when they push the cup and change the cup; when the gap is large, the relationship will be of little significance. The two people also know that the relationship is no longer what it used to be. Sitting together, there is nothing in common. A working class, living carefully for living expenses, a leader in the business world, with a big deal of millions, sitting together and talking about it? Parents are short? How much pay? It’s boring!
  Distance produces beauty, based on the cognition of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, and only willing to believe in the beautiful; based on the vague beauty and mystery that have not been deeply understood. Just like people who admire and love each other and have similar personalities, they are not necessarily suitable for living together. Just like two people who fell in love at first sight and loved to the death, most of them couldn’t withstand the trivial days of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and ended up in unhappy. As everyone knows, the details of a person’s temperament, habits, and shortcomings are all “appeared” in unknown places, rather than elaborate decorations that only show off the surface.
  Equality can make forgetting the gap bring loss. Don’t you see, the sun is shining brightly, shining on the surging rivers, and also warming the bounce of bacterial dust; Huifeng blew across the hills and caressed the heart field, the forest sea waves, the heart swaying, and the excitement beyond words Can’t help but want to sing.
  Distance starts from the heart.
  People have their own ambitions. Aspirations and interests determine whether two people are like-minded and go hand in hand after a simple acquaintance, or separate ways, staying in the general acquaintance of knowing gender and name. Of course, like-minded people will have a distance, not only because of “gentlemen are different”, but because after subdivision, the direction of life-in the end it is still, you take your Yangguan Road, I cross my single-plank bridge.
  It’s just that I left the scene relatively late, saying goodbye later.
  All encounters are reunion after a long absence. This is the voice of the heart, this is the expectation, but also the poetry from far and near. However, what followed was a comparison after poetry, and the tacit chill of early winter after Qiuyang.
  Mr. Yang Jiang said: “When you are in a high position, all you see are flashy dreams; when you are in a humble position, you have the opportunity to see the truth of the world.”
  The difference in status and the difference in food, clothing, housing and transportation can be seen at a glance. However, the gap in cognition cannot be bridged by one or two sentences; the curse of knowledge cannot be solved by reading a book or two.
  What ordinary people do their best to pursue and can deal with is just a decent ordinary life. What they empathize with is that the life that they have been struggling with care and effort, suffers a little accidental blow or wind and rain, they are caught off guard, and years of hard work are in vain.
  There is a high praise on Zhihu: “You look down from the 80th floor, it’s all beautiful, but if you look down from the second floor, it’s all rubbish. If people don’t have height, all they see are problems; if people don’t The pattern is all trivial.”
  Fame and fortune are only a small part of life. The content and form of happiness in life are far more than what you get.
  Darwin, the author of “Origin of Species”, said in his autobiography: “If I can spend this life again, I must not forget, at least read some beautiful verses and appreciate some beautiful music every week, so that my monotonous mind and ordinary heart will gain Nourish and restore the beauty of nature. If you lose it, it is equal to the loss of happiness.”
  In any case, please believe that all kinds of distances and differences will not prevent everyone who strives for their dreams through their own Make unremitting efforts to achieve happiness within our power.