Web of life

  A young hunter ran to the top of the mountain while chasing a deer.
  The mountain tops are filled with clouds and mist The hunter could not find the deer, but saw a simple thatched cottage.
  The hunter walked around the door, and an old man with white beard sat in front of the door, beside him was a large net.
  The hunter asked: “Old man, are you weaving a net to catch
  animals ?” The old man shook his head and said gravely, “No, I’m breaking the net.” The
  hunter leaned forward, touched the net with his hand, and said regretfully: ” Wouldn’t it be a pity to tear down such a good net?” The
  old man said, “That little deer was so dizzy and fell off the cliff when you chased it. So, I’m going to remove a knot from the net.” The
  hunter opened his eyes in surprise and asked. “Why?” the
  old man said: “Every grass, every flower, and every animal on this mountain, including the people living at the bottom of the mountain, are woven together into a beautiful piece of my hand. The net of life. But people don’t know it. For their own desires, they always looted beasts, fell trees, broke the lines of the net, and broke up the strong knots.” The
  old man sighed and said: “Whenever there is something When a tree is felled and an animal dies, it will force me to tear down a knot and a thread. If things go on like this, the net in my hand can only get smaller and smaller, and the only thing that can be removed in the end is The human “thread” and “knot” are over.” The
  hunter’s face slowly heated up, and he turned around and threw his shotgun down the cliff without hesitation.
  The hunter looked back, but no longer saw the thatched cottage, the old man, and the net.
  The mountains are filled with clouds and mist, and the birds and flowers are fragrant.