WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB evaluation

  Now the volume of 3A masterpieces is getting bigger and bigger, starting at 100GB at every turn, which is a big test for hard drive capacity. Although the price of SSD has dropped a lot, high-capacity products are still not cheap, so is there a choice to balance capacity and performance? After reading this WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB evaluation, you can get the answer.
  Western Digital’s hard disk products are used to distinguish their uses: blue for daily household use, red for NAS storage, purple disk for surveillance hard disk, and gold disk for enterprise hard disk. The product tested today belongs to the black disk series. Located in high-performance storage. It is worth mentioning that when talking about high-performance storage, everyone must immediately think of reducing the loading time of games. In fact, this is also very useful for professional users. It can help professionals solve problems such as software startup delays, loading materials, etc. The work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Hard disk interface

  WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB is a standard 3.5-inch product. Although the capacity has reached 8TB, the volume of 26.1mm×147mm×101.6mm is not exaggerated and is very easy to install. In addition, the speed of the product is 7200RPM, the interface is SATA 6Gbps, and the cache is 256MB. After understanding the product specifications, I believe everyone is looking forward to its actual performance. Let’s test it together.
  We use HD Tune Pro 5.75, CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD Benchmark three software to test the performance of WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB. The average read and write speeds of the product in HD Tune Pro 5.75 are 194.3MB/s and 193.3MB/s, the sequential read and write speeds of CrystalDiskMark are 248.72MB/s and 250.42MB/s, the sequential read of AS SSD Benchmark The fetching and writing speeds are 236.07MB/s and 237.6MB/s respectively. It is necessary to know that the read and write performance of ordinary household mechanical hard drives is only about 100MB/s. The WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB has doubled the performance, which is a very good performance. Then we installed a number of games on the WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB and ordinary 1TB hard drives. It is obvious that the game loads much faster when using this product.
  With such impressive performance, everyone may worry about the stability of the product. The product is equipped with Stable Trac technology, which can protect the internal motor shaft and reduce the impact caused by system vibration. It can also track specific sectors more accurately during read and write operations, thereby improving performance and reliability. At the same time, the product has undergone longer-lasting and rigorous internal tests than ordinary hard drives, and provides a 5-year limited warranty support, giving you peace of mind.
Summary: Choose it for large-capacity, high-performance storage

  For SSD, the contradiction between large capacity, high performance and price is very sharp. The price of 8TB products is nearly 7,000 yuan, which is not affordable for ordinary users. The WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB hard drive can be regarded as a more balanced choice in terms of capacity, high performance and price. The product has a large capacity of 8TB and twice the performance of ordinary mechanical hard drives, and the price is more than 2,000 yuan. Relatively easy to be accepted. If you have large-capacity, high-performance data storage needs, WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB is a very good choice.

  ■ Capacity: 8TB
  ■ Specifications: 3.5 inches
  ■ Cache: 256MB
  ■ speed: 7200RPM
  ■ Interface: SATA 6Gbps
  ■ Price: 2599 yuan
  test platform
  ■ Processor: AMD Dacentrurus 3600 5
  ■ Memory: Chicago fantasy light halberd DDR4 3200 8GB×2
  ■Motherboard: ASUS TUF B450M-PRO GAMING
  ■Graphics card: ASUS TUF-GTX1650-O4GD6-P-GAMING
  ■Hard disk: WD_BLACK game dedicated HDD-8TB 1TB hard disk
  ■Power supply: Huntkey WD600K
  ■Operating system: Windows 10 64bit professional Version