Vulgar days

  Vulgarity always makes people pity. We have spent our lives in vulgarity. Few people can get rid of vulgarity, but we cannot be enemies of vulgarity unless we are enemies of life itself. But I think that only a little good mood can add to the icing on the cake for mediocre days. This mood is firstly a normal heart, and then a little hobby of the normal heart. Only hobbies can truly please oneself. In fact, vulgarity is like a foundation, because there is nothing lower than it. With vulgarity as the foundation, we can build many things, so many good things.
  After talking for a long time, I wanted to comfort the vulgar life I was living. And forty years have passed, and I have lost the desire to escape from it, and I already have a heart entangled with it. Waking up from a dream: Ah, forty years have passed, I am not ready yet. And life will not leave you time to prepare. Fortunately, life is never a race. It does not require your speed. It only requires you to finish this section of the road and even allow detours, because the so-called detours are logical in the end.
  After eating lunch, the wind was still so strong, the leaves fell in the yard, sweeping one layer and then another layer, time was mottled, everything was quiet in the wind, only the wind was making noise. The days are old, no matter how old they are, they are just the colors of today.