The strongest CP: Snow White and her three Prince Charming

  Maggie and Gore, joined hands from young to white hair, can be said to be a realistic version of princess and prince. However, due to the continuous development of their respective careers, they gradually lacked some common language, and often when getting together after a long separation, they didn’t know what to say and lost the love between them. When Maggie felt these changes, she was very sad and tried to change the way they get along, but it made them feel more tired.
   Love is no longer, and nostalgia becomes torture. After careful consideration, just after 27 years of their company, Maggie decided to divorce Gore.
   After the divorce, Maggie tried her best to maintain a friendly relationship with Gore, but she couldn’t help feeling sad, and Snow White lost Prince Charming’s love again. She cried happily, and when she woke up, she could only adjust herself to reality slowly. She said: Although I don’t have the love of Prince Charming, I have been loved by him for more than 20 years. Now, I am not nothing. I still have a love for dance.
   So Maggie once again chose to stand and dance on the stage with a smile. She believed that as long as there is love in her heart, one day she will find true love. Sure enough, Maggie met Boris Sagar at a dance party later. He is a director, and he has also suffered marital injuries. Two people who have enjoyed sweetness and lost happiness in their marriage soon have a common topic. Sagar said: “I like Snow White. I often imagine that one day I can dance with Snow White.”
   After that, Maggie was generously invited to dance, and the two danced to the music. Goodbye. This appointment made the story of Snow White and Prince Charming in Maggie’s life again, but at this time Snow White was really full of white hair.
   On January 1, 1977, Maggie and Boris Sagar married, and she became the stepmother of actress Kate Lei Sagar. They live together and spend a very good part of their lives. But the happy life of the white-haired Snow White broke again. Sagar died of illness on May 22, 1981.
   Before his death, Sagar took Maggie’s hand and said: “Dear Snow White, your prince charming can no longer dance with you. I know you love dancing, but you must continue to dance until you meet me.” Maggie stroked Sagar’s hand and nodded with tears. She lost the Prince Charming who loved Snow White again, and lost it forever.
   Without Prince Charming by her side, Maggie did not give up the dance she loved, soothing her heart with every dance gesture, and became a dance teacher and choreographer in New York City. In 1982, she played a ballet teacher who was biased against African-American dance students in the TV series “Fame”. In 2001, she played Emily Whitman in the Broadway musical “Fool Show”. Even when she was 82 years old, she was still performing on Broadway, and for 6 months, she performed 8 times a week. In 2009, Maggie Champion was selected into the CV Whitney Hall of Fame at the National Dance Museum.
   Maggie remembered what her prince charming said, and always insisted on her lifelong career-dance. In the last few years of her life, as long as she can stand up and have some physical strength, she will insist on practicing qigong. Dance has been integrated into her life.
   That day, it happened to be Maggie’s 100th birthday. She got up early in the morning to prepare to give lessons. Her son was shocked to see Maggie take dancing so positively. He said: “Mom has danced for a lifetime, don’t you even plan to take a break on such a special day today?” Maggie smiled and said: Have you forgotten? My motto is “keep dancing”.
   At the age of 101, Maggie left and went to find her Prince Charming with her love of dancing. Her whole life was truly lived without regrets, and she interprets her life’s love with graceful dancing.