The strongest CP: Snow White and her three Prince Charming

   Maggie felt very embarrassed to be wasting everyone’s time and forced herself to work on the stage. Babbitt was anxious, and said, “This is not possible, you have to rest more, I am almost distressed.” As soon as the voice fell, I felt like I had said something wrong and did not dare to look at Maggie.
   Maggie didn’t feel embarrassed when she heard it. At this moment, both hearts seemed to understand each other. From then on, before and after this stage, Maggie noticed the presence of another pair of eyes and another person, chasing her dance.
   Since the animators don’t know how to dance, they just try their best to speculate on the movements of those dwarf characters, let alone what a girl’s movements should be. They didn’t do choreography for the animated characters, so Maggie basically choreographed Snow White’s dances, which made the free-spirited Maggie dance happily and freely on the stage. And every time he danced, Babbitt was so excited in the audience that his heartbeat kept accelerating.
   During the break, Babbitt would also talk to Maggie. He asked her, “Do you know what it means to do this?” Maggie opened her eyes and shook her head and said, “I feel very excited. You can get ten dollars for dancing with a helmet.” After speaking, he laughed. At this moment, Babbitt looked at the innocent girl in front of him and couldn’t help but stretch out his hands and hug her. From then on, the two hearts became one on the stage, and they fell in love.
   Maggie’s work as a real-life model lasted a full two years. During this period, she demonstrated a very professional quality, not just simply following the instructions of the production team, she would add some impromptu dance moves in the performance to give the production team more creative inspiration.
   Disney loves and appreciates Maggie’s performance very much. Before the movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released, it continued to invite her to act as a live action model for other animated characters, such as the blue fairy in “Pinocchio” Wait. Babbitt is happy for Maggie, and the relationship between the two in love quickly heats up. In 1937, they got married. The animated ending of Snow White and the prince is realized in reality.
   On December 21, 1937, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered. However, Maggie’s name did not appear on the cast and crew list, and she was also forbidden to talk about her role in the production of the film. Because Disney does not want the “animation reposting” technology to be known to the outside world, Maggie can only be a secret dancer who cannot have a name.
   Babbitt accompanied Maggie in a humble seat far from the screen. Together they looked at the elegant and beautiful Snow White on the screen. Maggie was both excited and a little sad: the Snow White in front of her, every graceful dance step, every light turn, and even a smile, clearly the same as herself.
   But the world didn’t know that she was the elegant and noble “Snow White”. At this moment, Babbitt seemed to understand Maggie’s heart. He held her hand tightly and whispered in her ear: “You are my Snow White at all times.” Maggie was intimate by Babbitt. The words were touched.
   The two people who fell in love, in addition to making Maggie an achievement in live-action model animation, she also began to enter the show business circle, shooting film and television works. In 1939, her film and television debut “The Story of Vernon and Irene Caso” was released. And Babbitt has also done well in his animation circle, becoming one of the highest paid animators in Walt Disney Company.
   However, the realistic version of the story of Snow White and the prince did not live happily and happily like the animation world. Due to the differences in their personalities, they have many different opinions after they got married and lived together. In 1940, they broke up peacefully, and Babbitt continued to search for his “Snow White” in his animation world.
   And Maggie was very sad. She broke her working relationship with Disney with a heartache and moved to New York. But she didn’t miss the previous scenery, she immediately pulled out of Snow White’s halo and continued to stand on the stage with her smile. In order to give herself a chance to start again, she took a stage name, Marjorie Bell.
   With her stage expression and dancing talent, Maggie entered Hollywood, developed her own acting career, and shot some film and television works, successively starring in “Painting the Hanging Palace”, “Everything About Me Belongs to You”, “Feast for the Eyes” and other movies. In 1945, Maggie made her debut on Broadway with “The Beautiful Witch at Moonlight”.
   When she tried to forget the pain caused by that love and bravely face the future, she met another prince charming in her life, stage director, choreographer and dancer Gower Champion.
   Gore was attracted by her sweet smile and elegant dance style. In the process of dancing with Maggie, she fell into her beauty and couldn’t extricate herself. Gore said: “We all like dancing, and the combination of Snow White and Prince Charming must be the most perfect.” Maggie was amused by his words. During the dancing with his partner, she really enjoyed the time. So they formed a dance team together.
   But Gore was not satisfied with just partnering with Maggie to become a dance partner. He loved Maggie. This is how many times he confirmed his heart at night. He was afraid that others would snatch Maggie away, and quickly confessed to her: “I love you, Snow White, I want to be your prince charming and grow old with you.” Hearing Gore’s bold confession, Maggie was also moved. In fact, before and after the stage, she didn’t notice these eyes that had been paying attention to her. Soon, Maggie and Gore got married.
   After the marriage, the two people cooperated more frequently in dance. The famous team at MGM’s golden age also became a dance couple that no one knew about in the United States at that time. Together, they created many miracles of dancing.
Encounter true love again, grace life

   However, Maggie believes that she can’t just think about achieving something in her dance career. She wants to have the crystallization of love with Gore. But having a baby means temporarily giving up the stage in front of you. Gore was worried that Maggie was in a bad mood, and often said to her, “Or, let’s consider having a baby in a few years.”
   Maggie looked at the sincere Gore before her and shook her head. She stubbornly said, “I am We want our children and our stage.” When Maggie was pregnant, although she could not make large movements on the stage, she was still able to perform basic dance moves. She never forgets that she is a dancer every day, and she gives her hands and feet the opportunity to dance every day.
   Gore was also touched by her. During the period when Maggie was pregnant and gave birth to two children, she often turned off some social entertainment to accompany Maggie, and even danced less. He said: “Maggie, we are the best partner. Only when I stand on the stage with you can I play my best.” Two people have achievements in their careers and love in their lives. This has become a very exciting partner in the dance circle. Envious couple. Everyone said they were the real Snow White and Prince Charming.
   In addition to starring in movies, the Maggies also entered the television industry. In the summer of 1957, they had their own song and dance TV series “The Maggie and Gower Champion Show”. Maggie’s career is constantly developing to a higher level. She herself is also designing dances for movies, stage plays and TV shows. She won the 1975 Emmy Award for Best Choreographer for her show “Queen of Stardust Ballet Hall” During the 1970s, he participated in the work of creative church worship in the Presbyterian Church, and provided workshops and related art programs of worship ceremonies, and authored two books, “Catch the New Wind” and “God is A Verb”.