The strongest CP: Snow White and her three Prince Charming

   CP comes from English Coupling, originally meant to refer to both parties in a love match, and now it also specifically refers to intimate and tacit partners and combinations on the Internet! And the strongest CP in the world, the non-Snow White actor Maggie Champion and her three-time Prince Charming! What is less known is that these three prince charming are of great help to Maggie Champion’s interpretation of Snow White! In October 2020, the Snow White prototype of the world-renowned cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Margie Champion, died at the age of 101. Snow White, who accompanied us through our happy childhood, is not only beautiful and elegant on the screen, but in real life, although she and the three Prince Charming have experienced a romantic but bumpy marriage, she still beautifully lives her true self. Maggie Champien interprets the love of a lifetime with her graceful dance!
Become Snow White and meet love for the first time

   Maggie Champion was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on September 2, 1919, her real name is Marjorie Celeste Belcher. His father is Ernest Belcher, a famous Hollywood dance director. He worked with many Hollywood stars at the time. He was the enlightenment teacher of the famous American dancer Fred Astaire and the actor Shirley Temple. A friend of Walt Disney, the founder of the Disney Company.
   Under the influence of her father, Maggie began to learn dance at a very young age, learning faster and better than others, showing excellent dancing talent and expressive power on stage. When she was 12 years old, she worked as a ballet instructor in her father’s studio.
   One day, when my father returned to the studio from the outside, instead of getting into the office as usual, he went straight to Maggie’s dance studio. He stared at Maggie who was seriously dancing in the dance studio and nodded, with a smile on his face.
   When Maggie saw her father come in, she stopped the dance and asked her father why she had time to see her dancing today. Father took her by the hand and said, “Margie, come to Disneyland with me. There is a show there. You try it. I think you are the most suitable candidate.” When she heard her father’s words, Maggie felt very curious.
   It turned out that Maggie’s father was also working for Disney. Disney was planning the first color animation feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, but was struggling to find a reference prototype suitable for character image setting.
   In order to make Snow White, Disney hired a team of more than 750 artists. Their creation mainly relies on illustrators to draw characters on paper with brushes. The artists rack their brains every day, but the results and progress are endless. As expected, a bottleneck that could not be broken was encountered in creation.
   Father said: “The painters said that if there is a suitable real-life model performing in front of them, they only need to grasp the expression and movements of the model to create. Not only is it lifelike, but it can also greatly improve efficiency. Of course, Disney has already found for this character Many people came to audition and were not satisfied. I think, although you are only 14 years old, you have danced for ten years. You can also try it.”
   In this way, Maggie was dragged by her father to the Disney company “audit” in a daze. During the audition, Maggie was very calm. She answered some questions generously and simply. When she wanted to perform a dance on the spot, she didn’t have any preparation, but with her long-term dance training, she immediately improvised a dance. Every movement in this dance made her look noble and graceful, and the judges were dumbfounded. In addition, she is beautiful and charming, and she is in the youthful teenage years, and she is lively and playful in every move. Everyone has a high opinion of her.
   And all this was quietly seen by Disney’s animator Art Babbitt at the time. His heartbeat speeded up, and he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “It’s so beautiful!” But at this time he didn’t know her, she was just one of the many girls who came to audition, and she was only 14 years old, he didn’t dare to think deeply. When the audition was over, Babbitt wanted to come forward and say a few words to her, but after the audition, Maggie left a string of laughter like silver bells and went home with her father.
   After the audition that day, Maggie did not take the matter to heart, but continued to teach dance in her father’s studio, and occasionally followed her father to see Disney.
   And she didn’t feel it herself, every time at Disney, there was a pair of special eyes following her back. In this way, a year has passed, and when Maggie also forgot about the “audit”, she suddenly received a notice from Disney to tell her to try on clothes.
   At Disney, when Maggie was waiting to try on her costume, a handsome boy walked over to her and said to her: “This Snow White costume has almost three hundred girls who learn to dance have tried it. I’m sure you must It’s the most beautiful one. Come on.” After speaking, the boy left. Maggie, who hadn’t reacted yet, stared blankly at the boy’s back, and at this moment, the boy turned her head and cast her a happy and mischievous smile. Maggie, dressed in Snow White’s clothes, stood confidently on the stage and showed several dance moves. At this time, she behaved elegantly, and she exuded a charming brilliance. Finally, she was announced to be hired.
   After being admitted, Maggie knew that her job was to be Snow White’s secret dancer and to be Snow White’s real-life model. Because at that time, it was not possible to use computers with high efficiency and high quality in making animations. The method used by Disney is “animation reprographic” or “reprographic technology”.
   The next day, Maggie went to Disneyland with her father as agreed, ready to start work. Just entered Disney, the boy who talked to her yesterday walked up to her and said, “Hello, my name is Art Babbitt and I am an animator from Disney. I am glad to meet you. I’m right, you It’s the most beautiful Snow White.”
   At this time, Maggie knew that the pair of eyes that had been staring at her during the costume show that day was the famous Disney animator Art Babbitt. Maggie’s face turned red suddenly, and Babbitt in front of her had already made her heart beat faster by her shyness, and he wanted to take Maggie’s hand immediately.
   Maggie’s real work at Disney begins. Due to the working principle of the rotator, it is to record the scenes of real-life images and project them on a piece of sandy glass frame by frame. The animator “depicts” the real person as a cartoon character one frame after another. In this way, the movements of cartoon characters can be as smooth and natural as real people. Therefore, Maggie’s work is not as easy as she imagined. In order to get closer to the proportions of Snow White in the animation, Maggie had to wear a heavy helmet when dancing.
   At this time, Babbitt has quietly begun his romance: every time he watched his beloved Maggie dance gracefully on the stage, he always suppressed the excitement of the heartbeat, with infinite affection, using the lines of the pen to give animation life. He stared again and again, heartbeat again and again, always looking for opportunities to express his inner passion.
Take off hand in hand, there is love in dance

   Since Maggie had to go to the set two or three times a month, every time she was exhausted, Babbitt had more opportunities to care about Maggie. Once, Maggie accidentally fell while dancing on the stage because she was wearing a heavy helmet for too long. Seeing this scene, Babbitt was very distressed. He quickly picked up Maggie, carefully helped her take off the helmet, fanned her with the drawing paper in his hand, and asked with concern whether she was hurt.