The secret hidden in the towel

  Towels are a necessity in life, we use it almost every day. I wonder if you noticed that the newly bought towels are very soft, but after a period of use, the towels become yellow and hard. Why does this happen?
  In fact, hard towels don’t mean you didn’t wash them. Because in the human body, 98% of sweat is water, 1.5% is salt, and 0.5% is protein and urea. These substances will stay on the towel when you wipe the sweat with a towel. When you put a towel in water to wash your face, the salt, urea and other organic matter in the sweat discharged from the skin can be dissolved in water, and water can quickly wash them off. The solubility of proteins in water is different. Some are soluble in water, and some are difficult to dissolve in water. Water-soluble protein is also limited to cold water, and it will solidify when it touches hot water. Once the protein has solidified, it can no longer be dissolved. People use warm water to wash their faces. Hot water is often used in winter. The hot water will coagulate the protein and stay on the towel, and will become yellow stains when exposed to sunlight and air oxidation.
  Secondly, water contains many minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. These minerals are free in the water in the form of ions. When we use soap, some of the substances (sodium fatty acid) contained in the soap are dissolved in water and will react with calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and the resulting salts are water-insoluble precipitates. When we use a towel to dry the moisture on our body, the sediment enters the fiber of the towel. The sediment that has not been removed will accumulate little by little in the towel fibers over time. Over time, the towel loses its softness, becomes yellow and hard, and has poor water absorption.
  To make the towel soft, we can put the hardened towel into a 1:6 diluted white vinegar and water solution and soak for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the chemical reaction of acid and alkali to proceed fully; Wring it out, and then wash it with clean water, so that the towel becomes soft.
  In our daily life, we must pay attention to the timely washing and drying of towels, especially bath towels. If they are not often dried, they will easily become moldy and black, which makes it very difficult to clean. And if the towel is used for too long, it is not good, too much bacteria may not be able to be cleaned, so it is necessary to replace the towel in time.

  There must be many things in this world that I don’t know, and I must ask what happened. Therefore, I will continue to spur myself with “one day”, and I will not rely on anyone or envy anyone. I firmly believe that in the end, I will have the last laugh. The person who laughs last laughs best.
  Since my youth, no matter what job I do, I have continued to create literary creations every day after doing my job, without interruption. Many people have asked me that the goal of being a writer is too far away, and it is very likely that you will not be able to achieve it in your life. I said: I don’t want to be a writer or not. I write every day, and if I write one, I just have one more. After one month, it will be very impressive, and after one year, it will be a grand view. I didn’t think that at first I just insisted on writing every day, and then it became a habit, and then it became my profession. Things were far from being as difficult as people worried at the beginning.
  Spare time can make a person, but it can also destroy a person. Only those who can bury their heads in work in their spare time will finally have their days ahead. As long as you want to do it, there will always be time; if you don’t want to do it, there will always be a reason.
  Why do many people have a great future but fail in the end? Because he gave up what he should do. Why do some people seem not outstanding at first but succeed in the end? Because the victory or defeat in life is determined by the whole life, a little improvement every day, every day growth, perseverance, there is no career that cannot be done well.
  After the trajectory of life has fallen into day after day, the wild youth of most people has disappeared, leaving only the nostalgic gesture of recalling those youthful years. And some people still maintain their original qualities, vigorous and energetic. They are lovely and respectable.