The incredible side

  The windowpane of the small shop was broken by a naughty child. Everyone expressed sympathy to the owner, but it was soon discovered that this was a good thing for the glazier: he could buy bread with the money he earned from repairing the windows, so the baker also If you become a beneficiary, you can go to the shoemaker to buy shoes. The shoemaker also increases his income. If the shoe is broken, it will be repaired. The shoemaker also gains from it, and so on. In the end, everyone reached a consensus: the child was not only faultless but also meritorious, because his behavior brought economic income to many people and stimulated the development of the small town economy.
  But what they didn’t expect was that updating the window glass benefited others and stimulated the economy, but ignored the loss suffered by the shopkeeper-they had to spend money to buy new glass. On the contrary, if the window glass is not broken, he may spend money to buy himself a new dress, and the tailor can also benefit, so the glazier’s income is exactly the tailor’s loss.
  Now it’s clear that children’s breaking of window panes did not bring any net benefit to the town. On the contrary, because of the loss of window pane value, people became poorer.
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  lazy day in the small town, there was no one on the street, and everyone was in debt to survive the depression. Passers-by walked into a small hotel, put a hundred yuan bill at the front desk, and said that he wanted to go upstairs to choose a room.
  As soon as he turned upstairs, the boss grabbed the bill and ran to the grocery store next door. The latter also ran along the street with the bill to return it to the wholesaler. The latter hurriedly returned it to the supplier. The visitors rushed to the small hotel to settle the room fee. The boss left the banknotes in the same place calmly so as not to arouse the suspicion of the guests. At this moment, the guests from upstairs and downstairs were not satisfied with the room and took the banknotes and left.
  There is no output, no one earns anything, but now all the people involved have gotten rid of their debts and have confidence in the future. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is how the stimulus measures are effective.
  Jack found a rich gold mine deep in the town. He was worried that others would swarm up when it spread out. So he came up with a way: buy Fool’s Gold and bury it in 1,000 different locations-beside creeks and in ravines. People can All places imagined. Then he took the biggest piece and walked down the street and shouted loudly: “I found a gold mine, I found a gold mine!” There was
  an uproar in the town, except for a few well-informed “smart people”. The lotus shovel picks picks in hordes digging around like crazy, found all the 1,000 Fool’s Gold in a short time, and happily sent it to the jewelry store. Unexpectedly, he was told that “all is fake!” In between, he fell frustrated and returned. The “wise men” watched them secretly and laughed at them, and laughed at them when the wind was over, and life was calm and normal. At this time Jack began to buy all people’s mining tools. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was silly, and quickly dealt with him at a low price, so that he could settle down and order his money.