The boy stared melancholy in front of him

“Now I’m not a bit happy that I’m coming home.”

“Just wait, you’ll be happy! When you are on the train and even when you see the village – «

“But Lene, Heinrich, Lene! It won’t get over your lifetime that you won’t come to our wedding, and I – neither will I. ”

Heinrich was silent for a while; then he said:


“Look, Hannes, it doesn’t work! If “she” were no longer there, or at least not in the neighborhood, then definitely. But that’s impossible. ”

“And you don’t even want to come home anymore?”

“Barely! Maybe later. But you must visit me as often as you can! ”

They sat in silence for a while again.

“You can believe me that it’s difficult for me, Hannes. I would have liked to see Lene again after such a long time and even on her wedding anniversary. She is my only sister! ”

Hannes sighed anxiously. Then he said:

“The old weird won’t last much longer. A now also has liver cancer. Mathias wrote it. Well, and when a is dead, Lotte will be gone from the village. Then you can come home again. ”

“Yes, then I’ll come back home.”

When he said goodbye, Hannes cried.

“Heinrich, God will reward you for everything! Just if you had come to the wedding, our happiness would have been full. ”

“Don’t cry, Hannes! It doesn’t depend on a wedding guest. Just be happy that you can get married. Greetings and travel happily! ”


A few weeks later there was a knock on Heinrich’s door. A woman entered.


“Lene! You – girl – you? ”

The siblings lay in each other’s arms and kissed deeply.

“Lene, what do you want, what do you want today? You have your wedding tomorrow. ”

“Yes, and I’ll come for you. You have to be there, you have to! I won’t do a wedding without you. I have no father, no mother, no sister, just one brother, and he – he doesn’t want to go to church with me either? ”

“Lena, I can’t, I can’t -”

“You can and you must too! We drive home in the closed car, in the closed car you go to church; she doesn’t see you, she doesn’t see a trace of you, and after the wedding you can leave soon. ”

“But Lene, you’re coming today, today?”

“Yes! We went to the registry office in the morning, and then I went straight to Breslau. ”

“But girl, why are you coming to your own bachelorette party?”

“I don’t care about that, and if I had come earlier, you would have changed your mind again. Now you have to go with me, now I’ll take you with me soon. ”

He looked at the healthy, energetic girl and couldn’t stop his eyes from shining.


“Lene, what a pretty bride you are! And then, you have courage, I have to say that. Lene, I’m happy about you – I’m proud of you – I’ll come with you! “