Take a thrilling galaxy journey in the game

  The earth in 3301 cannot be easily “lived in” by anyone. At that time, humans were scattered throughout the solar system. As the homeland of human origin, the earth has become the capital of the federal government of mankind, subject to strict population control. There are the most expensive housing prices and the most famous tourist spots here. Only rich humans or VIPs recognized by the federal government are able to settle. Of course, the earth did not close the door to everyone. In the orbit of the earth and the moon, the federal government established four luxurious spaceports-Abraham Lincoln, Li Qingzhao, Mikhail Gorbachev, Galileo, and Human tourists on earth vacation or ancestor worship can apply for visas.
  Thanks to the mature planetary environment transformation industry, humans have fully colonized the solar system. Mars has been transformed into a blue planet like the Earth, and many people live there; Mercury is closer to the sun, and has also established a ring city-“Ehrlich” on the dry surface, the city center is in the inner ring, the suburbs and The apron of the spacecraft is in the outer ring, and the outermost ring wall is equipped with a dense array of anti-aircraft missiles and laser cannons.

The weird and dangerous alien insect race in the game

  The area beyond Jupiter is a wild land in the human world and also a gold rush. The rings of Jupiter are full of mineral deposits, and explorers can come here to mine and sell them to the federal government. However, the efficiency of mining to make money is not the highest, because miners are often attacked by space pirates. As a smart explorer, you should use a variety of methods to make money-you can assist the federal government’s patrol fleet at the mining point of Jupiter’s ring, pack up a group of pirates, and then come to Europa’s “Harbor The “Rand” Bureau of Investigation receives bounty and prestige; or, you can smuggle goods, buy goods of unknown origin from the smuggler’s warehouse, and then try to sell them in a commercial spaceport to make a difference.

Another alien race “Guardian” in the game

  Mining, smuggling, trade, dry pirates, in the solar system, explorers finally mixed up the name hall-you make a lot of money and prestige, you can buy expensive multi-purpose heavy spacecraft, equipped with ion giant cannon, nuclear power engine , Spacecraft shields, advanced galaxy detectors, surface scanners, fuel capture devices, nano-repair robots and other high-end equipment, all of which are the “overlords” of the solar system. Finally, you are not only satisfied with rampaging in the solar system, but with the desire to explore the unknown, you set off the spacecraft to leave the solar system and head towards the endless galaxy and stars.
Magnificent space game

  The above-mentioned scene did not happen nearly 1300 years later, but in the popular online game “Elite: Dangerous” (Elite Dangerous).
  ”Elite: Crisis” is a multiplayer online space simulation game produced by British game developer “Frontier Developments”. The amazing thing about this game is that it simulates the entire Milky Way galaxy through a state-of-the-art computer program-there are more than 400 billion stars in it, and every star can go, and every star is an independent system, a star Every planet and its satellite in the system can be visited. In the universe of “Elite: Perilous”, the time is set at 3301, and the scope of human colonization is a sphere with a diameter of about 500 light-years centered on the solar system. This colonial scope is dynamically expanding, and new space stations will be built on the fringes of human power. When the player flies into the brand new “no man’s land” for the first time, there will be no space station for interstellar travel, and the player needs to use the fuel capture device on the spacecraft to get fuel from the stars.

Spaceship base in the game

  In the game, exploring the galaxy is also paid. Scan the unfamiliar star system, the data you get can be sold for money, the more accurate the data, the more money you can sell (for example, you can scan the star system roughly, or you can choose to conduct a detailed surface view of each planet in the star system scanning). However, there is a prerequisite for getting money, you must find a space station that can be docked. If your spacecraft crashes before docking, you will be sent back to the space station that docked last before departure, and all the data obtained from exploring the galaxy will be lost, which is equivalent to a trip in vain. There is also a reward. If a certain celestial body is discovered by you for the first time, your game ID will be permanently marked next to the name of the celestial body-“This celestial body was first discovered by’so and so player'”, and all other players in the future If you visit, you can see it.
  In the game, players use different flight modes when traveling across the galaxy and when traveling inside the galaxy. The travel across the star system relies on the “space folding engine”, which can make the spacecraft do a “hyperspace transition” motion. For advanced spacecraft, the distance of a “hyperspace jump” is about 30 light-years, while for cheaper spacecraft, the distance is about 10 light-years. When traveling in the galaxy, the mode used is called “super cruise”, and its speed is between 30 kilometers and 4000 kilometers per second. After landing on a planet or space station, the conventional propulsion mode is used, and the speed is between 0 and 400 m/s.

Purple star in the game

  Although the spacecraft in the game can even move faster than the speed of light, it takes 40,000 years for a player to explore all the stars, planets, and satellites in the game. According to statistics, since the game’s release in 2014, a total of 160 million stellar systems have been visited by all players around the world at least once, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of game content.
“Remote World 2”

  On January 13, 2019, 10,000 players formed the largest team in the history of “Elite: Perilous” and joined a game mission to the edge of the galaxy-“Remote World 2”.
  The idea of ​​”Distant World 2″ comes from the “Distant Stars” mission. In the “Distant Stars” mission, a player with the game ID named “Erimus Kamzel” once completed a single-person deep-space trip in 2015, and he arrived at the planet at the edge of the Milky Way-Cape Beagle. In “Remote World 2”, Ermus Kamzel, as the team leader, leads the player to Beagle Point again. This trip spans 200,000 light-years back and forth, and it actually took nearly a year. Other players can join midway to explore more unknown star regions together.
  After several weeks of preparations for the solar system, most of the spacecraft saved enough money and equipment to officially set off. The radius of the solar system is only 1 light-year, and it can be said to be close at hand for the “hyperspace transition”. After more than 20 transitions, you can fly to the border of human colonization. It was deserted, and the population of each star system was zero, and then there was a long but very fantastic interstellar journey.
  There are so many things that can be done in this magnificent world generated by computer programs. You may witness a bright nebula colored like a five-color marshmallow; fly to the middle of a pair of twin stars and feel the entangled gravitational pull between the two planets; pass the huge fuel beam rotating at the neutron star to collect fuel; or find one A cold planet, ride a six-wheeled lunar rover to climb a towering iceberg. Wear the designated virtual reality equipment and you will get a better gaming experience. Apart from playing, you have to be alert to some dangers. Stay away from the black hole at all times to avoid being swallowed by it; avoid the hot white dwarf to prevent the spacecraft from being burned; in addition, the two alien races that have been set up in the game-“Alien Insect” and “Guardian”, may also be a threat Your safety. Considering the lack of a space station on the way, if you are a little careless, you may encounter a spacecraft crash and be sent back to the edge of the solar system.
  Every week, Ermus Kamzel will collect the beautiful scenery, maps and videos that players experience in the game. After completing the “Distant World 2” mission, Ermus Kamzel plans to make a navigation map of the galaxy based on this information. Nowadays, some distinctive stars have been included. For example, a purple gas giant planet named “Purple Star” has four huge storm cyclones on its surface, very similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. For another example, a small rocky planet called “Rocky Star” orbits a gas giant planet. This gaseous planet has a huge endless belt, and because of the inclination angle of the gas giant, this belt looks like a road paved by countless ice stones extending into the depths of the universe.
  In “Elite: Perilous”, there are many wonderful scenes of the galaxy that will be displayed, allowing players to enter a virtual universe with endless joy.