I have always thought that there must be many things in this world that I don’t know, and I must ask what happened.
  Therefore, I will continue to spur myself with “one day”, and I will not rely on anyone or envy anyone. I firmly believe that in the end, I will have the last laugh. The person who laughs last laughs best.
  The vast majority of people around us have lived a peaceful, unobtrusive, ordinary life throughout their lives. There is no grand welcome, no books to write, and no inscriptions to record merits. But we cannot deny our value because of this. Looking back on the past, as long as you are an honest, upright, and kind-hearted person, you have not done bad things, and you have not bad conscience, you can feel comforted. And this kind of consolation is enough to fill oneself with a sense of honor, no matter what fate treats oneself, go forward with firm steps every day.
  Spare time can make a person, but it can also destroy a person. Only those who can bury their heads in work in their spare time will finally have their days ahead. As long as you want to do it, there will always be time; if you don’t want to do it, there will always be a reason. No one can overwhelm everything, but there are many people who are overwhelmed by a small difficulty and never want to rise up again in their lives.
  Since my youth, no matter what job I do, I have continued to create literary creations every day after doing my job, without interruption. Many people have asked me that the goal of being a writer is too far away, and it is very likely that you will not be able to achieve it in your life. I said: I don’t want to be a writer. I write every day. If I write a good one, I just have one more. After a month, it will be very impressive, and after a year, it will be a grand view. I didn’t think that at first I just insisted on writing every day, and then it became a habit, and then it became my profession. Things were far from being as difficult as people worried at the beginning.
  Why do many people have a great future but fail in the end? Because he gave up what he should do. Why do some people seem not outstanding at first but succeed in the end? Because the victory or defeat in life is determined by the whole life, every day I make a little progress, every day I grow, persevere, nothing can’t be done well.
  Ren Zhengfei once said this: It is not easy for a person to accomplish one thing in a lifetime. Huawei, which does not engage in finance or speculation in real estate, has been able to develop to the present level in industry, largely thanks to its persistence in going all the way to the end. For 28 years, it has “continuously charged at the entrance of a city wall.” Mr. Ren gave out the success codes of all successful people. Which successful person does not move in one direction, continue to exert force, go forward indefinitely, and go to the dark?
  The majesty of life is not self-proclaimed, nor is it a sense of self. Real giants are born from the eyes of all beings.
  In fact, no one has broken your path to success. A person’s outstanding creation is the inevitable result of continuous exploration and self-improvement. Therefore, being jealous because of other people’s success, and even slandering and slandering things, is just to find excuses for their mediocrity.
  Wayne Dyer said to the weak and deceptive: “You taught others to treat you like this!” When have we ever seen a strong-willed person being bullied? Where have we ever seen someone proud and brave at the door of the winner? Stand up straight, you are the guardian of your self-esteem.
  Almost all wise people are well aware of the value of dawn. At every silent dawn, they pick the fragrance of flowers and sip the crystal dew, which are all carefully turned into treasures of life.
  ”Poems and books on the pillow are good, and the scenery in front of the door is good.” Li Qingzhao’s leisurely sentiment, the moonlight is like water, and it is light and flavorful, which has made many literati and ink guests full of yearning for thousands of years. But now, our time seems to be getting less and less, and the leisurely word “leisure” is such a rare luxury.
  Most of us are afraid of failures and setbacks, and avoid them. However, when we carefully study the life history of those successful people, what will we find? It is countless failures, setbacks and even humiliation, and then success.
  Everyone has tried hard to be what their parents expect. However, after middle age, most people’s wild youth has disappeared, leaving only nostalgic memories of those best years. And some people, they are called idealists, still maintain their original qualities, vigorous and energetic.