Sit and watch the sunset

  In spring, at 17:40, Xiaozhuang closed the door of the biscuits shop on time, walked through the alley, and walked home along the cedar trail along the inner Qinhuai River. The weather is very good, and he will definitely see a sunset with colorful clouds at some time on the way.
  After walking along this road for a full ten years, Xiaozhuang can even distinguish the difference between spring, summer, autumn and winter. The setting sun in spring is soft and tender. Through the soft budding willow silk, it looks like he has never seen anything in the world The little girl; in autumn, the sunset is old and shining gold. In the ten minutes of sizzling down, the vacillating tops of the clumps of miscanthus and reeds along the banks of the Qinhuai River have rendered a layer of misty gold. Hue; the best time to see the sunset is summer, especially after a short thunderstorm in the afternoon, the setting sun reveals its face from the big and chasing clouds, coating the dark clouds with endless colors: thick gold, orange, orange red , Smoky purple, smoky blue… Xiao Zhuang simply sat on the railing of the trail and stared out in a daze.
  When Xiao Zhuang arrived home, his wife raised her head from the sewing machine, took a look at him, and asked him if the cold dish should be warmed up again. Xiao Zhuang replied that it was not necessary, and sighed endlessly: beside the Qingliangmen Bridge, I planted a lot of forsythia, and yellow flowers bloomed like a waterfall. You should go and see it. The wife listened in awe, only one word back: “Okay.” She continued to step on the sewing machine without questioning her husband’s strange habit.
  People have had all kinds of discussions about Xiaozhuang’s problem with lingering along the Qinhuai River at the moment when the sun sets. The sister-in-law who sells fermented rice said: We are in business, we are greedy and hard-working in the morning, and if we have some time, we don’t have to grab a glass of wine, touch a card, and watch the sunset? The proprietress of a small stationery supermarket broke the news: I heard that he had bought the little big three-bedroom house, but his mother-in-law’s mother-in-law came to take care of the elderly, and planned to bring his nephew to school. I think he stayed out for a while by looking at the scenery because he didn’t want to go home.
  While discussing, the little bosses peeked at Xiao Zhuang’s expression, and saw him rolling the pastry, rolling dough, and spreading sesame seeds with ease, with a slight smile on his face, completely unmoved. The commentators were deeply bored and dispersed.
  Xiaozhuang remembers that someone wrote this sentence: How many people who work overtime to eat takeaway forget the sunset outside the window? When the sun sets solemnly and sentimentally, staying on the horizon for a while, letting the world stand still, but letting a certain sound rang in your heart, it reminds you that this day that never comes again, is it worth it for you? Is there any regret at this threshold of day and night?
  Xiao Zhuang remembered how his father led him to sit and watch the setting sun, and how a little bit of tidal water collected the light to the west; he remembered that after the college entrance examination, the teacher specially led them, this group of role models, sitting on the tractor of the clam steppers to see the tidal flats. The setting sun was dyed green with salt and grass; he also remembered that when he first arrived in Nanjing, he and his wife were living in an upright attic. One day, when he opened the skylight, he saw that the setting sun had brightened the scales and small tiles in the south of the old city. The golden color, the joy in my heart. Yes, outside of the busy schedule, there is always a little time left to those moments of recollection, nostalgia, reflection, and introspection, to the self that suddenly emerged. These ten minutes or half an hour cannot be converted into income and cannot be understood by others, but it nourishes you silently, helps you to get rid of anxiety and irritability, frustration and depression, and gives you the strength to calmly go. Deal with those turbulent helplessness.
  Tonight, have you seen the unpredictable sunset in color, light, and thrust?