Seeing my own light in others

  Generally speaking, unsmiling people are more likely to show deep power.
  If this unsmiling is consistent, deep will become mysterious. Because you can’t see through for a long time, you must be respectful and solemn when you are near, and respect will be produced.
  On the contrary, if you keep talking all day long, the sense of mystery will disappear first, and then the sense of solemnity will disappear. Talking about tuberculosis will only make people superficial, and when others think you are nothing, they won’t treat you as something.
  In this secular society, you can’t stop talking, and you can’t talk more. Saying is to tell the world that you are there; not saying it is to tell the world that every word of yours is precious. The former makes people see power, while the latter makes people feel charm.
  A moment of silence is meaningless. The long silence was too dull and bleak. If appropriate, always say it when you need it most. Appropriate means not obtrusive or unnecessary; need means sounding intimate and heart-warming. People at this time are in a state of being affirmed to be appreciated, the pattern is inside, and the taste is inside.
  ”There is a true meaning in this, and I have forgotten to distinguish it.” Tao Yuanming’s words could not be more appropriate at this moment.
  Hai Rui, a great man of the Ming Dynasty, is the best thing about him because he is not afraid of anyone. Once in the government office to clean up the son of the boss Hu Zongxian, another boss Yan Maoqing was afraid of his prestige, passed his rule and chose to take a detour. But these two bosses, no one dared to do anything to him.
  Why not dare?
  Hai Rui later scolded Emperor Jiajing, and the emperor was so angry that he threw the memorial to the ground, shouting to the left and right not to let this memorial run away. From left to right, he doesn’t know how to run. He bought the coffin when he came. At this point, you know that no one dares to provoke Hai Rui. Yes, a person who even dared to scold the emperor shows that his loyalty is on the line, neither targeting anyone nor avoiding anyone.
  In the officialdom of flattery and flattery, there are few offenders. Not afraid of throwing black yarn, not afraid of losing your head, and daring to head-on, is a kind of vigor in itself. With his own truth, Hai Rui defeated the falsehood of the world. The officers have nothing to do with him, not because there is such a person in the world, it is precisely because such a person is missing.
  His loyalty is always the same. This kind of loyalty and straightforwardness is the power of personality.
  People who are consistent and consistent internally and externally will find exceptional understanding in real life.
  Being unanimous inside and out means being consistent in speaking and deeds, and doing whatever you think in your heart. Consistency means that it is the same to everyone, regardless of respect and inferiority, without discrimination. At this time, the noble will be convinced, and the foolishness will be tolerated. For example, if you are a gun barrel, what you say, when it comes to ugliness, others will think that he is such a straight-tempered person, there is no need to care about him.
  Because you are like this, and only like this.
  There is a rich man, kind, kind, and love Zhou Ji people. One year, there was a famine, every family could not even open the pot, and the rich were also on the verge of bankruptcy. However, everyone unburdened their money, took out the family’s life-saving money and lent it to him. The rich are grateful, and you are not afraid that if I lose my way, I can’t pay you back? Everyone laughed and said, after so many years, we are not afraid of knowing what kind of person you are.
  Lies can deceive others for a while, but the long time will gradually remove the pretense and present the truth. There will always be some people who will remain silent in ordinary days, just like passers-by, waiting for you to stand up when you are in trouble, and willingly pay for your warmth.
  In other words, in difficult days, you will see your own light in others.
  Human nature is changeable. From this perspective, people who are unified inside and outside will appear clean.
  Time and position will shift people. From this perspective, people who can be consistent appear transparent.
  The former achieves frankness, while the latter preserves the simplicity of oneself. The result of Baopu Shouzhen is to win the permanent trust of others. In this way, everyone will recognize what you say and do. People who are in front of others are unreliable, and those who are rich and poor are not allowed. Human care comes from doubt. The first is to see that you are not a thing, and then to deny everything about you in the bottom of my heart.
  In the final analysis, this is a kind of fullness of personality, moist but not smooth, rest assured but not bad, unobstructed and endless. The appreciation and recognition of others, in fact, is the acceptance and conviction of this kind of openness.