Russian women fall in love with “Training Men in Seduction”

   A movie that made Nastya Rebka, who calls herself “Male Hunter” famous.
   In 2018, Alexei Navani, the leader of the Russian opposition and the head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, released an investigative film “Yachts, Oligarchs, Girls: Bribers Leaded by Male Hunters” on YouTube. In the film, Russian financial magnate Oleg Deripaska and Sergey Prikhodko, then Deputy Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Russian Prime Minister Medvedev and the current First Deputy Director of the Russian Government Office, traveled on a yacht. Accompanied by Nastya, they discussed Discusses business development and international political issues. Navani believes that government officials vacationing on a billionaire’s yacht can be considered a bribe. The incident was also named one of Russia’s most concerned scandals in 2018.
   Unexpectedly, the main source of material for this film is Nastya’s personal social page. This girl, born in 1990, shared a photo of herself with many Russian billionaires on her Instagram (hereinafter referred to as ins) homepage. In addition to showing luxury life, these photos are mainly used as promotional photos for Nastya’s “How to seduce men” course-Oleg Deripaska is only one of the six billionaires Nastya has seduced.
   How to choose a future husband on the Forbes list? How to make a billionaire fall in love with you? How to get a man to spend money for you? Nastya promised that her seduction class for men will answer these questions. Similar to Nastya, there are currently hundreds of bloggers on the Internet who are also teaching Russian women how to build relationships with rich people and live a beautiful and sweet life. Tens of thousands of Russian women have registered and paid high tuition fees, dreaming of becoming the lover of billionaires through seduction training.
“Male Prey”

   Nastya Rebka is petite, only 160 cm tall and weighs 44 kg. Among Slavic women, Nastya is not outstanding. With a high nose and deep eyes, it is obvious that she has had lip augmentation. From the back to the skin of the buttocks, a flower-shaped tattoo bloomed.
   Relying on teaching courses to seduce billionaires, Na Sijia has long been famous. Her ins followers have exceeded 110,000 and her personal website has many fans. “Thank you very much, Nastya! Your course is a gift from destiny. I have mastered the ability to change my life in 30 days.” One of the comments signed by Katya wrote.
   Click on Nastya Rebka’s personal website, and after confirming that she is 18 years old, the purple interface is laid out. According to the information published on the Internet, she has opened courses of different levels according to different needs. Two basic courses, each is a four-week training course, how to choose a person and like him; the advanced course, how to choose a husband and make him fall in love with you. The duration is also four weeks; advanced courses, including the style and skills of sexual relations. Next is to learn how to make men spend money for you.
   Except for the first offline exchange meeting, the remaining four courses must be gradual. The first course can be completed before the next course. The tuition fee ranges from 6000 rubles (approximately RMB 661) to 60,000 rubles (approximately RMB 6606). Wait.
   When promoting her courses, Nastya made no reservations. She promised to teach Russian women how to arouse men’s desires, discover the true face of men, attract really rich men, and get money and gifts from men. Moreover, once Russian women receive training, they can effortlessly make men fall in love with themselves. Rich and reliable men will spend time and money on themselves.
   Nastya once said in an interview that she wanted to be the lover of billionaires since she was a child. To choose a man, you must choose the rich on the Forbes rankings. It is always right to choose the rich to marry, but this requires methods.
   She also made a list of “male prey” for her students, and shared her relationship with some “prey”, including Oleg Deripaska and the president of the well-known Russian social network VK. According to Nastya, she has successfully seduced six billionaires.
“I like Putin”

   Ever since she was young, Nastya has been short of money.
   Nastya, born in 1990, caught up with the most difficult moment of understanding the republics of the former Soviet Union. According to her self-report, she was born in Belarus and she never met her father when she was a child, but her mother raised her alone. In childhood, she and her mother lived in a two-bedroom apartment. The mother worked hard but did not earn much, “working from morning to night, I can hardly see my mother”.
   While studying, Na Sijia received a degree in education, but she never worked as a teacher until she offered courses to seduce men.
   At the age of 16, Na Si Jia got married. But this marriage lasted only two years. When she was 19 years old, she fell in love with a handsome cyclist, and Nastya began to pursue him. It was also at this time that Nastya became interested in the theory of seduction. They soon got married and had a son. In 2016, Nastya left her husband and son and went to Moscow for development.
   According to Nastya, she has three children from three different men: a son and two daughters. Allegedly, she reached an agreement with a man that if the man wanted, she would give birth to a child, but she was not involved in parenting at all.
   In the field of seduction training, Nastya studied under Alex Leslie. Alex was born in 1982, is a best-selling author, personally positioned as a seduction trainer. Since 2016, Nastya has become Alex’s student and right-hand man. She actively promotes Alex’s ideas and achievements on social networking sites. Nastya also wrote two books: “Diary of the Seduced Billionaire” and “How the Poor Seduces the Rich” co-authored with Alex. The main content of the two books is to teach girls how to quickly build relationships with rich men.
   “Many novels describe the heroine and billionaire encounters by chance, but in reality, billionaires don’t personally drive and go to the building materials market… To seduce billionaires, you must have skills that ordinary young girls don’t have,” in it In the preface of a book, Nastya wrote, “You can get part of the training in this book. Here, you will see how a Belarusian female student tempted one of the twenty richest people in the world.”
   In February this year, Na Si Jia participated in a TV show. At that time, the host listed a series of celebrity options and asked her: Who will be your next “prey”? Nastya thought for a while, “I like Putin, but I don’t want to live with him, I just want to drag him to my bed.”
Man’s rank

   There are hundreds of bloggers like Nastya on the Internet, and everyone has their own audience. Tens of thousands of Russian women look forward to establishing relationships with rich people and leading a good and prosperous life.
   Family psychologist Olga Logonova analyzed and pointed out that the mental model of “just enjoy and not work” is very popular all over the world. “The yearning for a better life is a common phenomenon. Some people are due to the poverty of their native families or the consequences of childhood trauma, and some people are based purely on primitive desires, but all this is attributed to a terrible thought- “Men should (become givers).”
   According to a report in “Life” magazine, in the process of attracting students, the temptation trainer will use ins to create exquisite stories to enhance the appeal of the course. At the same time, Dubai has also become a popular country for these bloggers to provide training. The country’s rich people especially favor Slavic women, and they are generous to women. The same applies to Turkey, where many rich people live in coastal European countries.

   All instructors in the seduction training courses for men will persuade inexperienced, usually less confident Russian girls, not to look at men’s appearance, but to look at men’s wallets. This is inevitably reminiscent of the classic quote of Russian video blogger Julia Pecherskaya, “Men with a monthly income of no more than 50,000 rubles (about 5,505 yuan) are not fit to get married and have children.”
   Julia wrote on the homepage of the well-known Russian social networking site VK that her goal is to change the world and make women’s dreams a reality. Since 2007, Julia has been engaged in training, teaching women how to be beautiful and how to pursue a better life in her health life club.
   In 2016, more than one million users watched a video of Julia. In the video, Julia divided men into several levels and pointed out that only men with a monthly income of 250,000 rubles (approximately RMB 27,605) are worthy of establishing marriage relationships and giving birth to offspring. She proposed that men with a monthly income of less than 50,000 rubles should be prohibited from giving birth. The goal she set for herself and her students is to focus on a monthly income of more than one million rubles (approximately RMB 110,096. “Rely on women’s weaknesses.”
   According to data from the Russian Federal Statistical Office, as of January 1, 2019, Russia has approximately 147.7 million people. So far, Russia is still one of the countries with the most disparity between men and women in the world, with a sex ratio of approximately 100:86.4. The United Nations population report for the first quarter of 2019 shows that the current world population is 7.7 billion, of which 3.82 billion are Among women, 3.89 billion are men, and the ratio of men to women is almost balanced. Experts once analyzed that it is precisely because of such a disparate ratio between men and women that Russian women pay more attention to the relationship between the sexes.
   But psychologist Olga Logonova said that those seduction coaches are taking advantage of the weaknesses of certain Russian women and actively nugging money from their weaknesses. Olga said that this so-called training for a better life may not only damage the family, but also as early as 2014, the “wedding king” Dennis was sued by many female students. The other party said that after paying a large amount of training money, he could not marry a billionaire. Until a few days ago, people still complained online: “After the training, the friend’s daughter has been out of contact for three days. Her social network page displayed’Man, please give me money’ and wrote her card number. Dennis found out The weakness of many women is that they want to get it and don’t pay.”
   News about Nastya is endless. In early 2018, Nastya and Alex were arrested in Thailand on charges of organizing illegal training. After serving a year in prison, Nastya returned to Russia to reopen the school of temptation, and announced a few days ago that an offline exchange meeting will be held in Moscow from December 6th to 8th. The original price is 30,000 rubles and the limited time fee is 19,000 rubles.
   On social media, some people sneered at Nastya’s behavior, but a large number of followers still regarded him as a god. In a recent interview, Nastya said that she had just declined an invitation to “drink coffee” from a certain Russian minister. “There are still many senior Russian officials who want to spend time with me.”