Road of Roses

  Katie heard the sound of the door being opened, thinking it was her brother Brett who had returned, but found that a strange man had come in.
   The man looked a little cramped. He claimed to be Brett’s good friend, named Mike, who was entrusted by Brett to take care of Katie. Katie gave a soft “Oh”, and muttered: “Brett is always busy…” Katie is only 15 years old and suffers from a rare liver disease. The pain has caused her to lose weight every day, as if a gust of wind can take her away. She blows away.
   Michael was silent, doing dinner and housework in silence, reminding Katie to take medicine. When she was free, Katie saw that Michael was always alone looking at the woods outside the window in a daze. Suddenly a stranger arrived at home, Katie felt a little uneasy, could not help but call Brett, but prompted the phone to shut down. Katie sighed, she was used to Brett’s busy schedule. The next day, as soon as Katie got up, Michael made breakfast. Katie smiled and told him about Brett: “Brett and I both like roses. When we lived in Texas, there were roses on both sides of the road in the yard. I call it The Road of Roses. Did Brett mention it to you?”
   “Oh, yes, Brett said, he likes the faint fragrance of roses best.” Michael said hurriedly. Suddenly, Katie stood up laboriously from her chair, her eyes widened: “You lied, although I like roses, Brett is allergic to roses. Our family never grows roses! You are not his good friend. Who are you?”
   Michael panicked, his eyes red.
   Katie knew well that Brett was a policeman and had captured a lot of bad guys. It is inevitable that bad guys would want to retaliate against him. “You are a bad guy, do you want to use me to threaten Brett?” Katie stepped away from Michael. Michael waved his hand again and again: “Katie, it’s not like this!” He suddenly squatted down and told a moving and sad truth.
   It turned out that Michael was a thief, and it was his blessing to meet Brett. Brett talked with him many times, persuading him to correct his evil. Just when Michael decided to start a new life, he was hunted down by his enemies, and Brett blocked a shot for him to escape. The injured Brett was sent to the seaside hospital for treatment. Before leaving, Brett gave Michael the keys of the house and asked him to take care of his seriously ill sister.
   “He is afraid that you are worried about him, so he won’t let me tell you.” Michael said with his head down. Katie’s heart moved: “When will Brett come back?” Michael paused and said, “It’s probably two years!”
   That night, Katie said weakly to Michael: “Am I going to heaven soon?” Michael hugged Katie: “No, no one can take you away.” After speaking, he ran out frantically…
   Three days later, Michael brought a doctor named Matthew to come to help Katie. Cure. Katie saw a flash of light in Michael’s eyes. Michael continued to encourage her to live bravely. He also said that Matthew is an expert in liver and he can definitely cure her disease.
   Days passed, more than a year later, after treatment, Katie’s illness miraculously recovered. Michael’s eyes burst into tears: “Thank God!” “Michael, thank you for giving me a second life.” Katie smiled slightly, and asked thoughtfully, “Brett…Is he unable to come back?” When her condition improved, Katie tried many times to contact Brett, but without success.
   Michael bowed his head in shame and told everything truthfully.
   It turned out that Brett hurriedly explained a few words before his death in order to save Michael’s death on the spot. He told Michael that he must not let Katie know that he has passed away, and that Katie is terminally ill. The doctor said that he will not live for two years and ask Michael to take care of her for two years until her death. Michael thanked Brett for giving him a second life and treated Katie as his sister. He couldn’t bear to see Katie die at a young age, so he tried every means to find a doctor, and finally let him find Dr. Matthew, and he was cured. Katie’s illness.
   After Katie heard this, she couldn’t cry. Michael promised Katie that he would guard her all his life like Brett.
   Michael knew that Katie liked roses and planted a row of pink roses in the yard. Walking on the road of roses, Katie felt refreshed. Michael said to Katie: “It is with Brett that I can re-behave and have the opportunity to find the right doctor for you, so that we have a beautiful life like a rose!” Katie said with tears in her eyes. nod.