When I was a child, I dreamed of getting a three-wheeled toy car. But every time I begged my father, my father would either push back or obstruct or fool around. My mother was always straightforward and told the truth that our family is poor, and there is really no money to buy this stuff.
  On my seventh birthday, my father gave me a gift, a three-wheeled toy car. It’s a pity that this toy car is a wooden tricycle. Even the three wheels are made of wooden blocks. This is a gift that my father hired a carpenter, Lao Zhang, to help me build it. Although this tricycle is a bit rough and even a bit ugly, it is still a bit pleasant and even a bit satisfying for me.
  I haven’t stopped for the whole day of my birthday. Riding a wooden tricycle, I kept spinning in circles on the Shai Valley Field. I rode the bike in front, and my father ran behind, for fear that I might make a mistake. If I make ten circles, my father will make ten circles; if I make one hundred circles, my father will make one hundred circles.
  tired. I was sweaty, looking at my sweaty father, I smiled cheerfully.
  Time flies. In a flash, I grew up and my father was old.
  Last year, my father said intentionally or unintentionally that we wanted to buy an electric tricycle. We are getting older and weaker to walk. If we have an electric tricycle, it will not only be easier to travel, but occasionally load some goods. When my father said this, he seemed casual, but the inner expectation was obvious.
  Dad, you are at this age. If you ride an electric tricycle and you knock down or get hurt, what should you do? I advise you not to buy a tricycle, it is dangerous. This is really not about pushing back and forth, or fooling around, I’m afraid that my father will have a long time and two shortcomings.
  Father was silent.
  But when things were all right, my father always stared at Uncle Zhao’s electric tricycle next door in a daze, and even sneaked up on the tricycle, touching the power switch with his left hand and the manual brake with his right. Looking at that posture, my father wanted to ride Uncle Zhao’s tricycle for a few laps to enjoy it.
  This year, on my father’s 70th birthday, I gave my father a gift, a light electric tricycle. Father was so excited that he said three words in a row, good, good, good.
  The whole day of his birthday, my father never rested. Riding an electric tricycle, I kept spinning on the Shai Valley Field. My father was riding the bike in front, and I ran behind, for fear that my father might make a mistake. If my father makes ten circles, I will make ten circles; if my father makes one hundred circles, I will make one hundred circles.
  tired. The sweaty father looked at me sweaty and smiled cheerfully.