Regardless of the prosperity of the world, just whether it is safe or not

  The conflict between him and his parents has been around for a long time and has been escalating day by day.
  The first head-to-head confrontation took place in the summer of the year of college graduation.
  At that time, several boys in the same dormitory decided to start a business together. The start-up capital needed more than 200,000 yuan, and each of them paid 70,000 yuan, and they could become bosses.
  He went home happily and introduced his studio to his parents excitedly. Mother was worried that he was unreliable. Father was taking a bowl of cold noodles in front of the stall, and said softly: “I have no money. I will give you up to 20,000 yuan.” He was angry, not 20,000 yuan, and asked his classmates about himself. Work more and get involved. The classmate laughed and said: “We are going to the sea for business. The wind is blowing. You don’t even provide a lifebuoy. You can swim naked.”
  After working in the city for a few years, his peers started buying a house. He was envious. , Bit the bullet and “borrowed” money from his parents again, but the parents did not directly refuse and asked him how much the down payment was.
  He thought his parents were finally generous this time, so excited, they went to see the house, but in the end they all rejected it from the money, but asked him again and again: “Is there any cheaper?” Finally found a special room, the area small. But at this time he didn’t want the house anymore, because he was in love and his girlfriend was not satisfied and wanted to buy a bigger house. The parents firmly disagree, on the grounds that there may be a lot of money to spend later, how can they spend all their money on paying off debts?
  He had no choice but to buy the small house in apathy, and it didn’t take long before he and his girlfriend broke up.
  3 In a
  blink of an eye, he started his own business again, and everything went smoothly. He gradually became bolder and started to venture. Suddenly one day, there was a problem with the capital chain. So he thought of selling that little house. Hearing the news, his parents hurriedly called and said, “That little house must not be sold. You are now living in the house of your mother-in-law. That little house is your confidence.” He thought it was funny, just so small. The house is still emboldened.
  My parents were anxious: “Last time my grandson had a birthday dinner, my relatives said that you are doing well in your career, but your brother-in-law replied, “But he still lives in our house.” The relatives said that you also have a house. Although it is smaller, you have a family of three. He will be squeezed, willing to bend down and live in the house of his mother-in-law in spite of face. In fact, he is a good man who respects his wife.”
  His father’s words warmed his heart, but he was confident. If he doesn’t sell the house, where will he go now Make so much money? My father asked him how much he still lacked, and he reported the number. My father paused on the phone and said: “We give it to you. Anyway, we have carefully calculated and saved the money for decades and are ready to help you at a critical moment. If If it’s not enough, I’ll go to my relatives to borrow it. Don’t worry, if you really have nothing outside, you still have a hometown, and we still have us!”
  Later, he bought a big house and asked his parents to move in with him. . Father shook his head and said, “That’s not good. We have to guard your hometown.”
  He complained about his parents for so many years, complaining about their stingy and short-sightedness, but now he knows that their parents are not short-sighted. Don’t look at opportunism and get rich, just focus on the safety and thoroughness of his son’s life.
  From then on, when confused, frustrated or proud, he would go back to the town for a few days, a small courtyard, home-cooked meals, parental atmosphere, quietness, warmth, and steadfastness. Here he shakes off his stress and glitz and returns to his true nature. , Like a child.
  At the end of the year, he finally understood: The hometown with parents, the parents in the hometown, are the strongest wall behind him, and the hardest confidence in my heart. When you fall into a trough, you can come back here to cry and accumulate strength; In famine years, there are delicious meals, clean beds, and warm homes. Parents don’t care about the prosperity of the world, but whether you are safe or not. When the parents are there, the wall will not fall, and the confidence will not disappear. This is our true retreat, and it is the driving force to move forward.