Real Hollywood Story: Clooney gave 14 friends millions of dollars in cash each

  American Hollywood star George Clooney personally confirmed the rumors for many years. He gave 14 friends who had helped him each with $1 million in cash as gifts.
  Clooney narrated this past to “GQ” magazine himself. It sounds like a plot from a Hollywood movie, but it happened in real life, and it happened in Hollywood.
  As early as 2017, Clooney’s good friend and business partner Gerber first revealed that he had received a box full of cash from Clooney to show his gratitude.

Clooney confirmed the rumors for the first time

Clooney and human rights lawyer Emma married in 2014

  After that, Clooney himself has not admitted or denied this incredible story.
  This is the first time Clooney has personally confirmed the rumors. He said in an interview with a magazine, “It was in 2013 when Emma and I (also translated as Amal, Clooney’s current wife) just met, but we have not yet started. As for the relationship, I was still single, I was probably 52 years old at the time, and the good friends around me were already quite old.”
  ”These people are really good friends of mine, and they may have been for a long time in my life. Helped me.”
  Clooney said, “These few of us are very close friends. We have helped each other for so many years. Without these friends, I would not be where I am.”

Clooney’s good friend Gerber and his wife, supermodel Cindy Crawford

  He said, “If I get hit by a car one day, I will leave a portion of my inheritance to them. So I wondered why I should wait until I got hit by a car before thanking them?”
  So Clooney got a van, He also disguised the van as a delivery of flowers and went to a location in Los Angeles to withdraw money. The US$14 million in cash had to be transported by a pallet truck.
  With the careful assistance of several security guards, they packed 14 million U.S. dollars in cash into 14 Tumi-brand briefcases, just like the scenes in the Hollywood movie “Crossing the Sea” starring Clooney.
  After preparing the cash suitcases, he told the 14 friends to come to his house for dinner the next day. When they arrived, they found a suitcase on everyone’s table.
  Clooney told them that $1 million per person was a gift to them.
  Gerber recalled that Clooney said at the time, “I want you to know how important you are to me. When I first came to Los Angeles, I was sleeping on your sofa.”
  “I am very lucky to have you friends. I wouldn’t be today without your help. I hope that while everyone is still alive, I can give back to you and ask you to open the suitcase.”
  Gerber said, everyone was surprised after opening the suitcase and seeing the 1 million cash gift, and Clooney said that he had paid taxes in advance for the cash gift, which meant that each of them could get $1 million.
  ”One of my friends works in a bar in Texas Airport, earns money to support his family, and rides a bicycle to work every day. These people have helped Clooney, and now he has changed Clooney to give back to them.”
  Gerber is also a successful businessman himself, his wife It was supermodel Cindy Crawford, who told Clooney that he didn’t need a cash gift of $1 million, but Clooney insisted that he accept it.
  Gerber said, “I pulled him aside and told him that I absolutely can’t take the money, but he immediately said, “Then I’m going to tell everyone that if Gerber doesn’t take the $1 million, no one else can Take it.’”