Point and life

  Life is roughly composed of four points: childhood, youth, middle age, and old age. These life nodes are like the intersections of line segments in a geometric body, forming a complete and memorable life journey.
  The point of childhood is like grass seeds waiting to sprout in a drizzle, pure light green and slightly bright.
  The child raised his clear and innocent eyes and looked into the blue sky, the cornflower-like blue being divided into small, shining fragments by thick eyelashes. Under the window, my sister was carrying a verse from the textbook: “The sound of the wind and rain at night, how much do you know about the flowers…” At that time, he would only write his name crookedly, but he didn’t know for a while. What is the reason for this verse? Love this scene is born, or this situation is clearly born for such a verse. In his eyes, the world was like above the earth, so bright and dappled with laurel shadows.
  The point of youth is like the flickering stars in the sky of summer night, shining brightly.
  The young man set off in the tearful eyes of his mother in the night when the flowers fell, and set off to the world he yearned for. When he was lonely and lost, he sang “The billowing Yangtze River flows eastward, and the waves wash away the heroes. Success or failure is empty”; when the peaks turn around, he sighs “The mountains and rivers are nowhere to be doubtful, and the willows and the flowers are bright and another village”. The wish of who to live in the Jinse years sometimes becomes the result of searching, deserted, and miserable. At the top of the willows on the moon, the romance after dusk is replayed in the dark candlelight of the cafe. The wind blows, wrinkles a pool of spring water, love and career rise and fall in the waves, sometimes suffering from gains and losses, like Dionysus sipping the tincture; sometimes breaking his tears into a smile, and the sorrows seem to be relieved.
  The point of middle age is like a fleeting firefly in the autumn night, fading from time to time.
  The time of middle age is as warm and bright as the fluorescence entwined by fingertips, yet so fleeting. The young man who has set mountains sees water and mountains as well as mountains. He no longer has unrealistic visions for life. He fully appreciates the infinite beauty of the sunset, and the preciousness that is difficult to stay at dusk. Therefore, in the vast time, he deposited every mediocre but not mediocre memory, so that his mind became quiet and abundance, his heart scented, speechless, and he found the tranquil beauty in a peaceful life.
  The point of old age is like the orange light under the eaves of blue tiles, warm and bright.
  He has seen the light clouds and winds of life; he has experienced the stormy waves of life. Things are the mirror image of people and everything. The past is like electricity, like the dust of yesterday’s dream. At this time, he only wished to take a heart that was as quiet as water, listen and act, reminisce about the olive tree in the dream with San Mao, sing the deep waters of Sun Moon Lake with Lin Qingxuan, and listen to the hometown with Xi Murong. The wooden flute is deeply…He sits quietly in the rocking chair, looking back on his life, everything is as light as water…
  Life begins in an innocent childhood, experiencing youthful youth, moving towards mature middle age, and finally reaching the old age where the heart is still like water. These stages of life accumulate a wealth of experience and experience in life, and eventually grow from line segments to three-dimensional shapes.
  Childhood, youth, middle age, and old age. These points are simple and simple, or bright and bright, or flickering, or warm and bright… But it is these different points that follow The passage of time becomes the intersecting line segments in the geometry, and finally constitutes a three-dimensional and evocative life.