Peter’s success

  ”Peter has become a rich man!” The news quickly spread throughout the town.
  The reason why the residents in the small town are so excited is because almost everyone knows Peter and knows that Peter is a “poor ghost.” People never seem to have seen Peter wear neat clothes or shoes. Every time he appeared in front of everyone, Peter looked desperate, and he was simply a hobo.
  But this time, Peter, who was standing in front of everyone again, was totally different from before. He was wearing a decent suit, the gold watch on his wrist gleamed dazzlingly under the sunlight, and the luxury car beside him made people envious.
  ”Mr. Peter, you are amazing. How did you do it? I mean, how did you make money?” Someone couldn’t help asking when Peter was about to leave.
  On this topic, Peter was not as secretive as others. He said generously: “I learned the’get rich secrets’ from a wealth master and have been learning by his side for several years. Finally made money.”
  Peter left, the town However, the residents of Shanghai, like a treasure, rushed to find the “Master of Wealth” and spent money to learn the “Cheats for Getting Rich” from him. However, crop after crop came and went, but no one made money like Peter.
  After Peter came back again, the residents of the town asked Peter this question. Faced with the questions from everyone, Peter explained: “Maybe you have misunderstood what I mean. I did learn from the Fortune Master, but what I learned in the end was not the’get rich secrets’ he taught.”
  Everyone was even more puzzled, since I didn’t learn. “Cheats for getting rich”, how do you make money?
  ”What I learned was the way he gave lectures to others. Yes, I am also a wealth master now.” Peter said with a smile, “In fact, you can’t make money by learning the’Getting Fortune Cheats’. Learn how to teach the’Getting Fortune Cheats’. To make money.”