Non-existent month

  The water in the glass was cold, and Matthew stared at it. The light is refracted in the cup, and countless bright spots of light slowly flip up and down in the water.
  ”Are you still insisting on your nonsense?” The middle-aged police officer behind the desk broke the silence, with a mocking tone in his tone. Matthew continued to stare at the cup. Why didn’t he find so many things in the water? They were hidden there, but no one could see them.
  ”No, I’m not talking nonsense.” Matthew slowly organized his language, trying to make his thoughts more organized: “I made it very clear. One month in our lives disappeared, December 2077. It doesn’t exist at all.” The head
  of the Addictive Behavior Interrupting Action Division, who is in the upswing of his career, has seen too many weird scenes, and is unmoved by Matthew’s ridiculous remarks: “If you follow ABB’s normal procedures, no After saying these crazy things you will be controlled-delirium is a typical sign of addictive behavior.”
  Matthew is still staring at the cup: “When did you learn these abbreviations and terms?”
  ”Matthew Kui Uh!” The class leader screamed to express that his tolerance has reached the limit, “Even if we are friends, you can’t be such a fool! You come to me and ask me to investigate all previous neon punk deaths , Just because you think your December does not exist?!”
  Matthew admired the floating and sinking light spots in the cup: “It’s not my December, it’s all of us. It’s gone, we’re missing a month Do you recall your December, what were you doing on December 1st?”
  ”What else? Go to work, eat, sleep, sit behind this desk and wait for death. I only remember what I did on payday , What’s the importance of other days?!”
  ”You don’t remember your December 1st, we all don’t remember. It seems to have, as if not, our brains are automatically filled with background memory, as usual, but without any Details.” The head of the class felt that this kind of thinking was simply unreasonable: “What details do you want? I feel that I have lost a few pieces of money in the shoe box every day. Is this a detail? Who is not like this one day, one day, one day? Overcome it month by month?”
  Matthew still looked at the words in the water cup and pondered: “I’m talking about that incident. There will be a death incident on the 1st of every month, and this is what you told me. On December 1st, no.”
  ”What’s wrong with no? Maybe? The murderer has something, maybe he stopped it, maybe we haven’t found out, maybe this is not a series of cases at all. Are you still a policeman? Nothing is the best thing.”
  ”No, there must be on the 1st of every month Things happen, this has formed a pattern. It did not happen on December 1st. Although I don’t know why, there must be a problem in it. The events that happen on the 1st of each month give us support for the memory of the whole month. In other words, if the first day of every month does not exist, then the whole month will not exist. December 1 does not exist, and December does not exist.”
  ”Did you start drinking again?” The head of section looked suspiciously. Matthew.
  Matthew looked at the cup: “You know I didn’t touch that stuff. I thought about it for a long time. I have found some scientists who study this. They said it has something to do with the memory mechanism, and it seems to have something to do with space. But This is not important. The important thing is that we are missing one month. There is a problem in this.” The
  section chief is still reluctant: “What’s in the cup? Did you put something in it? Did you just drink it?”
  Matthew sighed: “This is the water you poured me. It’s cold.” He took the cup and drank it: “I’m leaving now.”
  Standing in front of the sink, Matthew looked at the mirror swelling. And the frustrated face, “I didn’t drink, I was fine, and I was conscious. I lost a month. This is a fact, this is not my illusion.”
  There was no voice to argue with Matthew.
  After waiting for a while, Matthew Quill, the drunkard of the past, the downfall policeman now, walked out of the bathroom in silence.
  As soon as he walked out of the bathroom, Matthew ran into a man full of arms. A woman was knocked to the ground by Matthew. When Matthew lifted her up, she could feel her thin body still trembling.
  ”Sorry, I’m really sorry, it’s my fault, I didn’t see you.” Matthew hurriedly apologized, but heard what she seemed to say, “A…B, A…BB…”
  Matthew understood, an ABB supervised object.
  Her complexion was very bad, her eyes were dark and blue, her lips were dry and pale, and her eyes showed that she was in a blurry field—that field that Matthew used to be familiar with.
  People always think that they can control everything, until at the end you realize that you are actually the controlled person, and you don’t even know who is controlling you. Matthew sighed and called a passing policeman to help the woman up to the second floor to ABB’s office, and left the branch without looking back.
  As usual, this bowl of ramen.
  As usual, the char siu pork is opened, first noodles, vegetables, noodles, vegetables, and then soup. Is this a memorable detail? Have I eaten ramen in December? Still eating like this? No change?
  Matthew thought glumly, he suddenly felt that this bowl of ramen became suspicious. He suddenly asked the boss: “What were you doing on December 1st?”
  The little old man behind the counter didn’t look up: “I don’t know. You came to eat noodles on July 1st, I don’t remember anything after that.
  ” Why?” The
  boss still kept working on: “There is no why. I sell noodles, you eat noodles, you have questions, I answer, it’s as simple as that. I remember July 1, because you talked to me God, I don’t remember other times, maybe because you didn’t come, maybe because I didn’t show up, maybe because you didn’t talk to me.”
  ”Don’t you think it’s weird? You only remember the day you talked to me , You don’t remember other times, do those times exist?” The
  boss stopped his hand: “Six months ago, you asked the same question. Do you think existence is important?”
  Matthew thought about it, but didn’t. Think of what they talked about half a year ago, but they still insisted: “Existence is of course important. If our time does not exist, what is our life?”
  ”Perhaps you should think about it, if space does not exist, where are we? “The little old man blinked at Matthew.
  Matthew was stunned, what do you mean? He was about to open his mouth to ask, when a sudden rider interrupted him. The green uniform symbolizes enthusiasm and life, at least the voice of the speed rider can prove it. After a quick and brief quarrel with the ramen boss, the express rider seized the takeaway and quickly disappeared, leaving only a string of pink exhaust.
  The ramen boss said sorry, and while cleaning up the mess, he asked: “What did you want to say?”
  Matthew thought for a while, but couldn’t remember it. In the chaos just now, what he left was the speed in his mind. Delivery box to the rider. There is a brand new poster on it. who is it? H…Ha…Hatsune! Matthew remembered: The singer with a weird name, NS-5 talked to Matthew, this former partner of Matthew was a fan of the singer, and he always planned to go to the concert, but then NS-5 died. Up…

  do you died? When did you die? How to die? Matthew desperately thought, it wasn’t right, it was definitely not the 1st of the month. In his memory, he died just like that, it was a compound overdose, and it was announced that way, like a background memory filled. No, NS-5 is not a background memory, what details he has left. what exactly is it?
  Matthew put down his chopsticks and got up, not even the barbecued pork in the soup.
  It is still a faint blue default space. The network management department of the sub-bureau is never sure to spend a small amount of money on decoration.
  Matthew opened the permissions with a password. There is a shoe box at the bottom of the file cabinet of the section chief’s office, which contains all the treasures of a middle-aged man, some private money, a few photos, and various operating manuals and passwords that he will never learn as he grows older.
  NS-5’s file is very simple, work, attendance, report writing, salary, and Matthew’s. Matthew saw the case of NS-5 and his attendance, a neon punk compound was overdone, and the matter was handled cleanly, and Matthew’s subsequent investigation did not make any progress. On July 1, yes, Matthew went to eat ramen that day.
  On September 1, NS-5 went on duty on the road and dealt with a car accident. On September 2, NS-5 went to a branch of the Prosthetics and Implantation Company, and then died on the brain. Everything is clean and simple, which is a model of word processing. Matthew almost suspected that NS-5 was handling his files.
  Payday. Matthew remembered. September 2 is far from being a payday. Why did NS-5 go to the Prosthetics and Transplantation Company? For NS-5, it is his rule to receive a hot salary every payday, and then go to the prosthesis for a day. Matthew looked at the outlet for prosthetic and body co-planting again. The address is…Renqing Street. This is not where NS-5 likes to go, let alone half a city away from the home and branch of NS-5. Why did he go to that store? He has options that are more comfortable, more familiar, and closer.
  Matthew couldn’t understand, and went back to look at the file.
  September 1, details, details.
  The perpetrator was an express driver who hit and escaped on Channel 4, causing the death of the opposing driver. He was eventually noticed by NS-5 and forced to stop. The location of the arrest was at the ramp entrance of Express Channel 4 towards Renqing Street. NS-5 captured a driver who fled to Renqing Street. He went to Renqing Street the next day and died. Matthew felt a panic suddenly, so he hurried to find the file of the driver who caused the accident. The file is clean and simple. The photo above is very clear, with a nice face and a nice skin tone. It’s like a graduation photo of an excellent college student. There is no addictive behavior at all, and the black eye circles and lips that Matthew saw during the day The pale face was like two people.
  ”Rania. So your name is Rania. Is your month still around?” Matthew said silently.