Lovers outsmart luxury cars and go crazy all the way to realize the “circle jump”

   Luo Shanshan was born in a middle-class family in Changchun, Jilin Province. Her parents always hoped that she would marry a loyal and honest man. But the high-spirited Luo Shanshan wanted to find a rich, romantic, and tasteful boyfriend to marry into a rich family to realize the “leap of circles.”
   In April 2019, at a reception, she met her favorite man Bai Hui. The two had a good impression of each other and quickly fell in love. Luo Shanshan’s parents were worried that the wealthy sons would have swanky intestines, but Luo Shanshan firmly believed that a tasteful man like Bai Hui was different from ordinary dudes. However, as the relationship developed, she discovered an amazing secret…
Standard boyfriend

   Luo Shanshan, from Changchun, Jilin, grew up in a middle-class family. She was loved by her parents since she was a child and regarded her as a jewel in the palm. In July 2018, she had just graduated from university. After taking a job, her parents went around to arrange for her to go on a blind date, hoping that she would have a good home.
   At first, Luo Shanshan followed his parents’ instructions to go on a blind date, but after going there two or three times, she didn’t want to go anymore. Because all the parents are loyal and honest men, Luo Shanshan finds such men too boring. She clearly said to her parents: “The boyfriend I am looking for is from a wealthy, romantic and tasteful family.” She has never been in love before, and is full of romantic fantasies about love. She imagines the realization of “circle” through romantic marriage The leap forward” and enter a higher-end world. After listening to her parents, they laughed at her and read a lot of novels in the category of “dominant president”. In reality, the wealthy sons are not unconcerned. They only hope that their daughter can have a happy and stable marriage.
   Luo Shanshan refused to listen and insisted on her own opinions.
   In April 2019, Luo Shanshan met 28-year-old Bai Hui at a high-end reception. He is tall and handsome, wearing a casual suit, showing a unique temperament between his gestures, and he immediately attracted Luo Shanshan’s attention, thinking that his clothes are very tasteful. Bai Hui also noticed the young and beautiful Luo Shanshan, and took the initiative to strike up a conversation. The two talked speculatively, and they talked very happily. After the reception, the gentleman Bai Hui said to Luo Shanshan, “Shanshan, let me take you home!” Luo Shanshan nodded and agreed. As soon as she left the house, Luo Shanshan discovered that Bai Hui was driving a million-dollar Maserati, and she was even more satisfied with him.
   “You are young and you drive such a good car. What do you do?” Luo Shanshan couldn’t help asking. Bai Hui drove and pointed to the neighborhood in front: “Did you see that neighborhood? It was developed by my dad, and my house was also bought there. My dad asked me to come back to do real estate, but I’m really not interested. I like it. Red wine, now in the red wine business.” Luo Shanshan is also a wine lover, and she suddenly felt that Bai Hui was her standard boyfriend, with a wealthy family and good taste.
   After sending Luo Shanshan home, Bai Hui asked her for contact information. After that, the two went back and forth and fell in love. After the association, Bai Hui often took Luo Shanshan to various high-end cocktail parties and restaurants, which made Luo Shanshan feel satisfied and liked this boyfriend more and more.
   In September 2019, on Luo Shanshan’s 24th birthday, Bai Hui hosted a grand birthday party for her, which made Luo Shanshan cry of joy. At the end of the birthday party, Bai Hui gave a surprise gift-a test drive agreement. When she first saw this agreement, Luo Shanshan was very surprised: “What is this?” Bai Hui took Luo Shanshan’s hand and said with a smile: “There is a 4S store that is engaged in a test drive activity. Sign a contract with a 4S shop on the day of driving, and you can get a great discount. Shanshan, I want to give you a car as a birthday gift.”
   Luo Shanshan was very moved, but she refused. She told Bai Hui that she really wanted a car, but Bai Hui planned to send her a luxury car. Luo Shanshan is not a greedy person. She thinks she hasn’t married Bai Hui and can’t accept such an expensive gift. Moreover, when she graduated from university, her father prepared a car purchase fund for her. Because she didn’t know a car, she never bought it. Since Bai Hui understands cars, she wants to take this opportunity to buy a car.
   The next day, the two happily came to the 4S store. Under the guidance of Bai Hui, Luo Shanshan took a test drive and drove a newest off-road vehicle in the store, and then signed a car purchase contract and paid 480,000 yuan for the car. Happily picked up the car and went home.
   After buying the car, Luo Shanshan realized that she had to go through the car registration procedures. She was not used to handling these trivial tasks, and she couldn’t help but feel a little distressed. Upon seeing this, Bai Hui thoughtfully said to her: “Do you need to worry about this kind of thing? Just leave it to me!” Luo Shanshan’s face immediately smiled, and she gave her ID card to Bai Hui and asked him Agent. At this moment, Bai Hui’s cell phone rang with the name “Jiang Xiaohua” displayed on it. Bai Hui immediately hung up the phone.
   “Who is Jiang Xiaohua?” Luo Shanshan asked curiously. Bai Hui said nonchalantly: “It’s just a subordinate, it’s annoying to talk, wait for me to do things for you, then call back.” Luo Shanshan nodded, without thinking.
   A few days later, Bai Hui visited the door and gave Luo Shanshan the completed vehicle registration certificate and driving permit. At the same time, he also took out a car insurance policy: “Look, the insurance has been bought for you. You can just drive. Luo Shanshan smiled happily: “You are so thoughtful.” Luo Shanshan’s parents were worried that Bai Hui was a big carrot at first, but her daughter insisted that Bai Hui was a man of style and taste, not an ordinary dude. Now, they saw Bai Hui speak softly and be considerate to her daughter, and they accepted him from the bottom of their hearts.
   In this way, the beloved Luo Shanshan dreams of marrying Bai Hui one day and living a high-style happy life.
New car stolen

   In a flash, 10 months passed.
   In July 2020, Luo Shanshan accidentally scratched the wall while driving, causing damage to the vehicle. She immediately thought of using vehicle insurance. So she called the insurance company. At this time, something unexpected happened. The staff of the insurance company politely told Luo Shanshan: “Miss, your policy number does not exist.” “How could it?” Luo Shanshan was puzzled. Bai Huiming said that he bought insurance for her.
   Luo Shanshan thought, could it be that the policy number was wrong? She asked the staff to enter her ID number to check the insurance record. As a result, the staff member said: “Miss, there is no record of any of your vehicle insurance.” Luo Shanshan found it unbelievable and didn’t know which link went wrong. The staff kindly reminded her to check at the vehicle management office to see if the car was registered under her name. Luo Shanshan’s heart was pounding, and she went to the vehicle management office to check and found that the car was actually registered under Bai Hui’s name.
   “So, the car book and the car insurance policy in my hand are fake?” Luo Shanshan took a deep breath, “I paid for this car, how can it be registered under his name?” She angrily I asked Bai Hui on WeChat, but Bai Hui did not reply. Then she called Bai Hui again. Bai Hui didn’t answer the phone first, and then turned off the phone.
   Unable to contact Bai Hui, Luo Shanshan went to the 4S store to find the then sales manager Li. “Manager Li, do you remember me? I bought a car from you 10 months ago. I paid the full price. Why isn’t the car registered under my name?” Luo Shanshan asked with a frown. Li Jing idealized a moment, his face was a little strange: “I remember, you bought a car with us, but that night your boyfriend Mr. Bai came to our store and said that you had all the car purchase contracts and registration procedures. I lost all of them and we need to re-sign the contract with us. At that time, I asked him to contact you by phone, but he said that you also lost your mobile phone and could not be reached.”

   Luo Shanshan was angry and annoyed, and said aggrieved: “I paid for the money, and I signed the contract. Why did he re-sign it when he said to re-sign?” “Ah? You don’t know about this?” Li The manager was sweating profusely. He remembered that Luo Shanshan had listened to Bai Hui in car selection and so on. The relationship between the two was also very close, and she did not expect that she would have no idea. He told Luo Shanshan that Bai Hui not only re-signed the contract in his own name, but also went through all the formalities required for vehicle registration.
   The truth came to light, and Luo Shanshan suddenly realized that Bai Hui clearly took the opportunity of helping her to go through the formalities and stole her car. But she couldn’t understand why Bai Hui was so rich and drove a better car than hers. Why did she cheat the car?
   With full of doubts, Luo Shanshan walked to the door of Bai Hui’s apartment. The scene before her made her legs weak in fright. The door of Bai Hui’s apartment was covered with reminders from various microfinance companies. Luo Shanshan called one of the small loan companies to find out the situation. The loan officer said that Bai Hui had a loan of 400,000 yuan from his company 10 months ago, but because the credit line was not enough, he used a car as collateral, and now he owed 400,000 yuan only less than 50,000 yuan. As Bai Hui could not be contacted, he was preparing to file a lawsuit with the court, requesting the court to auction the vehicle. Luo Shanshan felt nervous, and hurriedly asked, “What is the license plate number of this car?” The loan officer told the truth and confirmed that it was the car that Luo Shanshan drove.
   “His family is so rich, how can he borrow money everywhere?” Luo Shanshan couldn’t believe it. The loan officer said that Bai Hui was not a rich second-generation, but a frequent visitor to a small loan company. He also does not have a stable job, and both luxury houses and luxury cars are rented.
   Luo Shanshan finally realized that Bai Hui was a complete liar and felt very uncomfortable. She sent Bai Hui to WeChat and asked to speak clearly with him face to face, or call the police immediately. Bai Hui replied to her and made an appointment to meet at the cafe.
   At this time, Bai Hui was full of sadness, his eyes flushed, and he cried to Luo Shanshan, “Shanshan, I was wrong. Please lend me 400,000 yuan and let me get through this difficult situation.” Luo Shanshan said coldly: “borrow money Yes, but you have to tell me what is going on in the whole thing? Why are you lying to me?” Bai Hui nodded repeatedly when she heard Luo Shanshan was willing to borrow money.
   It turned out that Bai Hui, who was born in poverty, longed to live a rich life. He didn’t want to do the hard work of 9 to 5, so he worked hard to learn wine knowledge and fashion knowledge, and tried his best to participate in high-end parties and dinners. He wanted to get to know more people. , Marrying a girl with a wealthy family background, to achieve “the leap of circle.”
   Luo Shanshan’s heart was broken when she heard this. She originally hoped to live a more prosperous life relying on Bai Hui, but never thought that Bai Hui wanted to get rid of poverty by relying on her. She pointed at Bai Hui and cursed: “You are a liar with low eyes and low hands. You have stolen my new car, and I will tell you that I won’t lend you a penny!” Bai Hui understood that Luo Shanshan didn’t really mean it. Borrowing money to him, he immediately changed his face, and cursed back: “You are Miss Jinjin. We have been together for so long. Which time did you eat instead of going to a high-end restaurant? Which holiday I forgot to give you a gift? It costs money. Yes, I have no money for a long time. If you don’t take the car as a mortgage, you can’t survive now.”
   “You…you deceived my feelings and stole my car, you still have reason?” Luo Shanshan only felt a cold back , Had it not been for this policy issue, I wonder what kind of deception would have been suffered. She made a decisive decision and reported the case to the public security organ.
Three papers

   The public security organs quickly filed the case and launched investigations.
   Bai Hui finally felt scared and truthfully explained the causes and consequences. It turned out that Bai Hui had divorced his parents since he was a child and lived with his grandmother. Grandma spoiled him and developed his lazy temperament. After his grandmother passed away, his parents were unwilling to pay for him to study, and had to wander in society. He made a lot of friends in the society, lingered in KTV and bars, liked to pretend to be the boss, and rushed to pay for meals. If you have no money, you can borrow money everywhere. After I met Luo Shanshan, I felt that she was not only innocent, but also of good family background. I thought that once she got married, her dream life would come true and she would be able to jump out of this poverty circle. Therefore, he was willing to spend money on Luo Shanshan, and no one would lend him no money, so he tried every means to get Luo Shanshan to buy a car, then secretly register the car in his own name, and then take the car mortgage. However, he did not expect that Luo Shanshan would use the insurance policy so soon, and thus discovered his fraud.
   “Now I really know that I was wrong!” Bai Hui cried and pleaded with Luo Shanshan for forgiveness. “In the future, I will definitely work hard and I will never do wrong again and deceive anyone again.”
   Facing Bai Hui’s admission, thought He was his first love, and the idea of ​​giving him another chance flashed through Roseanne’s heart.
   What Luo Shanshan did not expect was that with the in-depth investigation of the police, they found that Bai Hui had not fully explained his crimes and still had something to hide. After Luo Shanshan learned the news, she was quite furious, but she didn’t expect Bai Hui to make mistakes again and again.
   It turned out that during Bai Hui’s relationship with Luo Shanshan, he made another girlfriend named Jiang Xiaohua in the Internet cafe. Her figure and appearance were somewhat similar to Luo Shanshan. In order to spend money to make Jiang Xiaohua happy, he applied for a credit card with a limit of 100,000 yuan in the name of Luo Shanshan on the Internet. When the bank asked for a face-to-face signature, Bai Hui secretly took Luo Shanshan’s ID card and asked Jiang Xiaohua to pretend to be Luo Shanshan and go to the bank. Face-to-face procedures. After applying for the credit card, Bai Hui quickly ran out of credit, and his relationship with Jiang Xiaohua came to an end, but Jiang Xiaohua woke up afterwards and took the initiative to refund the loss to the bank.
   The angry Luo Shanshan vowed not to forgive Bai Hui and decided to sue him to the end with a petition and accuse him of fraud.
   In August 2020, Bai Hui defended himself at the trial, claiming that he was not a fraud: “I haven’t driven that car for a day, but only borrowed some money from the car. How can it be considered a fraud?” The court held that, Bai Hui defrauded the trust of 4S shop and Luo Shanshan, registered the car in his own name, committed fraud, applied for a credit card in Luo Shanshan’s name and used up the limit, committed credit card fraud, and was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined.
   Bai Hui regretted her regrets, and hated Luo Shanshan for not remembering his old feelings, and openly said to Luo Shanshan with a sneer in the court: “The microfinance company will soon file a lawsuit in the court to ask for the car to be auctioned, and see what you can do!”
   Luo Shanshan’s face turned pale, and she came back to her senses, remembering that the car was indeed registered under Bai Hui’s name, and the microfinance company had clearly told her that she was going to ask for the car to be auctioned. Although Bai Hui was in jail, she was unwilling to use her new car to repay the loan. She believed that the 4S store should not sign a contract with Bai Hui and register the car under Bai Hui’s name.
   In September 2020, after some thoughts, Luo Shanshan commissioned a lawyer to take the 4S shop to court with a petition. In the court, the lawyers of the two sides fought fiercely. Luo Shanshan’s lawyer believed that Luo Shanshan and the 4S shop signed a contract and paid the full amount of 480,000 yuan for the car. The 4S shop should completely deliver the car to Luo Shanshan. Without the consent of Luo Shanshan, he signed the contract again with Bai Hui, and went through all the formalities required for vehicle registration for Bai Hui, which gave Bai Hui the opportunity to forge the documents to deceive Luo Shanshan, making Luo Shanshan mistakenly believe that the vehicle was registered in her own name. under. The 4S shop also felt very wronged. Luo Shanshan and Bai Hui came to the store together. The test drive agreement also wrote Bai Hui’s phone number. At that time, Bai Hui asked to sign the contract again, and they also asked Bai Hui to Luo Shanshan confirmed by phone, but Bai Hui was fooled.
  In the end, the court ruled that because the 4S shop could not produce evidence that the change of the contract was approved by Luo Shanshan, the 4S shop constituted a breach of contract and should return Luo Shanshan’s purchase price. In desperation, the 4S shop returned 480,000 yuan to Luo Shanshan for the purchase of the car. Luo Shanshan later learned that the 4S shop was also very unwilling. Based on Bai Hui’s deception, they delivered the vehicle to Bai Hui by mistake. A suit brought Bai Hui to court and pursued Bai Hui. Luo Shanshan sighed with emotion, never expected that a luxury car was involved in the “three petitions.”