In order to elope with the poor boy, the Thai “Cinderella” poisoned the prince of sex demon

   In November 2020, Thailand’s public protests have been going on for 4 months. They have three major demands: Prime Minister Prayuth stepped down, amended the national constitution and abolished the constitutional monarchy. The people have long been angry with the Thai royal family, who is obsessed with drinking and drinking. During the follow-up interview, the reporter found a special cleaning aunt-Chalasa. Chalasa once witnessed the arrogance of the Thai royal family, because she was the prince of the Thai royal family. Chalasa has a long life. The experience of the Thai royal family can be described as ups and downs, full of sadness, and full of drama, and even killed the billionaire prince and eloped with his lover…
Lonely girl

   Chalasa was born in a middle-class family in Thailand in 1972. Her arrival did not bring joy to the family. Thailand regards white skin as a symbol of dignity, and Chalasa is naturally dark-skinned, so she was rejected and abandoned by her parents.
   At that time, members of the Thai royal family had the custom of adopting orphaned children for three reasons: first, to do good deeds and repay blessings; second, children who grew up around them would be more at ease in the future at home; third, if Girls are adopted and they can be adopted as lovers when they grow up. When Chalasa was 4 years old, he was taken home by a prince and adopted.
   The prince who adopted her is Tidipan, born in 1935, the great-grandson of King Rama V, whom the Thais admire, and the cousin of the current king’s father. Tidipan’s father set up a film industry in Thailand, and his influence spread throughout the cultural and artistic circles. Therefore, Tidipan is very wealthy, holding real estate in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, driving Lamborghini and Ferrari, private jets and numerous gold jewelry collections. After Tidipan inherited the title, he had no outstanding political and economic achievements, but his lustful name was well-known throughout the country.
   After living in Tidipan’s house for two years, Chalasa was used as a maid to do some chores such as washing clothes, washing dishes, and sweeping the floor. When she was young, she often heard the cries of the prince and the princess. The princess regarded her as an adopted daughter, and often sighed to her: “The prince has a new woman.” Chalasa did not know how to comfort the prince, but she said repeatedly. “He will be back.”
   One day in May 1984, when Chalasa was cleaning, he heard Tidipan’s scolding and the prince’s sobbing, and the sound of smashing objects. One jump, there is an ominous premonition. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Tidipan to divorce the princess. Soon, the new prince and princess came to the throne. Chalasa heard that this prince was originally Tidipan’s most beloved lover, and she often blew the pillows to Tidipan and acted like a baby to make Tidipan divorce and marry her, and finally got what she wanted.
   The new prince and princess often drink and have fun with Tidipan and hold extravagant parties. Although she greets Tidipan with a smile, she is far less amiable than her predecessor. Chalasa walked on thin ice in the royal family for fear of being beaten up for doing something wrong.
   Chalasa developed rapidly, and by 1986, she had grown into a plump woman at the age of 14. It was this year that the lecherous Tidipan noticed the existence of Chalasa: “So you have grown up!” Chalasa was trembling with fright, and quickly turned and ran to do chores, but in the royal family, he couldn’t escape after all. The established destiny.
   After a reception, Tidipan broke into Chalasa’s room and forced Chasala to become his woman. Chalasa has no family and no education. The royal family is her only home. In order to survive, she has to submit. Tidipan likes this docile new lover very much. Inchalasa has a plump body and gave her a nickname “Wawayu”.
   Although being “fortunate” by the prince, Chasala is not happy. She knows that she is only one of Tidipan’s mistresses. When he gets tired, she will kick her away. Chalasa’s favor also made the prince jealous, and the prince ridiculed her from time to time: “A fat black and ugly woman, are you worthy of being a prince’s woman?” Chalasa lowered her head, afraid to speak, let alone contradict her. Princess prince. But the prince princess constantly embarrassed her, and even let her subordinates frame her.
   In order to better survive in the royal family, Chalasa can only do his best to cater to Tidipan and please him to consolidate his position. Young, she quickly mastered the various sports that Tidipan loved, and also learned the etiquette of the upper class. This made Tidipan admire her and love her more and more, taking her to various activities. Once, the prince and princess had dressed up and was about to attend an important event with Tidipan. Unexpectedly, Tidipan left the prince and concubine, turned to Chalasa, who was holding tea, and said, ”
   Chasala , you and I will go.” The princess is getting colder and colder. When the prince princess was irritable and jealous, she couldn’t help being awkward with Tidipan, which made Tidipan very angry. The relationship between the two fell to a freezing point.
   One day, when Tidipan returned to the prince’s bedroom from Chalasa’s room, the prince slammed Tidipan a few words. Tidipan was furious: “It seems that you don’t want to be my wife anymore, then let’s get a divorce!”
   At this time, the lonely girl Chalasa had served Tidipan for three years, and finally waited for Tidipan and the second term. The wife is divorced.
Become a princess

   After the divorce, Tidipan did not immediately marry the new prince. He squinted at Chalasa: “Do you want to be my wife? My wife, you don’t need to be particularly good-looking, and you don’t need to have a good background. As long as you are gentle and obedient, you can serve me well.” The humble Chalasa didn’t. Dare to speak falsely and take care of Tidipan with all my heart as always.
   In March 1994, after being the mistress of Tidipan for 8 years, Chalasa was finally married by Tidipan as her princess. This year, Chalasa was 22 years old and Tidipan was 59 years old. The difference between the two is 37 years old. They held a grand wedding, and Chalasa won the royal title.
   In the eyes of everyone, Chalasa has transformed from a Cinderella into a respectable prince and her destiny has been rewritten. In fact, Chalasa did not feel happy at all after getting married. Tidipan gave Chalasa the title of “Prince Princess” and felt that he bestowed her a great honor. He did not respect her and discussed her at will. Many royals and aristocrats believed that Chalasa was a successful prostitute. Accept her.
   Even if he became a princess, he still did not gain dignity, and Chalasa was greatly distressed. She once protested to Tidipan: “I am the princess, I think you should respect me.” Who knows, Tidipan slapped her with a resounding backhand: “I am your husband, the prince, I You can treat you as you like.” Zhalasa covered her face and shed tears of grievance.
   Afterwards, Tidipan probably felt that he was a bit too much towards Chalasa and generously gave her a Ferrari, but never said a word of apology. Chalasa looked at the brand-new luxury car and couldn’t feel happy.
   From then on, whenever Chalasa said something that was unacceptable, or did something that made Tidipan unhappy, Tidipan would severely beat her, and then use material to make up for her fault. As a result, Chalasa kept receiving sports cars and jewelry, but these things could not alleviate her inner pain. Growing up, Chalasa has fully realized that living next to Tidipan is a very painful thing.

   She began to avoid Tidipan, trying not to live in the same room with Tidipan. Sometimes, while Tidipan was asleep, she sneaked out of the palace and disappeared in a Ferrari for days and nights. Chalasa drove to a city outside Bangkok to relax and befriended a few ordinary people of the same age. Playing with friends, buying a bunch of snacks and talking while eating, she felt relaxed and happy like never before.
   When Tidipan woke up and couldn’t find Chalasa, he couldn’t help being a little anxious. He went to all the major newspapers in Thailand to post a missing person notice, offering a heavy reward for those who could provide Chalasa news. In front of the reporter, he yelled anxiously: “Baby baby fish, where are you? Go home!” People who don’t know the truth thought Tidipan was an affectionate husband, thinking that Chalasa cheated him out of the money. Spending time and lavishly, one after another helped Tidipan find someone.
   After seeing the news in the newspaper, Chalasa said to her friends: “My friends, I should go back and see you next time.” She knew that the longer she stayed outside, the more punishment she would be punished after returning. Friends who know the inside story are very sympathetic to her, but helpless.
   One day, Chalasa sneaked out after Tidipan was drunk. She seldom contacts with her peers and tells her friends that she wants to know more peers. My friend introduced an 18-year-old boy to Chalasa. His name was Uset, a hawker selling chestnuts on a cart on Siam Square. Chalasa was attracted by the cute boy with big eyes at first sight. Uset also liked Chalasa who had a tough personality, and the two quickly fell in love.
   After being with Uset, Chalasa truly felt love for the first time. Forgetting her identity as the princess, she desperately fell in love with the street vendor Uset. The time with Uset was her happiest moment. She had never been so pampered and cared for, and she did not hesitate to spend a lot of time running out of the palace to date Uset.
   There is no impenetrable wall in the world, and her love affair with Uset was eventually discovered. People insulted her as a slut, saying that Prince Tidipan was too old to satisfy her, so she went to find a young man. However, in the face of all the accusations and insults from the outside world, Chalasa didn’t care, feeling that as long as he could be with Uset, he would be satisfied.
   However, the royal family caused such a scandal, and Chalasa could not care, but Tidipan could not ignore it. He was furious and vowed to hold Chalasa accountable.
Ordinary happiness

   In June 1995, Chalasa was caught by Tidipan when he was out for a tryst with Uset. After bringing Chalasa back to the palace, Tidipan imprisoned her again, not allowing her to step out of the gate.
   Chalasa panicked and pleaded: “You don’t love me at all, just let me go! I beg you to divorce me, I don’t need anything. I don’t want to be a prince, all those sports cars, jewels and money. Take it back. I just want to be with Uset.” Tidipan was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. Not only did he not agree to the divorce, but he also took a whip and beat Chalasa severely. .
   Trapped in the palace, Chalasa missed his lover whom he couldn’t see, and shed tears all day long. But the more sad she was, the more annoyed Tidipan was, and she always vented her anger. Chalasa had to wipe away the tears, pretending to be nothing, so that Tidipan mistakenly thought that she had changed her mind and relaxed her vigilance. Sure enough, as Chalasa returned to a pleasing smile on her face, Tidipan’s attitude towards her slowly improved. But Tidipan had nothing to do at home all day long, and under his nose, Chalasa couldn’t escape.
   Tidipan has the habit of drinking coffee and eating cheese every morning, and Chalasa looks at the steaming cup of coffee and suddenly makes a living.
   One morning in August 1995, Chalasa offered to make a pot of coffee for Tidipan himself, and Tidipan was very happy. “Come on, have coffee.” Chalasa brought a cup of fragrant coffee to Tidipan. Tidipan didn’t think much about it. He didn’t know that there was pesticide in the coffee, so he just picked it up and drank it.
   After a while, Tidipan began to vomit, convulsions, and fell to the ground. Upon seeing this, Chalasa immediately called the relatives of the royal family and called an ambulance. He rushed the prince to the hospital and took the opportunity to escape. After the strategy succeeded, Chalasa was very happy. She just wanted Tidipan to get sick and be hospitalized, so she didn’t need to be controlled by him and could meet her lover freely.
   The simple-minded Chalasa did not expect that she overdose of pesticides in the coffee, and Tidipan died after being hospitalized for 8 days. Chalasa was shocked, and quickly eloped with Uset, left Bangkok, and fled to the far north.
   The death of a royal family member was a major event. The Thai police immediately opened a case for investigation, but did not find relevant clues, nor did they find the escaped Chalasa. When Chalasa left, she didn’t take any of Tidipan’s property. She and Usert were married in a small city and lived an ordinary life, but she felt very happy and had a child.
   However, the kind-hearted woman feels guilty every day and her conscience is tortured. She often tells Usselt over and over again: “I really never thought of poisoning him. I just want him to get sick to the hospital. I can run away. Alas, I didn’t expect it to be like this!” “Yes, don’t blame yourself, you didn’t mean it.” Uset kept comforting her.
   Chalasa reads the newspaper every day to understand the progress of the case. For countless nights, she had nightmares, and after waking up, she could not sleep.
   In October 1999, Chalasa couldn’t bear the torture of his conscience and chose to return to Bangkok to surrender. Uset respected her decision and returned with her. Uset said: “If you are going to jail, I will take care of the children, and we will wait for you to go home.” Chalasa nodded and shed tears of happiness.
   The police took Chalasa back to Tidipan’s palace and let her case repeat itself. Chalasa did them one by one. Looking at the portrait of Tidipan in the room, he couldn’t help but burst into tears, crying, “I’m sorry, please forgive me!”
   At first, the police thought she was a poisonous woman who persecuted her husband, but After repeatedly extorting confessions and even calling for American criminal investigators to perform polygraphs, Chalasa said that he had absolutely no intention of killing Tidipan. At the same time, the police also discovered that Chalasa had no interest in Tidipan’s huge inheritance. Chalasa explained with tears: “If I intend to murder him, I should run right away after poisoning him. I will not call an ambulance for him. I will also inform the royal family members and wait for him to go to the hospital before leaving.” The police recognized her explanation. But in any case, the prince is dead, and an explanation must be given to the royal family. Chalasa was eventually charged with the most serious crime of deliberate murder, not manslaughter or other lesser charges.
   Chalasa cannot accept such charges. At this time, her case caused a sensation and attracted the attention of many female activists in Thailand. They investigated her real life and restored her tragic experience. And the people gradually came to understand that Tidipan’s misfortune was caused by Tidipan, and that Tidipan’s death was also the result of his own burial.
   The case lasted for more than two years. Chalasa was supported by the general public. Under pressure from the people, the court sentenced Chalasa to six years in prison in January 2002. Both the public and Uset felt that the punishment was too heavy, but Chalasa silently accepted: “Uset, let me go to jail for atonement!”
   In February 2005, Chalasa thought he was three years in prison. The road of atonement should be over. At this time, she filed an appeal. The police finally found her not guilty due to lack of substantive evidence. The relaxed Chalasa cried with joy in court.
   After being released from prison, Chalasa continued to live with Uset and gave birth to another child the following year. Uset was in a small business, she was a cleaning aunt, and the family of four enjoyed themselves.
   In July 2020, the Thai people protested against the arrogant and extravagant Thai royal family, demanding that Prime Minister Prayuth step down, amend the national constitution and abolish the constitutional monarchy. As of November 2020, the protests are still going on. During the follow-up of the protests, the reporter saw the former Princess of Thailand Chalasa.
  In an interview, Chalasa disclosed the lewdness and extravagance of the Thai royal family. When talking about the “Cinderella’s Adventure” story, she said calmly: “Those encounters are painful scars. I cherish the ordinary. Happiness.”