I don’t want to be your green leaf

  Bai Luomei and I are good sisters who grew up together since childhood. For a long time, in everyone’s eyes, I was the green leaf next to her. However, deep in my heart, I protested to be her green leaf, although she was always so good, brilliant enough to dazzle others. In contrast, I am much more ordinary. Standing next to her, she is an amazing flower, and I am just an ordinary green leaf.
  When the high school entrance examination score came out, Bai Luomei was admitted to the best high school in the city without any suspense. When I saw that my score could also enter this high school, everyone was surprised. Even my aunt ridiculed: “Isn’t it the same name as you?” No one knows. Since I was a child, I have been paddling in the water like a duck in order to be admitted to the same high school as Bai Luomei. After three years of junior high school, I studied at night every night. I was accompanied by my father to a retired famous teacher. I had a 90-minute small class, rain or shine. I never told anyone about this, including Bai Luomei.
  In the first semester of high school, my grades were mediocre, especially math grades, which kept dragging me back. I struggled to find out the reasons and methods. The first semester of high school was divided into liberal arts and sciences. In the grade examination, I was like a dark horse and broke into the top 30 of the grade, although it is still not small with Bai Luomei, who is in the top three of the grade. Distance, but I entered the liberal arts experimental class.
  One day when school was over, Bai Luomei deliberately waited for me at the school gate, “Yah, I did a good job!” She called my nickname and gave me a thumbs up. I took her arms a little shyly, with a secret little pride in my heart. Bai Luomei is not so far away from me!
  However, good luck tricks people. During the college entrance examination, because of a bad cold, I was only admitted to a general university in Beijing. Bai Luomei went to a 985 in Beijing.
  Embracing Bai Luomei’s college gift—a music box, looking at the two little people standing side by side on it, I thoughtfully.
  In the following college life, I was immersed in the endless running. In that ordinary university, I tried all kinds of certificates. I decided that I would go to Bai Luomei’s school for graduate school. From time to time, there are good news from Bai Luomei: she got the first-class scholarship, and her graduation thesis was published in famous academic journals… Bai Luomei was born as a scholar, and I don’t have the news of her bailout. Surprised.
  After graduating from university, my first postgraduate entrance examination failed. Later, standing next to the library of Bai Luomei School, when she knew that I had to take the exam again, she only asked: “Are you sure you want to take the exam again?” I nodded firmly. Bai Luomei hugged me hard.
  In the second year, Bai Luomei helped me apply for a student pass at the school. Many times, I stayed quietly in the school library to study and write questions. I squeeze in a bed with her every night. Sometimes I think I am close to Bai Luomei! But I was clearly far away from her.
  With my unswerving efforts, the following year, I finally got admitted to the graduate school of Bai Luomei School.
  In the year of graduation, I rented a small house in the outer suburbs and stayed in Beijing to find a job. My mother advised me to go home to work, but I disagree. My mother said, “Do you have to stay with Luomei and be a green leaf for a lifetime?” I was silent for a moment, and then replied to my mother: “I am not Bai Luomei’s green leaf.”
  Every day I run around, watching the sun in the morning. Light up the faces of people coming and going at the subway entrance, and occasionally count the stars in the sky in the evening on the way to rent back houses. At the end of the year, our company invited some celebrities to hold a tea party to welcome the New Year, and Bai Luomei, a budding “pitcher” in the financial world, was also invited. Wearing a gray evening gown, I look very energetic as the host. When Bai Luomei entered the venue as a guest, I saw the surprise in her eyes.
  Before long, Bai Luomei brought a tall and handsome boy to celebrate my birthday. This Qianqian gentleman who radiated light made me amazed, what a perfect man, he and Bai Luomei stood together so well.
  On the wedding day, Bai Luomei was amazingly beautiful. As a bridesmaid, I received a bouquet from the bride. Bai Luomei smiled and said to everyone: “Yaya is my good girlfriend. She lives dazzlingly with her hard work and unwillingness to admit defeat. She is in my life. It has always been like a little orange lamp, giving me the power of role models when I am sloppy and slack. I hope that we will always be like this, always be good friends, and always be each other’s little orange lamps. Of course, I also hope that Yaya can be earlier Encountering her own Prince Charming, she deserves the best lover.”
  I looked at the beautiful Bai Luomei with a smile, and my heart suddenly became clear. It turned out that I was never a “green leaf of Bai Luomei”. Bai Luomei and I are not the relationship between flowers and green leaves, but like two trees growing side by side. Together, we work hard to lift the branches and leaves into the air, and you chase me, full of vitality.
  Yi Shu said: “Everyone’s ultimate destination is himself.” In friendship, we are also the same, not flowers and green leaves, but standing side by side in the jungle, no matter the wind, frost, rain and snow, we are all standing tall and letting each other see The power of growth. This is the best gesture of friendship.