How to choose iPhone 12 series? Just read this one

Mini is not that small, Max is really big!

  The iPhone 12 series has been officially launched and shipped one after another. I believe many people are still holding money on the sidelines. After all, things worth several thousand yuan, it is better to be cautious.
  In fact, after getting started and experiencing these four models in depth, my views on them have changed a lot. Combining the experience of using them in the past half month, I have compiled a purchase guide for everyone. I hope I can tell you It helps. It should be noted that this is not an evaluation. What I want to share mainly is that everyone will be entangled and the final choice will be affected.
  First of all, the length, width and height of the iPhone 12丨12 Pro are exactly the same, and the latter is 25g heavier. The difference in hand feel is that I don’t think the iPhone 12 is at all handy, while the 12 Pro is a bit.
  Secondly, the iPhone 12 mini is a circle smaller than the iPhone 12, and it is nearly 30g lighter, but there will be no obvious difference in hand feeling. This may be because I have long been accustomed to various 200g slabs, and my palms are no longer sensitive to these thin and light phones.

  Once again, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is quite special. The size and weight are significantly higher than those of the iPhone 12 Pro, so small hands should choose carefully.
  So for the choice of size, in addition to the screen size and battery life, the holding, operation and carrying are more important.
  For 12 and 12 Pro, the weight difference of 25g is negligible, and the difference between them is more reflected in the texture brought by different materials. The one without Pro is the glossy back cover + aluminum alloy middle frame, and the one with Pro is the frosted back cover + stainless steel middle frame. Both look and feel are more advanced. As a flagship machine, texture is very important, if you care about it.
Explicit and invisible experience differences

  If the choice of appearance is largely determined by personal preference, then the screen will play a decisive role in the product experience and usage scenarios.
  As mentioned earlier, the mini body is very small and the screen is only 5.4 inches. But don’t forget, before the iPhone X, this was also a Plus level. So, just because other models have basically achieved 6 inches or more, it looks very mini.
  iPhone 12丨12 Pro is a relatively mainstream screen size, taking into account the viewing area and portability. The difference is that the peak brightness of the 12 series and the Pro series is 200 nits. The iPhone 12 Pro Max this time is actually the largest in iPhone history. With such a large screen, coupled with a right-angled body design, it is very difficult to operate with one hand. The thumb can basically only touch the lower half of the screen.
  However, the refreshing feeling brought by the large screen is also obvious, especially in the horizontal screen state, no matter whether you are typing with the full keyboard with both hands, playing games, watching videos, split-screen and multitasking… it has a small screen unmatched viewing area and control Convenience.

  So I think the choice of screen size depends on your core usage scenarios. Social, news, and short videos are the majority. Then, mini may be the most suitable; while 12 and Pro have the most adaptable scenes and take all scenarios; Max is It is suitable for users with large screen and horizontal screen applications, and can provide the best screen experience and battery life.
  Speaking of battery life, 12 and 12 Pro are similar. They are a type that has difficulty in a heavy day and is no problem in normal use. As for the mini, according to my test, 8 hours of work + commuting to and from get off work, there is no problem in one day. But you have to play all the time, and the screen usage time must be more than five or six hours a day. Sorry, mini can’t do it. Max doesn’t say anything, except for heavy use, it’s no problem to carry it for a day.
  By the way, the memory of the 4 products is also different, iPhone 12 series is 4GB, iPhone 12 Pro series is 6GB, but from my experience for more than half a month, there is almost no difference in running scores or various apps, so Don’t worry about it at all.
4 photos are great, Max represents the ceiling

  Next is the top priority of the iPhone 12 series-photography. This is not like a screen, let alone an appearance. Frankly speaking, I have experienced it for several days and I am communicating with Apple’s product managers and many photographers. After that, all the problems were clarified.
  Let’s start with a brief description.
  The iPhone 12 series has four main differences: 1. The number of lenses; 2. Apple ProRAW; 3. Lidar transmitter; 4.60 frames Dolby Vision.
  As far as my actual experience is concerned, 2 and 4 do not need to worry too much. RAW format editing is only valuable for professionals. The higher frame rate Dolby Vision video is certainly good, but many photographers think that 24 frames (the frame rate of most movies) only have a feeling. The key is 1 and 3. Personally, I think these two points are still very important. The telephoto is particularly useful for framing and shooting portraits. The value of the Lidar transmitter really needs to be compared before we know that the Pro series is better at night focusing speed, including the accuracy of the portrait mode cutout.
  So for users who like photography, I recommend the Pro series first. In most scenarios, the ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle qualities of the 12 series are not significantly different from the Pro series. For example, this set of proofs was taken by photographer with iPhone 11 mini. What do you think?

  For Pro series models, there are three main differences: 1. Telephoto focal length; 2. Anti-shake solution; 3. Unit pixel.
  No need to explain the first point, Max can shoot farther than Pro. The third point is also easier to understand, that is, the bottom is big, and the picture quality will be better in theory. The key is Max’s sensor displacement anti-shake, is it better than Pro’s optical anti-shake?
  Frankly speaking, in a few days of testing, I didn’t see how big the gap between the two is (either taking photos or videos). In the communication with the product manager, I learned that Max uses sensor displacement anti-shake, which is another solution to solve the problem of poor optical anti-shake effect under large lenses and heavy fuselages, rather than anti-shake. The shaking effect is better than Pro.
  Photographer Xiaobei also believes that the average anti-shake of the iPhone 12 series is already very high. In most daily shooting scenes, it is indeed impossible to bridge the gap. However, there are still differences under some extreme low light and specific jitter. Because anti-shake is not only offsetting shake, but also stabilizing focus.
  From this point of view, I can basically give advice on the iPhone 12 Pro series of photography: there is no obvious difference between the two products in daily use, except for the difference in the telephoto range. Under some extreme low light and specific jitter, Max has more than Pro. High ceilings. Ordinary users don’t need to care, professional users, or professionals who often have extreme low light and hand-held sports shooting needs, choose Max.
APR channel not widely known

  Finally, I will give you some suggestions on buying machines and channels.
  As for the memory version, WeChat will eat 20 or 30 GB in a few months, plus the cache of various video apps, which is too tight, so 128GB is necessary and sufficient, especially if you also bought iCould Cloud The service will not be used up within one or two years.

  As for the purchase channel, you can choose the official 12-term interest-free installment service, or a trade-in service such as, which can be worth up to 1,500 yuan. And users who have purchased AC+ can also enjoy the annual renewal service, and upgrade to the iPhone 12 series at a discount of 50% of the original equipment retail price.
  In addition, Apple also has a channel that is not widely known-APR (Apple Premium Reseller), which not only provides the experience and sales of the entire line of products, but also has a full range of secure services to ensure that users can better use Apple products.
  Up to now, there are nearly 600 high-quality dealers across the country, covering nearly 200 cities. You can check the nearest APR store through Apple’s official website, Apple’s official WeChat public account or Purchase machines here and enjoy the same permissions as authorized Apple distributors and Apple Store retail stores.
  Compared with the past, Apple’s iPhone 12 series is richer and more affordable in terms of channels, policies, and activities. Policies such as installment, deduction, and trade-in policies provide users with more choices. I believe that after reading this article, it is not difficult to choose.

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