How do middle-aged people understand old life

  At the end of the year, I think of my father. He is old and lives peaceful and idle, more like spring than winter. The elderly have gone through too much winter, why not live in the spring in their twilight years?
  As long as there is mahjong playing, my dad is like spring all year round. As long as there is a small advantage, my dad will be happy. As long as there is an article to write, my dad will live in March.
  After the old man retired, he became obsessed with mahjong, like a child obsessed with iPad. Once we were walking in Wangjiang Park. The green bamboos were like washing and the wild flowers were like Ji. He suddenly became interested and told me that he should record a passage, and then put a radio to play while walking: playing mahjong, playing mahjong, One is missing three, one is missing three…
  His mahjong is stinky and never counts the cards. One time, he rushed to collect the rain money, and while collecting the cards he spent on the bars, he played the cards on the bars, but he was hit by the bargains. There was another time when the three houses didn’t want 4D. He only touched two or three cards. Only a pair of bobbins were left. The rest were all bobbins. But his upper family, I, played that bobbin. He immediately got in touch with him. , Yelling at Zi Hu, you must go… I yell at Sanjia for no 4D, why are you in a hurry? He said, which Xiaowei’s brand mum? It’s always right to run fast… That’s it, he lost to his 97-year-old sister, his 50- or 60-year-old female fans, Mumu, and all his relatives and friends, except me.
  The old man is greedy for petty and cheap. When I was in junior high school, the leftovers at home were rotten, and he was reluctant to pour it and fried it for me with soy sauce. After eating, I vomited badly. Now he doesn’t feed me bad food, but he drives his phone all day long and plays various Internet celebrity songs such as “The rest of my life”, saying that traffic can make money. How much can I earn? Say there are more than ten yuan a month. I’m speechless, is the electricity bill enough? He also transfers the links of Jingdong cute pets in his family group and his various student groups every day, and always asks me to help. I swear in the name of God, I never click on this kind of spam links, but I still click on those from the old man. Even so, he criticized me for not ordering every time! Jingdong Cute Pet is not a spam link to him, it is an angel’s grace. He has harvested about a dozen paper towels and a few unpalatable little mangoes, as well as some crisp candy that I suspect has expired. But there are times when my old man is not greedy for petty bargaining. He had a thief who went to the bank to make a deposit many years ago. He directly gave him more than six thousand yuan. It was in the 1990s. After that, he always said that the old man saved his life, and that he wanted to jump into the river after losing money.
  The old man is good at calligraphy and essays. When he was young, he was known as the number one talent in Wutongqiao. He once had a chance to publish a book. At that time, my friend Shen Yachuan published “The Old Things of Waking Po” for his father, which was a memory of the old man for most of his life. The editor in charge of the book was another friend of mine who chopped wood for ten years. He said let your dad write a memoir, and the publisher could sign a contract with him. I happily told the old man that he heard that there were royalties, and he could earn tens of thousands or even 100,000, and he was immediately hilarious. He fought hard for three days and wrote more than 10,000 characters. I am also very excited, thinking that this old man is reliable. Little did he know that after three days he didn’t write a word again, and asked him that he was too busy to write. What are you up to? Play Mahjong Three!
  In fact, there is no problem with these. Cicero said in “On Old Age”: “Some things are suitable for childhood, do young people miss childhood? Some things are suitable for youth, do you still want to go back to do it in middle age? Some things are suitable for middle age. In old age, I won’t think about it. In the end, there are some things that belong to old age. Just as the happiness and career of the early years fade away, the happiness and career of old age will also fade away. At that time, there will be no people. I’m sorry.”
  Since the happiness and career of old age will disappear, and the happiness and career of all of us will disappear, why not take advantage of the happiness and career of the elderly, let them do what they want, and want to play mahjong if they want to play “Let’s play “For the rest of my life”. If you want to send a JD pet?

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