How are Ninja graduates trained

  Ninja is a special profession unique to Japan, with many myths and legends. Ninjas give people a mysterious, cruel and vicious impression, always appearing inadvertently, and disappearing instantly. During special periods, they wore black costumes and appeared in the dark, performing assassination missions.
  In modern times, real ninjas in Japan are very rare, because in the peaceful era, the role of ninjas has been greatly weakened, and all that can be done is to perform in scenic spots for tourists or provide ninja experience projects to earn money. Now young people in Japan are not interested in this profession, because it is not as “glamorous” as in “Naruto”, and it does not have the five element escape techniques such as fire escape and water escape. Not only is the training very hard, but the income is very low.
  Iga, Mie Prefecture in Japan, is known as the “Ninja’s Hometown” and one of the birthplaces of Japanese Ninja culture. In order to better protect the disappearing ninja culture, Iga City often organizes some ninja experience activities. In 2017, Japan’s Mie University established the world’s first international ninja research center specializing in ninjas, and opened a postgraduate course in ninja and ninjutsu a year later. In the admissions introduction of Mie University, the Ninja major belongs to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. This major is not used to train real ninjas, but to study ninja culture.
  The 45-year-old Mihashi Genichi passed the two-year ninja master’s course and obtained a professional ninja degree from Japan’s Mie University. He became the first master student in Japan and the world to major in ninja. Gen Mihashi has liked to study martial arts since high school, and once he encountered danger while exploring South America. Since then, he has decided to learn a technique to protect himself. After thinking twice, he chose himself The traditional culture of the country-Ninjutsu.
  Mihashi Gen’s interest in ninjutsu comes from its secretiveness and comprehensive survivability, because a true ninja not only has to use various disguise to protect himself, but also learn to do everything possible to survive in various environments. He once read in the literature: “Ninja wants to be a farmer in the morning and practice martial arts in the afternoon.” Therefore, during his graduate studies, Genichi Mihashi not only studied historical documents, practiced martial arts skills, but also planted vegetables in his daily life. Farming, self-sufficiency, as if living a real ninja life.
  Yuji Yamada, the history professor in charge of the ninja course, said: “About 3 students enrolled every year. After many foreign students contacted Mie University, they learned that ninja and ninjutsu majors do not teach real ninjutsu, but only study the history of Japanese ninjas. Later, he lost interest.” And Mihashi Genichi was the only one admitted that year among the three students who signed up. Yamada Yuji was very surprised by the enthusiasm of Mihashi Genichi: “I never thought that students would live like a real ninja. It seems that he really loves the ninja culture!” After
  entering Mie University, Mihashi Genichi took off. Complete the ninja research course in two years. His master’s thesis involved how ninjas played an important role in the management of forests in the Iga area during the Edo period. This was appreciated by Professor Yuji Yamada, who believed that Genichi Mihashi has integrated with the local community.
  Many people worry about the employment direction of Genichi Mihashi in learning such an unpopular major. In fact, during his postgraduate course in Ninja, Genichi Mihashi opened a dojo in Iga to teach ninjutsu and fighting skills. In April 2020, he is already preparing to study for a PhD. After entering the doctoral program, Genichi Mihashi wanted to make ninjas a “local resource” to help revitalize local communities and ninja-related sites, and promote ninja culture.
  Perhaps, in our opinion, the ninja profession is mysterious and unpopular, but in the eyes of Genichi Yamahashi, ninja culture is his only culture that is of interest, and it is also a culture worthy of dedicated research. In the field of loneliness, Yuanyi Shanqiao is not alone, because interest and love are his best company.