High school girls will be the first to land on Mars?

  In 1969, when NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong left a trail of steps on the moon, humans began to consider Mars as their next landing target. In recent years, the imagination of mankind landing on Mars has become more enthusiastic. NASA has already implemented the “Mars Landing Program” to study everything about Mars and prepare for future human migration to Mars.
  According to calculations by astronomers, around 2033, the sun’s radiation intensity will reach a low valley value, and the distance between Mars and the Earth will also come to the closest position in thousands of years. Therefore, the “Mars Landing Program” plans to launch a manned spacecraft to Mars around 2030. By then, a lucky astronaut will leave his first footprint on Mars, and this astronaut will have the opportunity to go down in history as well as Armstrong.
  Currently, the closest person to this opportunity is Alisha Carson, a young girl from Louisiana, USA, 18 years old. On the surface, Alisha is no different from an average American high school student, but in fact, she has been training with NASA for many years and is regarded by NASA as a core member of the “Mars Landing Program.”
  Part of the reason why Alisha was able to get the attention and training of NASA is due to her father’s guidance. Alyssa’s father was a NASA staff member who had a passion for exploring space, and he passed this passion to Alyssa. As early as 3 years old, Alyssa had been exposed to a lot of space cartoons and picture albums. At that time, she asked her father, have humans ever landed on Mars? Eliza’s father replied that humans have landed on the moon, but no one has been able to reach Mars. Perhaps your generation of young people will realize the desire of humans to land on Mars. The words of her father took root in Alisha’s mind, making her aspiration to land on Mars since she was a child.
Work hard for dreams

  Having established a dream, Alyssa has been working hard to realize this dream. Her father told her that it was far more difficult to land on Mars than to land on the moon. After all, the moon is a satellite of the earth, which is only 380,000 kilometers away from the earth, and the distance from the earth to Mars is 55 million kilometers in the shortest time, and 400 million kilometers in the far away! Only when the Earth and Mars are closest to each other can humans implement the plan to land on Mars. Such an opportunity only occurs every 17 years. Therefore, Alyssa learns and trains early and strives to seize every opportunity provided by NASA.
  At the age of 7, Alyssa began to participate in popular science activities organized by the US Space Summer Camp. Soon, she visited all three NASA space camps (in Huntsville, Alabama, Canada, Quebec, Turkey) Izmir), participated in more than 10 trainings and became the first person to receive training in all space camps in the United States. At the age of 13, Alyssa successfully passed a series of assessments set by NASA and formally became a reserve talent for NASA astronauts. Among the 14 colleagues, only she passed the assessment. At the age of 18, Alyssa has become a celebrity in the aerospace industry. In NASA, she even has an exclusive title-“Blueberry”.
  The stories behind these achievements are naturally quite inspirational. Every day, Alissa undergoes a lot of high-intensity physical training and skill training. Before obtaining a car license, she has learned to fly planes and rockets. In addition to hard training, Alissa has not fallen behind in her studies. She has studied four languages: English, Chinese, French, and Spanish to prepare for the future mission of NASA’s international cooperation.
  If all goes well, Alyssa is 32 years old when she flies to Mars. This trip may have gone without return. If she can return, she may be 35 to 36 years old. Due to future work, Alyssa may not be able to fall in love, get married, or have children like ordinary people, but Alyssa said that she is ready to devote her life to the cause of Mars. I believe that regardless of success or failure, Alyssa’s story will inspire children all over the world to bravely pursue their dreams.