He lost his wife and children three times in a rough life, President Biden relied on two women to reverse his life

   According to media reports, the 77-year-old US presidential candidate Joseph Biden successfully won the key 20 votes of Pennsylvania in the early morning of November 8, 2020. A total of 290 votes exceeded the election threshold and won the absolute election of the 46th president of the United States. Advantage. Afterwards, he delivered a victory speech, which was a momentary glory. However, behind the scenery is his ups and downs of life. In fact, on the last day of the election, when his opponent Trump was still working hard to give speeches everywhere, Biden quietly returned to his home church, where his first wife, daughter and son were buried. And his second wife has always been by his side, and he is very grateful to these two incomparable women, who made him.
love at first sight

   In November 1942, Joseph Biden was born in a middle-class family in Pennsylvania, USA. His father was a businessman, but shortly after Biden was born, he failed in business and took his wife and children to seek refuge with his father-in-law. It was not until Biden was 10 years old that his family left Pennsylvania and moved to Delaware. His father took up the job of selling used cars, and his life was stretched.
   Due to poverty and stuttering, Biden suffered from low self-esteem throughout his childhood. In order to get rid of the stuttering problem, Biden spoke in the mirror every day, said tongue twisters, and read poems aloud. In high school, he finally completely overcome the stuttering. Since then, he has become a person who is good at speaking, and he has become extremely confident, and he feels that all the difficulties in the world can’t trouble him.
   After graduating from high school, Biden was admitted to the University of Delaware to study history and politics.
   In his junior year, during an outing, Biden met his alumnus Nalia. The two fell in love at first sight and quickly fell in love. Walking on the lush campus, Nalia asked Biden: “What are you going to do in the future?” Biden replied earnestly: “I want to become a senator first, and then run for the president of the United States.” Nalia was taken aback first, and then went on. Laughing: “I believe you.”
   In 1966, the two held a wedding after graduating from college. After marriage, Nalia gave birth to two children and a daughter in a row, and a family of five lived extremely happily. At the same time, Biden has not forgotten his ambitions. He was first admitted to Syracuse University, studying for a master’s degree and a Ph.D., three years later, joined a law firm led by Democrats, and ran for Newcastle County Councillor.
   In 1972, Biden was preparing to run for the Senate of Delaware. At that time, everyone disliked him because he was not only young, but also had no reputation and sponsorship. Biden once wanted to back down, but Nalia strongly encouraged him: “My dear, don’t give up, this is your dream!” Biden had no money to advertise on TV and newspapers, and Nalia went to the street with him. Hand out flyers. Can’t afford to rent a venue for a campaign speech, Naria accompanied him to visit from house to house.
   As a result, Biden was successfully elected and became the youngest senator at the time. Biden happily said to Nalia: “My dear, wait for me, and I will become the President of the United States in the future.” “Yes, you can.” Nalia was immersed in the ocean of happiness.
   But no one thought that their happiness would be so short. On December 18, 1972, just three weeks after Biden was elected to the Senate, Nalia took her three children to buy a Christmas tree. On their way home, they were knocked to the ground by a sudden big truck. The eldest son suffered multiple fractures all over his body, and the younger son suffered serious head injuries. Naria and her daughter died on the spot and passed away forever.
   After receiving the news, Biden was in grief and collapsed. This is the first time in his life he has understood why someone commits suicide. He looked at the body of his wife and daughter, crying out of breath. He also thought of “death”, but he died. Who will take care of the two injured sons? He decided to abandon his position as a senator, go home to be a full-time father, and raise his two sons.
   The Democratic Party leader Mansfield understood that Biden was not in the pool, and took the initiative to find Biden who was depressed: “You can’t resign, you are so self-defeating, you are completely sorry for Nalia’s spirit in the sky.”
   Biden nodded, and he had promised. Nalia wants to be president and cannot give up halfway. In January 1973, Biden was sworn in in his son’s ward. From then on, every day he took the earliest train to go to work in Washington, and then took the train back to Delaware in the evening. The one-way trip was 167 kilometers and the train took 4 hours to go back and forth. Such running around, but Biden is not tired, because of this, he can say goodnight to his sons every day, and give them another kiss the next morning.
   Biden looked at the photo of Nalia at home, thinking that he would never meet a woman as good as Nalia again, and started a passionate love relationship until he met Jill.
Five proposals

   One day in October 1974, when Biden was taking a bus to visit his younger brother, he saw an advertisement on the bus with a blonde model on it. Like being shocked, Biden was instantly moved by the model’s determined and charming smile.
   After seeing his younger brother, Biden was a little absent-minded, the female model lingering in his mind. The younger brother joked: “Which woman are you thinking about?” Biden was not afraid of his younger brother making fun of him, and said what he saw and thought on the bus. Unexpectedly, his brother’s eyes lit up: “It turned out to be Jill. I happened to know her. She and I are alumni. I can get her phone.”
   “Really?” Biden was overjoyed. The younger brother shrugged: “However, she was married when she was 19 years old.” Biden couldn’t help but feel a little lost. Unexpectedly, his younger brother’s conversation changed and gave Biden a glimmer of hope: “I heard that she gradually got married after she married her husband Yuan, I’m having a divorce recently. I have the opportunity to introduce you to each other.”
   Four months later, Biden received a call from his younger brother. The younger brother said that Jill has been divorced and can arrange for her to meet with Biden. Biden was very happy, and finally met his sweetheart.
   The first meeting was in Philadelphia, and Biden decided that the positive Jill was the one he wanted to spend his life with. Jill also has a good impression of Biden, who is 9 years older than her. He feels that he is mature and stable and a true gentleman. Both of them were born in ordinary working families and made a career on their own, so they have a lot of common languages ​​and sympathize with each other. Before leaving, Biden eagerly said to Jill: “Tomorrow night, let’s go to the movies together, okay?” Jill hesitated: “But I have an appointment with friends to dance tomorrow night.” Biden immediately showed a sad look. “I can only stay in Philadelphia for another night. Can you choose to date me?” Jill felt soft and had to agree to him.
   The next night, Biden watched a movie with Jill as scheduled. Just stepping out of the cinema, Biden looked at his beloved woman, flipped through the schedule and said, “Jill, I really want to see you again. But I have work arrangements for the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. How about we meet tomorrow? Jill instantly understood Biden’s intentions and love, and couldn’t help laughing.
   On the third day, Jill went to the appointment again. After dinner, the two of them walked hand in hand on the lakeside path in the park. Suddenly, Biden knelt to Jill on one knee: “My dear, I love you very much, marry me?” Jill was taken aback, although she also fell in love. Biden, but just came out of a failed marriage, she didn’t want to enter the next marriage so soon. Therefore, Jill rejected Biden without hesitation. Biden smiled indifferently, expressing understanding.

   In July 1975, after the two were in love for 5 months, Biden prepared a candlelight dinner, took out flowers and rings, and proposed to Jill again. Jill once again showed an embarrassed expression. Her teaching career is still in its infancy, and she has plans for postgraduate studies. She wants to wait for her career to stabilize before considering marriage. In addition, she still has doubts: “My dear, we have to arrange our dates now according to your crazy Senate schedule. I am totally involuntary. At present, I really cannot be sure whether we can become intimate couples. “After Biden heard this, he had to respect Jill’s decision and said that he would not give up his marriage proposal.
   After more than a year, Biden made two marriage proposals, but Jill still refused. She has been thinking about how to be the stepmother of Biden’s two children: “I must be 100% sure of my heart to agree to your marriage proposal and not let the children lose their mothers again. Moreover, I am not sure whether the children are really willing to accept it. I am their mother.” Biden was also lost in thought when he heard Jill’s words.
   In order to allow Jill to integrate into the family better, Biden arranged for Jill to get along with the children. Seeing them get along well, he couldn’t help being full of joy. After Jill left, he asked the children for their opinions. Both sons said: “I welcome Jill to join our family.”
   In March 1977, Biden was about to go to South Africa for a mission. On the way to the airport, he turned into Jill’s apartment halfway through and wanted to take Jill. 5 marriage proposals. He first read a long poem to Jill affectionately, and then said affectionately: “Listen, the children like you very much, and I have been doing my best and waiting patiently for your answer. Now, I can’t wait any longer. Either you promise to marry me, or I won’t bother anymore. Jill, I love you so much that I can’t just be a friend.”
   Jill burst into tears and finally gave a positive answer: “Yes, I’m willing “Oh, dear, you gave me a new life, and you made my family complete again.” Biden embraced Jill excitedly.
   Two months later, Biden and Jill had their wedding at the United Nations Church. Afterwards, they took Biden and Nalia’s sons Bo and Hunter on their honeymoon. Four years later, Biden and Jill ushered in their love daughter Ashley.
   With a deeper understanding of Biden, Jill admired Biden more and thought he was a great man. One day, she couldn’t help asking Biden: “Will you run for president in the future?” “Of course.” This is Biden’s dream and his promise to Nalia. He has never forgotten it.
Lifelong companion

   Biden has been a senator for 17 years. By 1988, he felt that the time was ripe and announced his participation in the presidential election. He is very good at speaking and is known as the “great speaker”. At the beginning of the campaign, Biden’s performance was very dazzling and won the support of many people.
   Soon, unfortunate things happened, and he fell into a “plagiarism storm.” First, he was caught by the “New York Times”, saying that his speech had plagiarized the original words of the leader of the British Labor Party Kinnock. Next, the media followed suit and dug up Biden University’s graduation thesis for alleged plagiarism. The public opinion boiled over all of a sudden, and everyone said, “Your speech is plagiarized, and your graduation thesis is plagiarized. How can we believe what you said?” In desperation, Biden had to withdraw from the election. Jill comforted him: “It doesn’t matter, success is often not achieved overnight. Let’s run for the next election.” But
   one wave of unrest, one wave of another. As soon as he withdrew from the election, Biden went to the University of Rochester to give a speech. During the speech, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head and fainted. The doctor found through a CT scanner that Biden had two aneurysms in his brain. “Surgery is the only chance of survival, but the success rate is only 50%.” The doctor’s words shocked Jill. She kept praying to God that Biden must come alive. In the end, her prayers worked. But Biden, who underwent brain surgery, had a “zombie face” and his cheeks could not move at all. The doctor said: “His face may remain stiff.” Biden felt a little frustrated: “How can you run for president with this look?” Jill gently encouraged him: “You can overcome this problem, can’t you?” Biden held Jill’s hand and nodded solemnly.
   Biden insisted on practicing facial muscles every day. Two months later, the muscles of his cheeks miraculously recovered.
   In a blink of an eye, in January 2007, Biden, who had been dormant for many years, once again announced his candidacy for president. Unfortunately, he suffered another setback and he met Obama. Obama’s momentum was so strong that Biden could not match it, so he sighed and withdrew from the campaign. But this time, Biden is not without gain. After Obama won the election, he took a fancy to Biden’s experience and veteran, and nominated him as vice president. Jill specially made a sumptuous dinner to celebrate Biden: “Now, you are only one step away from the position of president.”
   Although it is only one step away, Biden has been serving as Vice President for 8 years and has accumulated a very wide range of contacts. In 2015, Biden once again said: “Next year, I will participate in the presidential election.”
   Unfortunately, something happened again. In June 2015, Biden’s eldest son Bo passed away and died of brain cancer. Before he died, Bo said to Biden: “Dad, my mom and I have no chance to see you become president. But please promise me, go ahead and don’t stop. Mom and I will look at you in the sky.” Biden Holding his son’s hand, he couldn’t cry. Bo is different from his younger brother Hunter, who is addicted to pornography, gambling, and drugs. He is very motivated. He was re-elected as the Attorney General of Delaware twice. He is preparing to run for governor of Delaware and is regarded by the outside as Biden’s heir. Bo is Biden’s favorite son, so he died, and Biden could not accept this fact. Like when Nalia and her eldest daughter passed away, Biden collapsed again and withdrew from the presidential campaign sadly.
   “After Bo died, I don’t think I will laugh again. God has taken away Nalia and my eldest daughter, why take Bo away?” Biden often looked out the window and wept silently. Fortunately, Jill turned off all work and stayed with him inseparably during his hardest time.
   In January 2017, at the end of his term, Obama invited Biden into the White House and awarded him the highest national honor-the Presidential Medal of Freedom. First, it is to thank Biden for his 8-year partner; second, to see Biden off. In Obama’s mind, including all Americans, Biden’s political career has come to an end. Only Jill saw Biden’s unwillingness and encouraged him to cheer up again: “My dear, think about what Bo said before his death. You can’t just give up like this.”
   Finally, Biden gritted his teeth and stood up again. .
   In April 2019, in order to support her husband’s campaign, Jill even gave up his career and helped Biden wholeheartedly. She attended the event side by side with Biden, raised funds together, and returned as a “bodyguard” for Biden. During the campaign, in order to keep Biden’s speech unaffected, she stood on stage and looked around. When a protester rushed to the stage, Jill immediately opened his hand to protect Biden and ordered the security guard to take the protester away. After a while, another protester rushed up and was again masterfully grasped by the wrist by Jill. As the staff dragged the protesters off the stage, Jill maintained his demeanor, smiled and said to everyone: “Everything is fine.”
   This time, Biden, who is well prepared, is determined to win and expresses his gratitude and love to Jill through the media, indicating that the first time he meets Jill, he confirms that the other party is the person he wants to be with for life. Jill showed a hearty happy smile to the camera.
   On November 3, 2020, on the last day of the general election, when the strong opponent Trump was still working hard to give speeches everywhere, Biden, accompanied by Gill, returned to his hometown to visit his late wife, eldest daughter and eldest son. “I’ve tried my best, you can rest in peace.” Biden shed tears, and Jill held his old hand tightly.
  Five days later, major U.S. media reported that the 77-year-old Biden successfully won the key 20 votes of Pennsylvania, with a total of 290 votes, and was elected the 46th president of the United States. Later, he delivered a victory speech, which was full of glory. But he knows that behind the scenery are the ups and downs of his life, three times he lost his love. He is grateful to the two important women in his life, Nalia and Jill, who have made themselves.