Go shopping

  It is best not to confuse going into town and shopping. For example, going to appointments, meeting guests, withdrawing money, shopping, sending emails, buying books and magazines, seeing art exhibitions, picking up grandsons from school, with a clear purpose, going straight, and no frills-I go out in a variety of and flexible ways, sometimes riding and cycling , Even walking, but defined by the principle of “behavior”, it can only be classified as “entering the city”.
  The difference between shopping and entering the city is that the purpose of the former is vague, at least not very clear. Doing nothing, shopping for shopping is also common. As for some people who have gone to the city to finish major events, they have plenty of time to spend the years and sunsets. They just walk around and look around at will. They suddenly find that the city is a different scene: tall buildings are not tall buildings, but green mountains. Long Street is not like Long Street, but like Cuigu. So: Yuanfei is a man who fights against the sky, Wangfeng rests his heart; a man who is a world servant of economics, who sees the valley and forgets to return-this should be a different kind of shopping.
  My way of shopping is naturally diverse and flexible, but I still want to stay on foot. If you travel by car, how can you say “walking”? For the most recent shopping trip, with my wife and grandson, I took the No. 6 bus at the door of my house to the Big Bell Tower, then crossed the Jiuqu Bridge in Baohe Park, and passed Huancheng South Road, Wuwei Road, Yangtze River Middle Road, Hanshan Road, Shouchun Road, enter Xiaoyaojin, let the grandson have a lot of addiction on the flying chair in the children’s playground, and then head to Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street. When I arrived at the pedestrian street, my wife said that he had never been to Li Mansion. As a native of Hefei, this was of course a small shortcoming, so let’s make up for it. The grandson said that he wanted to taste fried stinky tofu. How difficult is it? Five yuan a plate, while eating and waiting for his grandmother, kill two birds with one stone. The stinky tofu was wiped out, and his wife came out. The grandparents and grandchildren started to wander around without knowing where to go. Although Huaihe Road is not regarded as Xiaojin Cave, the century-old street is already a mature commercial street. The shops on both sides are dazzling and beautiful. It is a pity that it is “beautiful and beautiful”. Although there is love for the fish, in the end it is not taken. So from east to west, let’s stop, I came to the Jianghuai Theater. In the eyes of old Hefei people, this large theater is a place of dreams, remote and holy. When I was in college, Mr. Mei Lanfang once came to perform, and the ticket was one yuan. In the early 1960s, it was undoubtedly a high consumption. I wandered outside the ticket window for more than an hour, and finally gritted my teeth before the opening. Entering the dreamland-Although my wife has no such experience, she has always regarded this building in the 1950s as an art palace in her own city. She is full of admiration in her heart. Today, she actually sees the high door above the courtyard, which reveals “business”. “KTV Performing Arts Plaza” was puzzling, so I asked me: How could this be? I said: All clouds! This is called helplessness, and I hope that one day the familiar Yan will return. Across the Jianghuai Theater, many buses departed there. However, the crowds were so crowded that they were so breathless that they gave up their intention to ride there, headed towards the middle of the Yangtze River, and took the opportunity.
  I haven’t had such a relaxed and happy shopping for many years. It cannot be said that there is no purpose at all, but there is absolutely no specific purpose. Without expectations, there is no disappointment. After visiting my city and returning to my home, my home has changed its appearance, and the changes in the city are so fast that I can understand. Regrettably, turning from the City Hall Square to the Yangtze River Road, the old horse was supposed to know the way, but because of the multiple facilities on the ground and underground, it was confused and confused. It finally turned from Anqing Road to Lu’an Road and finally left. To the Yangtze River Hotel. Regarding this, the grandson frowned, and his wife could only snicker tolerantly.
  Going to other cities to go shopping is also a pleasure. In terms of shopping alone, some cities are suitable, while others are not. My footprints are all over the south and north of the Yangtze River, inside and outside the Great Wall. In comparison, my emotional balance is inclined to the old streets and alleys of Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, and Zhenjiang. There are arcades on the old streets of Guangzhou and Xiamen. You can’t get the rain or the sun. You can stroll down the arcades. You don’t have to worry about the car sticking out your mouth and kissing your heels. The best places to go in Hangzhou are Nanshan Street, Beishan Street, and Hefang Street. The streets are full of shades and shades of the sun. The streetscape and the mountains and waters are indistinguishable from each other. Nanjing and Zhenjiang are both prosperous places of smoke and willows in the south of the Yangtze River, and homes of gentleness and wealth. Through the towers and pavilions and the fragrant temples, you can enjoy the taste of the rose-colored old capital.
  Shopping in your own city, and shopping in other cities, everyone’s feelings are more or less different.
  In a city, whether there are several streets suitable for shopping is of utmost importance. The street suitable for shopping is related to the soul of the city, not to the size of the city.