Give life a reason to slow down

  Obviously, in the consumer-grade bone conduction headset market in recent years, AfterShokz is an undisputed leader-yes, we said this last year, and we said it the year before, and it still holds true. Whether it is from the technical level or from the brand penetration level, Shaoyin has enough qualifications and market performance to represent the current level of bone conduction headphones. Before, when we talked about Shaoyin, we always used the feeling of “no direct opponent”. This argument does not mean that other companies do not have excellent bone conduction models (although this market is indeed not large), but to find out the elements of “price”, “technology”, “style” and “guarantee system”, Shaoyin is undoubtedly the current one. The best. We even encountered a situation where old readers in their 50s and 60s asked our editor about Shaoyin bone conduction headphones more than once. Closer to home. More than a year ago, we talked about Aeropex in Shaoyin. At that time, as the legendary “Trekz Air 2”, the market was very popular. However, for such an all-around model that focuses on outdoor sports, Aeropex still has its blind spots in the consumer group. In other words, there are always some people who will not find the more precise consumer pain points they need in Aeropex. For example, the “996 family” who have little opportunity to exercise but often spend time on public transportation, the “travelers” who have little opportunity to exercise but often spend time on high-speed rail or flights, and those who have little opportunity to exercise but are happy to spend time on themselves The “self-driving people” in the car… Yes, in fact, if they have the opportunity to exercise regularly, it will not prevent them from choosing Areopex when choosing bone conduction headphones, but the problem is that since the scope of application is clear, if there is a more accurate audience positioning Isn’t the model beautiful?
  It’s easy to handle this matter once you understand it. Shaoyin has the technology and ideas. Rather than let other brands do it, it is better to do it yourself. Today’s protagonist is called OpenComm. You can understand it as a bone conduction headset that still has sports genes but is more suitable for daily commuting, and its mission is to let more people “slow down”.
  Design heritage than the bone conduction
  bone conduction of sound reduction is a way, but it is not the primary intention of the experience itself. Shaoyin’s good show is not only bone conduction, otherwise it won’t win such applause. Details are the essence of the continuous evolution of Shaoyin bone conduction headphones.
  OpenComm first maintains the consistent wearing style of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, and the “back-hanging” style has not changed. The qualitative nature of bone conduction determines that it does not need to “plug ear holes”, and the verb “to wear” appears more directional. In the same thinking system as many products of the same door, the full body skin-friendly silicone (including the additional microphone holder) and the all-titanium alloy frame are still retained, and its entire connecting ring bridge continues to emphasize the importance of flexibility.
  From the perspective of wearing comfort details, OpenComm is better than Aeropex. Although both use extreme design and ergonomics to create an unfettered wearing experience, the former is more focused on long periods (even up to the entire daily Commute time) wearing comfort (or “no feeling”), while the latter emphasizes the stability of wearing during exercise, taking into account comfort. To say that OpenComm is better, the exact statement should be “to please more ordinary users.”
  But the interesting thing is that the independent microphone holder and the larger capacity battery make OpenComm actually have a weight of 33g (in retrospect, the earlier Trekz Air and Trekz are also members of the “Thirty Gram Club”), which is worthy of weight. From the word “lightness”, but compared to Aeropex’s 26g fuselage, it has gained a lot of weight. Under the premise of such “significant weight gain”, it can create relatively better long-term wearing adaptability. It must be admitted that Shaoyin has made a lot of costly but not lost in such aspects as fine adjustment of pressure angle and affinity of contact surface. In the “parameter control” efforts. At the same time, the dual magnet design greatly reduces the volume of the speaker unit.
  As for the very flexible back of the head bridge, OpenComm maintains the excellent characteristics of Aeropex and handles the back-up feeling very slightly, although it cannot be said to be completely ignored (after all, the head curve is also the decisive factor, depending on the person. Different), but at least 95 points. However, because of the different use environment considerations (target population), the protection level of the former is IP55, while the latter is IP67. We understand this. In reality, if you have to run across the street corner with autumn rain while in suits and shoes, OpenComm can still deal with it calmly.
  In this way, the low-key and steady shale gray and the elegant and restrained Haoyue white two color versions can better fulfill the mission of “shape and color” by OpenComm. Subjectively, Haoyuebai is a bit more beautiful, but for commuting needs of all ages, shale ash should sell better. Of course, its current color matching version is not as many as Aeropex, and it is also an inevitable result of audience direction.
  The genius of the details
  as to unfettered design elements outside, there is at the technical level. The configuration of Bluetooth 5.0, Aeropex made a head start in Shaoyin models before, and subsequent models also follow this configuration principle, and OpenComm is no exception. But unlike Aeropex, which has dual silicon microphones for noise reduction, OpenComm has designed an independent stand-type microphone and adopts a digital noise reduction scheme. The core of this solution is still the Qualcomm QCC3024 chip, and the CVC algorithm, which effectively eliminates call echo, is even more important. In use, we found that when the microphone is pointed at the mouth, the noise reduction and sound reception are the best, and the experience is obvious.
  In terms of battery life, OpenComm is equipped with a larger battery than Aeropex (the standard capacity is 17% larger), but due to the 3C fast charging technology (still a magnetic charging method), the charging time of the former is only the latter Half (about 1 hour). In addition, OpenComm also has the characteristic that it can be used for about 2 hours after 5 minutes of fast charging. Do you have the classic slogan in your mind?
  Based on the consideration of energy consumption settings such as stand-alone microphones, OpenComm with a larger battery still has a battery life of 8 hours. In fact, because the power of the microphone is lower than the power of the speaker unit, if you simply calculate the talk time, you can get a longer battery life.
  It is worth mentioning that OpenComm already has an NFC module, which can quickly connect with devices such as mobile phones with NFC module, which is a feature that Aeroopex did not have before.
  Sound quality is always fundamental
  If the previous design sense and detail selection are the icing on the cake, then returning to the topic of sound quality is the foundation of a headset. Whether it is bone conduction or traditional headphones, this is inevitable. Although, bone conduction earphones are a proposition of fish and bear’s paws if they talk about sound quality. Since it requires unearthly comfort and convenience, naturally you can’t ask for the word nature. However, Shaoyin is well versed in bone conduction, but he is not reconciled to such a lack of good voice.
  Perhaps in order to create a purely commercial product differentiation, OpenComm’s PremiumPitch 2.0 audio processing technology is not as good as Aeropex’s PremiumPitch 2.0+, but not much worse. The improvement of the sound quality of the speaker unit is mainly reflected in optimizing the transmission direction and increasing the magnetic induction intensity, accompanied by a more balanced three-band performance. Our editors can still feel the current sound quality of OpenComm in their actual experience, subjectively speaking, there is no obvious difference from Aeropex.
  At the same time, LeakSlayer’s leakage cancellation technology can effectively suppress sound leakage and eliminate the leakage in reverse with a 180° phase difference. In this way, the sound leakage of bone conduction headsets that are most likely to be complained and the privacy protection of calls have been addressed and resolved by Shaoyin. Personally, OpenComm is more private than Aeropex. The latter can still hear the humming in a quiet environment, although the noise is not obvious, while the former is almost only a faint tremor.
  In addition, in order to match the IP55 protection level, in addition to the aforementioned magnetic charging method, a non-porous speaker unit is also necessary. The overall beauty of OpenComm’s left and right speaker vibration area and battery compartment area continues to maintain a stylized presentation, but there are almost no visible openings or gaps.
  In terms of control, smart buttons can still activate all our commonly used functions, just tap to play, pause, and make calls. With the touch of a button, we can do | play \ stop, make a call, volume control, EQ mode switching and voice activation, etc.