Get everything

  I used to believe that there is always something inexhaustible.
  Throughout the ages, there is not much difference in the mountains, rivers, sun and moon recorded by people. The strange ones are still strange, and the bright ones are as bright as they are; a hundred flowers dress up the temples of the earth year after year; the flowing clouds are not cut, it is already a piece of brocade. How many evenings I have passed around my neck; the sky full of stars, a breeze, is commonplace, and I never tire of reading. Everything can stand up to everyone’s use over and over again.
  The vastness of people is also inexhaustible. Not to mention the fact that the prime minister’s belly is punting and sailing, even if it is the fertility of an ordinary person, it can cover all the rivers and wait for everything. When the bottom line is rushed and attacked, he can also persuade himself to return to calm and calm.
  Until, at first, I realized that this seemingly righteous request was impolite: since it is inexhaustible, there is probably no repayment. So, instead of considering gains and losses, he was forced to be generous.
  In fact, heaven and earth do not love the hustle and bustle of the world, nor are they keen on the crowds of people coming; Weiyun was originally a mountain to support the forehead, and the fine wind was originally for all things to run around… It is a blessing that people can get it.
  Don’t say that the future will be long, the water is three thousand weak, and you can drink only a few scoops. Personal time is always subtracted.
  They all say that maternal love is inexhaustible, but they haven’t tried to estimate how much undetected labor is behind that share of everything.
  Of course there will be majestic people, but this does not mean they can offend wantonly. People who are always forgiving and kind, even if they are not stingy, and are deceived again and again, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not calculate the beauty of the world. People are vast, chivalrous and tender, and can be used up after being greedy.
  A vast ocean does not mean that it should be accommodated or exported. Everyone is an independent planet, always revolving around one person, or another person always revolving around himself unconditionally, all hiding disturbances and accidents.
  People who like promises will have the first time and there will be many times, but there is no doubt that one time will be more suspicious than another. The one who tied people with the oath of the mountain alliance should be nothing but nothingness in the end.
  Once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of well rope, if a kind of panic goes deep into the bone marrow, this kind of panic will become a forbidden zone. Excessive demand for the love and beauty of a person, even if that person is still warm, will definitely have lingering fears about this looting. When a warm person cools down, how can I persuade myself to continue to love the world?
  What continues to be warm is that a person swoops across the water. As expected, a voice hurriedly responds, turning the boat’s head for you and coming with an oar. Goodness will continue to last if it continues.
  The only thing that is really inexhaustible is probably only one’s own enthusiasm and exploration. Therefore, people who never give up seem to always look stylish, obsessive and obsessed, and they can always be respected.
  Take everything you can, but take it sparingly.