Fondo Journey to Liveable Tampines Satellite Town

  Tampines has developed from a village of only 3,700 people into a modern satellite town where more than 250,000 people live today. In Tampines, which is well-equipped with public transportation and commercial districts, you can find the old days in the countryside, the childhood amusement park; walk into the park, abandoned the mine lake, and embark on a journey of happy life. There are also wonderful murals that add charm to this town.
  Tampines has transformed from the primitive countryside of coconut groves, rubber plantations, livestock farms and sand quarries into today’s modern satellite town with numerous HDB houses, complete modern facilities and more than 250,000 people living in.
  The most proud achievement of Tampines residents is that they won the “World Habitat Award” from the United Nations Building and Social Housing Fund on October 5, 1992.
  The name Tampines is derived from the long-leaf magpie kidney tree (plant name Strebulus Elongatus) that grows in this area. The Malay name of the magpie kidney tree is “Tempinis”, so it is called “Tampines” here. In fact, it appeared on the map of Franklin & Johnson as early as 1828. After 1979, the HDB quickly developed Tampines from a village of only 3,700 people to three subway stations today: Tampines Station, Tampines East and Tampines West Station, and three express highways: Pan Island (PIE), East Coast Parkway (ECP) and Tampines (TPE) are well-connected towns.
  Our Tampines Hub, which is a collection of public service centers, entertainment, leisure, libraries and sports centers, was completed in 2017. Last year, it won the HDB Universal Design Logo Platinum Award and delivered outstanding results.
  Although the old pictures of rubber tapping and livestock and poultry for a living are gone, Tampines has not neglected the need of older people to find a sense of belonging and memory in the modernization of Tampines, and also allows young people to take their children for a trip. “Memory” “Box”, let people of different ages enjoy the Fendor essence journey of Lohas physically and mentally.
  The school holiday has already begun, take your children and elders to several places in Tampines to “check in” (take pictures)!

The mural in Block 478 is a memory box for the elderly
Three-dimensional murals evoke memories

  Go to Tampines to see the mural!
  There is a three-dimensional mural on the ground floor of Block 478 on 44th Street in Tampines. This mural features a grocery store and a hair salon familiar to older residents, as well as an old Peranakan mansion, plus the “stone pillars” covered with posters, making it feel like time has been “fixed”.
  Sitting on the wooden chair in front of the mural
  , reminding yourself of life in the country… Grocery store, hair salon and old house:
  The most attractive thing about this Chinese-run grocery store is the extra-large emerald soda. In the early villages, this was a well-known soda. There are also familiar “Ovaltine” money barrels in the “shop”, old shredded calendars, old radios and speakers. The Indian grocery store next door has a Sari roof, which is very familiar. There are red, blue and white neon lights on both sides of the “hair salon”. In the morning of a Peranakan house, there were people selling newspapers and magazines in front of the house, as if they were setting up a stall in front of their house. Some elderly people drinking coffee next to you will also tell you the early village stories here.
  Video wall: Block 417 on 41st Street, Tampines, with a large video wall “standing” in front of you.
  Passing through Tampines 41st Street, you will see large nostalgic TV screens appearing on the exterior walls of several HDB houses. However, the best place to check in is in the 417th and 418th HDBs, because the two HDBs are facing each other, only separated by a road. When you board the 8th floor of the 418th HDB, you can take the 417th without any obstacles. The entire “TV wall” outside the block. In the early days, when TV programs off the air or interrupted, this will be fixed on the screen, time and space also seems to “freeze”, and seems to hear the TV issue “Zizi Zi” sound in ……
  one thousand paper Crane: There is a huge paper crane mural on the outer wall of the Tampines Nisi Community Club.
  This mural has seven thousand paper cranes, folded from familiar patterns such as “Good Morning to Jun”, “Calendar” and “Batik”. They fly up and down on the wall, conveying your blessings. The two floors in the club also have walls.

  Butterfly Garden: There is a butterfly garden on 11th Street in Tampines. There is a butterfly garden mural downstairs in the 124th HDB, forming a beautiful picture of real and fake butterflies “flying”.
Leave yourself to release yourself

  Nostalgic children’s playground: After the
  Tampines World, the largest local community and leisure complex, officially opened in August 2017, the Tampines Central Park next to it still has the charm of education and leisure.
  The iconic facilities built in the 1980s: two “watermelons” and two “mangosteen” playgrounds are still there to silently witness the development of the town. Two fruit-themed amusement facilities, like the “Dragon Head” amusement park in Toa Payoh, are deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The “watermelon” here also has teardrop-shaped holes, which look like watermelon seeds, and you can enter the “watermelon” and look out. There is a small slide inside, suitable for preschool children. In this joyful place, you can definitely take very good photos. You can also “hide” in “mangosteen” to play hide-and-seek and recall the happy time of childhood.
  The park is located on Tampines 83rd Street, next to Block 858.
Fendolin Tour

  Tampines Ecological Park: The
  Tampines Ecological Park was built in 2011. There are three cross-country trails leading to freshwater ponds, marshes, rainforests and bird watching areas.
  The 3-km eco-park is located on Tampines Road 9, opposite the Sun Plaza Park, just across a road.
  The most special thing in the park is the first local ecological toilet, which uses bacteria and wood to transform human excrement into compost. Don’t worry, this ecological toilet is odorless, because the extra substances mixed with excrement help decompose, absorb water and reduce the volatilization of odor. Of course, it also has a good ventilation system.

  There are many kinds of birds in the ecological park. On the day of the interview, we saw blue birds flying by. There were other birds flying around on the trees, or walking in the stumps and woods. Dragonflies, spiders and butterflies were also Will suddenly appear in front of you. Everyone can come to the competition to see who has found the most birds, spiders and dragonflies.
  Entering the eco-park, the fresh air is pungent, and the whole lungs are filled with oxygen. Not only the sense of smell is opened, but even the sense of hearing is activated. Everyone will calm down naturally, walk slowly forward, and absorb the inexhaustible Fendocene and negative ions. , Soothe body and mind.
  However, there is a notice outside the park to inform that there are no street lights in the park, so you must leave before the sun goes down.
  After leaving the eco-park, you can go to the Sun Plaza Park opposite, where you can run, or try beach volleyball or wooden ball, but during the epidemic, volleyball and wooden ball activities were suspended. The stage in the park is also not crowded.
  Tampines Mine Lake:
  At the end of Tampines Road 10, turn to Tampines Industrial Road 1 and you will see this abandoned sand field has become a picturesque Tampines Mine Lake. A large amount of sand was produced here. According to statistics, there were 26 sandfields at its peak.

  In the evening you will see someone running on the track. You might as well walk into the woods. A large mining lake is right in front of your eyes, and the stacked sand dunes are right in front. Under the sunlight, they look like shiny gold. At dusk, you can see the sunset like ripe tomatoes on the lake, which is very beautiful.
  At present, the mine lake has not yet been fully developed. It is a piece of uncut jade with primitive beauty. It is believed that after full development, this mining lake adjacent to Bedok Reservoir will be another paradise for sports and leisure. Because it is hidden in a quiet forest path, even the sound of cars on the roadside is cut off.
The longest dragon

  Tampines United Palace is located on Tampines 21st Street. The temples gathered include Tiangongtan, Fu’an Temple, Grand Uncle, Houchi Hall, Shunxing Ancient Temple, Jixing Pavilion, Jiyang Hall, Ci Ling Temple and Tai Sui Ye, etc. Every weekend, public holiday or festival, etc., many faithful people are attracted to come to incense.
  According to the Special Issue of the United Palace Memorial, there are two 78-meter-long colorful dragon ring palaces on the fence of the United Palace. They are the longest dragons in the local Taoist temples, and the views are vivid. There are six dragons and four phoenixes on the roof of the palace, which is very spectacular. In 1997, Tampines Union Palace was selected as one of the tourist spots for local temporary transit tourists.
Climbing equipment guts

  The two-story climbing game equipment trains the guts of adults and children.
  This amusement park named Tampines Green Forest Park is located next to HDB Block 876A on 8th Road in Tampines. The highlight is the climbing equipment equipped with steel wire of cargo crane. After climbing to the top and then sliding down the slide, screaming is indispensable. Sunday is the parent-child time between parents and children.
  The park also has a children’s play platform, allowing children to tap different sounds through different game devices such as copper bells, and even an interactive platform for children to recognize traffic signs, play “Nine Palaces” and guess common animals in some countries and regions Wait, you can also let young children play with sand piles and build castles. Of course, there is also a track here, suitable for running or walking.
  In fact, if you walk straight ahead from the Tampines Nisi Community Club, you will see this challenging entertainment and sports stadium at the end. After that, go right from here and you can walk to Tampines Mine Lake.