Fire a talent

  I recruited 20 new employees for my company. Marshall is the one I am most satisfied with. He graduated from Nelson Institute of Technology. He is a student of my good friend Professor Elliott. He recommended Marshall to me.
  After the trial period expires, I think he has the ability to complete a difficult task alone: ​​negotiate cooperation with a raw material company in the South Island, and try to keep the purchase fee as low as possible. A week later, Marshall came back, and he did a great job. The price he pressed down was lower than the expectations of the task I gave him, and he also asked them to make contractual promises, and they were responsible for all the consequences caused by the quality of raw materials.
  This made me admire Marshall, and I raised him to almost the same salary as the old manager, Mr. Bradley. I was worried that this would make it difficult for Mr. Bradley to accept. I was thinking about how to reassure him. After all, he will retire in a year. I hope he will be happy every day before he retire . After he retires, I will let Marshall take over his position.
  Unexpectedly, Mr. Bradley did not come to me, but Marshall came to me.
  That evening, Marshall knocked on the door of my office before leaving work. He said to me: “Ms. Demps, your salary increase to me surprised me very much. I handled my job perfectly beyond your expectations. , But only got this small salary increase. I think I’m good enough for the position of manager. Mr. Bradley is too old. You can give me this position! ”
  There is no doubt that I intend to Yes, but I will not disclose my thoughts to him. I said to him: “Marshall, your job is indeed very good, but you have just come here after all, you still have a lot to be familiar with and learn… ”
  Marshall unexpectedly interrupted me and said: “Ms. Demps, as you said, I just came here, but I made such a contribution as soon as I came here. This shows my ability. A little raise is an insult to me!”
  ”Marshall, I understand your feelings, and I want to tell you that in my company, I will not miss any talent that is worth reusing…” I remained calm.
  ”I reject this kind of symbolic encouragement. If you insist on this, I will consider whether to continue to give my talents to your company!” Marshall’s words seemed to contain some threats.
  A young man with talents and dreams is what I like very much, but I think his emotions at the moment are not conducive to our communication, so I told him to delay discussing this issue after two weeks. Marshall thought for a while, nodded and went out. I thought he would patiently give himself two weeks to adjust his mentality, but I was wrong. He began to keep saying in the company that I was a “single and sinister old woman”.
  At first, when someone came to tell me this, I even doubted their motives. It wasn’t until I accidentally heard the sound from the men’s room next door in the bathroom that I was sure that it was true-Marshall complained to several other male colleagues that “Lola Demps is a sinister old woman.” “.
  I decided to give up Marshall. This is not because he insulted me behind his back, but because he overcalculated his own gains and losses, overly calculated his dreams, even if they were only temporarily unfulfilled. His emotions are so angry, in this state, his talents are likely to become a “bomb” to harm the company.
  I decided to clear this “bomb”! In the afternoon, I formally fired him.
  My good friend Professor Elliott didn’t know what happened between us. On the third day of my dismissal, he called very undismissed and asked me why I dismissed such a talented young man. Professor Lit said: “It is of course good for a person to have talents, but without the mind and patience, all the talents will be worthless.”