I like the word ferry very much.
  Ferrying, sending people from the shore where they stay to the other shore where they are longing for, and sending a heart from the place under the feet to the destination to be reached, this is a hard and noble thing.
  In fact, life is nothing more than this shore and the other shore. Everyone who stands on this shore yearning to reach the other shore needs to cross the river that lies between this shore and the other shore. At this time, if many people do not get a very powerful help, there is no way to reach the other side of their hearts. Therefore, if there is not a kind of powerful help, then the people standing on this shore either stop on this shore and sigh while looking at the river, or stay in the flowing river water and full of helplessness and depression, and stop here. . However, the ferryman who crosses the river can enable those who desire to cross the river to reach the other shore to realize their wishes and have a joy and fulfillment.
  The ferryman is not only ferrying people, but also ferrying oneself. First of all, the ferryman ferryed himself. Only by crossing the gurgling river in front of me to reach the other bank can I cross others to the other bank. It’s like a person who is sleeping, only when he wakes up suddenly, will he wake up many people who have stopped in his sleep, and he is also like a singer. Only when he sings so deeply can he awaken more Many people sang.
  If years are a river, then father and mother are your ferrymen. Father and mother ferry you from the dark and chaotic shore to the bright and rich shore, and let you grow from an ignorant baby to a mature and stable adult. However, the two ferrymen, father and mother, are always caring about you and caring about you. No matter how far you go out, the hearts of father and mother are always on you, never far away.
  If years are a river, then the teacher is your ferryman. The teacher rowed the boat diligently and spared no effort to send you a ride, so that you have an incomparably rich cultural knowledge, a broader vision, a richer heart, and a smarter brain. However, ferrymen like the teacher never leave the ferry on this shore. The teachers ferry across the river one after another. The old ones go, and the new ones come again.
  If years are a river, then your true friend is your ferryman. True friends ferry you from this lonely shore to the other shore full of friendship and warmth, bless you when you succeed, encourage and help you when you fail, share your happiness when you are happy, and share you when you are suffering. s pain. A true friend will never leave you, a true friend will accompany you through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of life.
  In this life, I hope that I can be such a ferryman, ferrying not only my life and soul, but also the lives and hearts of more people. I use my kindness and dedication to ferry more people, and I also use this to ferry myself. I use my kindness and dedication to help those in need, so that they can fulfill their wishes more freely. Kindness and dedication can make people more free from difficulties and have a warm world, can make those who desire to fly grow strong and powerful wings, and at the same time, make more people understand kindness and dedication, and then use them. Own kindness and dedication to ferry more people.
  In the golden autumn of October, when the golden sunshine renders the earth extremely rich and vivid, the crops in the fields mature, and the jujubes, oranges and apples on the branches are red. This is the most abundant, sweet and nostalgic of the year. Season. Facing the mature crops and the bright red fruits on the branches, I suddenly felt that they are also ferrymen, and they are ferrymen with incomparable fragrance, ferrying us from the shore where we expect to harvest to the other shore where we have the harvest. At such a moment, I can’t help but say the last sentence: “It’s so beautiful, walk slowly, and appreciate it slowly!”
  The rivers of the years will not stop flowing, but those ferrymen have left incomparably beautiful things for a long time. In our hearts, in the refreshing fruity fragrance, in the backs of those ferrymen, I clearly felt a wisp of incomparably charming aura permeating vividly.