Eight hours at an altitude of 563 kilometers

  In 1984, I went to see the movie “Space Pioneers”, and I was deeply moved in two places. First of all, the earth that John Glenn saw from the window on the spacecraft is really beautiful. Next is the friendship between the seven astronauts. I hope that one day I can become a member of such an organization.
  When I was still studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I applied to the Space Agency, expressing my desire to become an astronaut. The other party wrote back expressing lack of interest in me. I waited for two years to submit the application again, and the response I received was similar to the last time. I applied for the third time, and this time I was given an interview opportunity, but they rejected me again.
  I made persistent efforts and made a fourth application. On April 22, 1996, I received a call from David Lizma, Director of Flight Command at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
  He said: “Mike, after this call, I think you will be very happy because we decided to make you an astronaut.”
  After 13 years, I boarded the Atlantis spacecraft and prepared to The Hubble Space Telescope takes a spacewalk—the spectrograph that repaired a problem with the power supply. This kind of instrument can detect the atmospheres of distant planets and find stars that are similar to the earth or capable of gestating life.
  When this instrument was launched into the air, the maintenance hole on the outside of the power supply was sealed by the cover, and the cover had 117 small screws with washers. For safety, each screw was coated with adhesive to prevent it from falling off. It took five years to prepare for the restoration. In the past five years, we have planned a set of spacewalking procedures and designed a hundred new tools for use in space, costing a huge taxpayer millions of dollars and thousands of people’s efforts.
  My partner Mike Goode and I will perform this spacewalk mission, and I will be responsible for the actual repair work.
  There will be my best friend Drew Feyust in the spacecraft to help me sing and read the checklist. We have been practicing together for several years. The Space Center has created dedicated practice equipment for us and assigned us a dedicated tool set, so that we can use our free time exercises such as lunch, off work or weekends in our office.
  Then, the day to perform the task arrived.
  What worries me most is the section of road before reaching the space telescope. I must walk along the edge of the spaceship. If you look down from the edge of the spacecraft. There will be a feeling of standing on a cliff, but the planet below is 563 kilometers away. There was no secure handrail along the way, and I was a little clumsy. In a gravity-free environment, I might be thrown into outer space. I know that I am wearing a safety rope that can hold me firmly, but I am still worried.
  I slowed down and finally passed the sinister road to the space telescope. Next, the first thing I want to do is to remove an armrest on the telescope that blocks the service hole. The two screws at the top were easily removed, and the one on the right at the bottom was not a problem, but the fourth screw did not move. I checked closely and found that the threads were worn. If this armrest cannot be removed, it means that I can’t touch the repair hole with 117 screws that has hurt everyone for five years, and I cannot repair the spectrograph.
  I can foresee how this process will be described in future science books. I will be stinking for thousands of years, and my future children and grandchildren will read in class:
  ”We could have known whether there is life on other planets… But Mike broke the Hubble Space Telescope, so we will never know.”
  The terrible nightmare began to appear in my mind, and I looked at Goode beside me. He was wearing a space suit and was in charge of assisting in the repair, but he couldn’t replace my role. I turned my head and looked at the other five companions in the spacecraft. None of them were wearing space suits. It was impossible to come out and help me. I looked in the direction of the earth again, looked at the planet we live in, and thought: “There are billions of people underneath, but I can’t even make a call for help. No one can help me.”
  At this time, I felt that I am in the abyss of loneliness. This is not the loneliness of “Saturday afternoon with books only”. I am alone outside of the earth. Everything that is familiar, loved, and comfortable for me is so far away. And the surrounding environment began to look darker and colder.
  The spacecraft orbits the earth every 90 minutes, 45 minutes during the day and 45 minutes at night. Whenever I enter the dark night, there is not only darkness in front of me, but the pitch black that I have never experienced before, without a trace of light. Whenever I feel the chill, I know that darkness is coming, adding a deeper sense of loneliness.
  For the next hour or so, we tried various methods. Later, the team members called me to the front of the spacecraft to get tape. I thought to myself: “There is really nothing to do. I should be the first astronaut to use tape on a spacewalk.” When I
  came to the front of the spacecraft, I saw the tape. At this moment, I was by the window of the spaceship, knowing that the best teammates were racking their brains to help me. But the thought that we have put so much effort into the situation today is really bad, and I don’t want to stop and look at our teammates.
  However, the corner of my eye swept to Feyust, and he gave me an OK gesture. Because Houston would hear everything I said, so I started to compare with him, “Are you crazy?” He had to make a notoriety in history with me.
  Unexpectedly, his response was: “No, it’s okay, we can do it. We are in the same boat. You behave well, and you must persist to the end.”
  If there is any time in my life that I desperately need friends, no It must be at the moment.
  When I embarked again on the treacherous journey to the telescope, Houston informed us of their thoughts. They asked me to stick tape to the bottom of the armrest and see if I could pull it off the telescope. This requires approximately 27 kilograms of force. Feyust, who was instructed, asked me: “27 kilograms of force? Mike, I think you have it?” With a
  ”bang”, the armrest finally fell off. I took out the power tool, and the cover of the repair hole was in front of me. I looked at the 117 small screws with washers and glue on it. I was ready to deal with them. However, when I turned on the power tool switch, there was no response, and I found that the battery was dead. I turned my head to look at Goode in the space suit, the expression on his face seemed to say: “What else will not be encountered by us?”
  So I turned back to the spacecraft. I am no longer afraid of this treacherous journey that was originally frightening. After going back and forth about twenty times in a few hours, the fear has long since disappeared; time is for accomplishing the task, not for fear. The problems we deal with are more important than personal fears. Besides, climbing back and forth on a spacecraft is actually quite interesting.
  Everything went well for the next walk task, and the spectrograph came back to life. After almost eight hours, the spacewalk mission was almost over. The commander said to me, “Hey Mike, you can go outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a while.
  So I fastened the safety rope to the armrest, floated in the air, and looked around. At an altitude of 563 kilometers above sea level, we can see the curve of the entire surface of the earth. Our homes and our planets are spherical. This is the most magnificent sight I have ever seen in my life. It is almost like seeing heaven.
  This is exactly what The landscape I imagined in the cinema many years ago.
  At this moment, my relationship with the earth changed. Because for me, the earth has always been a safe haven, where I can go to work and stay at home , Or send a child to school. But now, I understand that this is not the true appearance of the earth. The earth itself is a spacecraft, and I have always been a traveler in space. At this moment, all the people on the earth are on this spacecraft and are in In the chaotic universe, orbit the sun and the Milky Way.