Drifting in the shadow of sharks for 438 days

  If a person is in a shipwreck, how long can he stay at sea? Many people may not be able to live for even a week. Food, loneliness, and storms are all enough to swallow life. But one person created a world miracle of drifting at sea for 438 days. What kind of thrills and challenges did he experience?
Far from life coastline

   Alvarenga is a fisherman born in Salvador, Central America. He is an experienced sailor and fisherman. He also owns a flour workshop and shop in the small town. In 2002, Alvarenga came to Mexico from El Salvador to go fishing for a private owner.
   On November 17, 2012, winter has come, and large areas of fish have begun to migrate. This is good news for fishermen, who can catch more fresh fish. It was a sunny day, and Alvarenga wanted to go out to sea, but the old fishermen he used to be familiar with were all involved. Alvarenga had to take a 22-year-old rookie with little sea fishing experience under the arrangement of the boss to fish. Cordoba goes to sea.
   The two men’s boat is a small fishing boat, loaded with nearly 500 kilograms of fishing gear, including bait, ice, fishing hooks, spears and other tools, as well as a mobile phone, a GPS and a two-way radio. After going out to sea, the beginning went smoothly. When night fell, the two caught more than 1,000 pounds of fresh fish. The young and energetic Cordoba suggested: “Alvarenga, you see that we are lucky today, we can go to farther places to catch more fish.” The
   next day, they started casting nets early. I don’t know when there were many black clouds in the sky. Alvarenga looked at the black clouds on the sea, and he had a bad feeling in his heart, who had rich experience in going to sea.
   The storm on the sea came very fast, and soon it started to rain. Suddenly, the sea seemed to form a huge whirlpool, and the fishing boats began to a little disregard their control. Alvarenga is an experienced fisherman, he calmly steered the fishing boat to the coastline. Cordoba, who was inexperienced, curled up into a ball shivering.
   After several hours of fighting, the sky finally began to turn white. According to the surrounding islands, Alvarenga knew that Mexico’s coastline was nearby, which was a lifeline for them to survive safely. Through calculations, Alvarenga told Cordoba that it only took two hours to sail back to Mexico.
   Cordoba was overjoyed: “Really, can we really get home?” “Fool, of course it is true. I put my horsepower on a bit more, and it is estimated that it will take less than two hours to reach the coastline.” Unfortunately. However, Alvarenga found that the ship’s engine was broken, which meant that they could only drift with the current. So he quickly found the radio and asked his boss Willie for help.
   “Willie! Willy! The engine is broken!”
   “Calm down and tell me your coordinates.”
   “Our GPS is broken, and the anchor is washed away by the waves! Come on, we don’t know how long it will last. !”
   After the sentence ended, there was no sound from the two-way radio, and the life-saving device was broken. The storm slapped their boat frantically, and the sea also raised huge waves, seeming to engulf them in one bite. They did not see the shadow of a ship on the vast sea. The storm finally subsided after 5 days.
   I don’t know how long it took, Alvarenga exclaimed: “Cordova, wake up soon, where are we?” Cordova rubbed his eyes in panic, and there was nothing but endless darkness around him. On the surface of the water, their boats are far away from the coastline…
Fight for survival

   Although the two were lucky enough to escape the storm, they can be said to have almost nothing. Their spare water and food were washed away, all their fishing gear had already floated several kilometers away, and their radios and navigators were broken.
   Coconuts floated everywhere on the sea, as if they were a life-saving straw. Cordoba just wanted to go fishing, but Alvarenga sternly shouted: “There are so many sharks here, we may become their delicious meal in a matter of seconds, and wait for the coconut to get close to the boat.” Cordo Wa hurriedly withdrew his hands in fright.
   As time passed by, the sun was scorching people, and they could only curl up in the freezer where the fish were kept from time to time to avoid the wind and sun. But the hot and dry air is everywhere. The body’s moisture is constantly evaporating, Alvarenga’s throat begins to swell and sore, Cordoba’s lips are swollen to twice their normal size, and they are cracking due to lack of moisture. They only hope to get a normal rain to relieve thirst.
   It is already the 8th day of rafting. It hasn’t rained for several days, and hunger drives them almost crazy. Not eating or drinking this way is not a solution, and they don’t know how long they can last. So Alvarenga, who was hungry and thirsty, began to drink his own urine. In order to survive, he couldn’t care too much, and he encouraged Cordoba to follow suit. Although this can alleviate their hunger and thirst to a certain extent, it cannot alleviate their hunger.
   In the evening Alvarenga was tortured by hunger and could not sleep. In the dark night, only the sound of the rushing sea under the boat and the hungry cooing sound. Suddenly a faint voice came, and Alvarenga, who was experienced in fishing, listened carefully. It turned out that the trigger fish was polishing the bottom of their boat with their teeth. Alvarenga’s eyes lit up with excitement: “Our delicious meal is here.” But because the fishing gear was washed away, they had to catch the fish with their bare hands.
   Alvarenga knelt on the side of the boat, reaching into the water with both hands, forming a fish cage. As long as there were fish swimming in, he caught them with a clasp of his hands. Then Cordoba cleaned the fish with a fish knife and cut it into finger-sized strips, and dried it in the sun.
   They don’t miss something that can be imported, and the trash floating on the sea has become their treasure. They picked up the empty water bottle to store rainwater. They can always find some crabs and small fish in the seaweed.
   But these are far from enough to sustain their lives. It’s really the road to heaven. One night, there was a bang, something hit the boat. Alvarenga climbed out of the freezer and took a look. He was overjoyed. It was a turtle! After Alvarenga carried the hapless guy who hit the door onto the boat, he immediately picked up the knife.
   “Haha, it’s not going to kill me! Now we don’t need to drink our own urine when we are thirsty, we can drink turtle blood, and when we are hungry, we can also eat turtle meat. Come on, man.” He urged Cole. Dowa, while looking for a tube in the engine, used it as a straw.
   But Cordoba was very resistant to drinking turtle blood, so he had to sip the turtle blood by himself. After drinking enough blood, he chopped the turtle meat into pieces and divided them into two. Since then, the two have regained their strength on the turtle meat, but Cordoba still refuses to drink blood.
   On December 10, 2012, they had been drifting at sea for 23 days, 1,480 kilometers from the coast of Mexico. The rainwater they collected dries up again, and the dehydrated Cordoba began to be in a trance: “Quickly, the store in front of Asimoun’s house, hurry up and buy me some oranges, I’m going to die of thirst.”
   Alvarenga only I can pretend to go to the store to buy and say: “Man, the store is closed, you can hold on for a while.” Cordova in the confusion believed it, and soon fell asleep groggy. Seeing Cordoba curling up and becoming thinner and thinner, Alvarenga realized that their health was rapidly deteriorating, and his waist was several sizes smaller.