Don’t invite too many people into your life

  You don’t have to invite too many people into your life. If they can’t get into your heart, they will only disturb your life.
  Life does not need too much foil, only a kind of company is needed.
  Don’t plan your life too full, don’t plan your life too crowded.
  No matter what you do, leave some space for yourself so that you can turn around calmly.
  Life can be painful, but we must know how to pursue happiness.
  Life just wants a landscape that makes one linger. The happiness of life is half to fight and half to follow. Struggle is not with others, but with hardship. Only by actively fighting can we approach happiness step by step. Following is not going with the flow, but knowing to stop and then rest. Many people and things can only go with the flow and stop with the fate. Through the passing years of high mountains and long rivers, there is always a scenery that will be beautiful because of us; there is always a smiling face that blooms for us; there is always a meeting that beautiful the whole past; there is always someone who knows your coldness and understands your sadness Huan.
  There may not be so many people with you. If someone leaves, new people must come in.
  Those who should come can’t stop, those who should go can’t keep. Just go with the flow.