Cut the negation of others into small pieces

  I have a friend who is a star. He told me that he received a very good script, but he didn’t dare to accept the drama and might reject it. I asked him why he didn’t answer, and he said that because of that role, he had to speak a lot of English.
  ”Speak English then!” I said.
  ”My English pronunciation is terrible.” He said.
  ”Then practice!”
  ”But, my tongue is not suitable for speaking English.” He said.
  ”Who said that?”
  ”My middle school English teacher.” He said.
  ”What the teacher said, what did the teacher say?”
  ”The teacher once asked me to read an English article. After reading three sentences, the teacher said that I didn’t understand it at all and told me to sit down and read it for another classmate. Teacher. That time I said that my tongue cannot speak English.”
  ”Red carp and green carp and donkey, follow the same instructions.” I said.
  He followed it again, a bit slow, but very clear.
  ”Your tongue is good, no problem.” I said.
  ”Really? Why did the teacher say that.” The
  teacher deals with many students alone, and sometimes is forced to give suggestions or comments to some students who are not familiar with it. It can be imagined that teachers will inevitably find something to say. speak. So everyone may have received comments from teachers since they were young, such as “Study studying seriously, but with a slightly weak personality”, “Cheerful and lively, but with a more impetuous personality”, “Helpful, but easy to trust others” and the like.
  After leaving school, some people will not remember the comments the teacher gave, but some will remember it for a long time. People who remember it for a long time may believe such comments and thus deny certain aspects of their abilities.
  When we have emotions to express, it is best to express our emotions only for something, rather than making a judgment on the whole person. Try to do this whether it is to others or to ourselves. If you don’t learn how to breathe in a swimming class today, you will say that you “didn’t learn how to breathe today” instead of “I can’t swim at all.” Similarly, when arguing with your partner, try to say “I’m really angry that you forgot my birthday” instead of saying “You don’t care about me”.
  When others release emotions to us, and use “how can a person like you understand” or “you are a pig” completely deny the whole person, we have to train ourselves to cut this complete denial into small pieces. You can blame yourself, and reflect on why you are half an hour late for an appointment or you owe others money and forget to pay it back, but don’t swallow the whole denial.